How to make a plasticine cat

Many parents from early childhood begin to instill in their crumbs various skills and abilities in modeling handicrafts. The most safe and common material for the design of children's crafts is considered clay. Today you will learn how to make a plasticine cat. A cute figure will decorate your kid's collection of crafts.

How to make a plasticine cat: a phased master class

This craft can be designed with young children. You can also help a first grader to mold a plasticine cat for a labor lesson or for a school show. The modeling process of clay crafts will enthrall you so much that you will again want to spend time with your baby for such a pleasant and rewarding activity.

Necessary materials:

  • set of multi-colored plasticine;
  • special plastic knife;
  • stand for crafts from cardboard, wood or plastic.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Let's make a beautiful black cat. For this, as you already understood, we need a black clay.
  2. We roll a neat ball from a small piece of plasticine.How to make a plasticine cat in stages?
  3. Press the formed ball in the bottom part with your fingers and slightly stretch along the edges to make the cheeks.How to make a plasticine cat in stages?
  4. Build another small oblong oval that will be a spout.
  5. Attach the nose and make a knife grooves - antennae.How to make a plasticine cat?
  6. From white plasticine we will make round eyes, and from pink - a spout.
  7. Next, on top of the white circles, we fix the same figures of smaller diameter, made of black clay.
  8. Then we make a cat's eye and fix over the black circles.How to make a plasticine cat?
  9. We form small triangles from black plasticine and fasten it to the head. These will be ears.How to make a plasticine cat?
  10. Use a knife to make a hole in the plasticine where the cat's mouth will be.
  11. Take a lump of plasticine and make it slightly curved. It will be a torso.

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  12. Use a knife to model the back and front legs.
  13. At the top of the neck attach beige beige color.How to make a plasticine cat?
  14. Fix the head of a cat on the body. Here is such a wonderful hand-made article.How to make a plasticine cat?

Sculpt cheerful red kitten

Let's try together to make the original red cat. Engage your children in modeling clay. They will be able to show imagination, have fun and develop fine motor skills of hands. Such a pastime together with other family members will be a good rest for everyone.

Cat from plasticine step by step

Necessary materials:

  • set of multi-colored plasticine;
  • special plastic knife;
  • board.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. We take in hands orange clay and form an oblong oval from it.
  2. Then make equal cuts on both sides with a plastic knife.
  3. The resulting blank is folded in an arc. It will be a torso with legs.
  4. Next, proceed to the modeling of the cat's head. To do this, take a piece of orange clay and roll a small ball. In size, it should fully comply with the size of the torso.
  5. From orange plasticine we form two small triangles that will be cat's ears.
  6. From black plasticine we roll up thin small strips in the amount of six pieces. This will be the antennae.
  7. From black plasticine we make two small balls for the eyes.
  8. We prepare one oblong strip of black clay for the mouth.
  9. From white plasticine we make an oval figure to decorate the cat's muzzle.
  10. Red plasticine makes a small circle, which will serve as a spout.
  11. From orange plasticine we roll an oblong tail.
  12. Next, connect all the figures. To make it easier to simulate a plasticine cat, follow the step-by-step instructions and follow the sequence of all the actions shown on the photochem.

Such a plasticine kitten can be made striped. To do this, roll strips of white or gray clay and fasten them on the body and tail.

Plasticine "multikot"

You can show your imagination and make a plasticine cat - the hero of any animated film. For example, you can make a cat in boots or a kitten named Woof. Together with the baby, you can simulate the original gray cat in a hat. Such a gentleman with a butterfly will complement the children's handmade collection.

Necessary materials:

  • set of multi-colored plasticine;
  • board;
  • plastic knife.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin, prepare all the details, and then combine them into a single figure.
  2. Let's start with the torso. We model it from gray plasticine.
  3. We also make an oblong tail, and at the end we fix white clay.
  4. From black plasticine we make a hat and a butterfly, cutting out the contour with a plastic knife.
  5. The eyes, mustache and spout are also made of black plasticine.
  6. Mouth can be cut with a knife or glued from black clay.
  7. We form ears and a head from a separate plasticine ball of gray color.
  8. Cats eyes do green clay.Plasticine kitten
  9. Next, we combine all the blanks together and get a beautiful and elegant cat.

From clay you can build various crafts. The child will be happy to make figurines with you. You can make a whole plasticine zoo. Creative success!

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