How to make a paper stud

As you know, the best things - those that are made by hand. In them, a person puts all his imagination, imagination and soul.

Carnations since ancient times are considered a symbol of love. Red flowers - passionate love, white - tender feelings. Lift your spirits and usefully spend your time making these wonderful flowers with your own hands.

Corrugated Paper Cloves

This method of making carnations from corrugated paper is the most convenient, since you don’t have to make each petal separately.

You will need: corrugated paper, scissors and wire.

  • Cut off a piece of paper. In size it should be about six centimeters. Next, fold it in half, then twice. So until we get a small segment equal to the size of the future petals. From this segment, on the one hand, we cut off the edges, on the other hand, we cut off a little on both sides, and cut the tip. As a result, it should turn out as in the figure.

  • Then we twist the tips of each petal with our fingers so that we can get sticks.

  • Now you need to slightly stretch the top of the petals to give them shape and volume.

  • We start to put petals together, modeling a flower. In order for the carnation to turn out lush, the petals do not need to be pulled too tight when combined.
  • At the next stage, create a stem. To do this, take the wire and wind it with the ends so that they do not break up and hold tight.

  • Then we begin to make out the stem. To do this, we need to cut the leaves out of green corrugated paper. The tips of the leaves are twisted, as in the manufacture of carnation petals. In the middle of the leaf hold a fingernail, pulling it out, giving shape. We begin to wrap the base of the carnation with a narrow strip of green paper to hide the wire. Then we do the same with the stem, after which we attach the leaves to it. After we wind the entire stalk, we make a loop at its end. Now our stud is ready.

Papyrus Clove

Flowers made in this way are tender and lush.

You will need papyrus paper, scissors, two clips or large clips, colored markers or felt-tip pens, compasses or any circle layout, a pencil, a large needle or a floral wire (for piercing a flower), a floral tape (green insulating tape), a floral wire, and pliers.

  • Take a sheet of papyrus paper measuring 20 × 24 centimeters, fold it three times, until you reach a size of about seven and a half centimeters. Draw a circle with a diameter of seven and a half centimeters with a compass or a suitable round object. From one piece you get eight circles. You will need these 48.

  • Hold the paper so that it does not part, cut the circle. To hold all layers together, use a clip or large clip. When you cut one side, attach the clip to the other. Thus, all your leaves will be securely fastened on both sides.

  • Use a marker or marker to draw the entire circumference of your future petals. The brighter and richer the color will be, the more beautiful and realistic the flower will be in the end. If the color is not too bright, color the circle several times. Watch out for the area under the clips. It also needs to be painted over.

  • Remove the clips and take as many circles as you need to make a flower. It is best to take from eight to twelve petals. The circles you take are pierced near the center of the circle with a wire or a large needle. Bend the wire at the top of one centimeter. Then press the long end through one hole, and the short end into the other, made next. Twist the long and short end of the wire.

  • It is time to shape the carnation. To do this, start the upper circle crushing upwards. So you have to do with each petal separately, so that the bends do not repeat.

  • The stem of the flower must be wrapped with green tape or tape.

You have turned out a wonderful fluffy, delicate, beautiful carnation flower. With a few similar ones, you can make a delightful bouquet of carnations with your own hands!

Of course, it is not customary to give lifeless flowers to people, but such a bouquet may well decorate your office or bring some flavor to the interior of your apartment. In addition, if you do everything correctly and accurately, you will have reason to rejoice that you yourself were able to create such beauty!

It is so pleasant to create something new with your own hands, because the happiness of creativity is real happiness! Be creative, discover yourself, amaze and be happy!

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