How to make a do-it-yourself grow box

In the modern world, the ideas of ecological compatibility and a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. That is why many people decide to grow greens and vegetables on their own. Unfortunately, not everyone has a summer cottage. The way out of this situation is the growbox. With this design, you can grow a full harvest right in your apartment.

How to make a growbox?

How to make a growbox?

First you need to understand what the growbox is and how it functions. In fact, it is a small mini-greenhouse that creates certain conditions for good growth of vegetables, flowers or greenery. At first glance it may seem that its design is complex. In fact, to build a useful device for anyone who has at least a little knowledge of the principles of gardening.

Simplified growbox is a cabinet in which installed lighting and ventilation system. Of course, many may think that instead of it you can simply rearrange the plants on the window closer to the light. Unfortunately, this option will not lead to good growth. In the conditions of winter and late autumn, vegetables and greens will still not be enough light. And the temperature and humidity in a heated apartment will constantly change. As a result, growth will inevitably slow down. Growbox successfully copes with these problems.

Process features

First of all, it is necessary to determine the size. The number of lamps inside the box and the type of ventilation will depend on them. Also, the area greatly affects the number of plants grown. Among gardeners today disputes do not subside. It seems to one that the size is not less than 1 m in height, and to others - 1.8 m. Anyway, it is better not to construct boxes less than 1 m in height. In such grow-boxes you will not be able to grow a healthy plant. In addition, the risk of leaf burns, which will occur due to the small distance from the lamps, will increase. The focus is on the size of the room in which the future harvest will be grown.

As a basis, you can use old furniture, housings from system units, various drawers. In order to fit the growbox to the desired size, you can build it from sheets of hardboard. In this case, you should know that if a finished box is taken, then it must be perfectly level. Even 5 mm is not allowed between the walls. clearances. This may adversely affect the maintenance of the microclimate inside the growbox.

How to make a growbox?

Another important point - lamps and reflective film. It is possible to meet the instructions in which it is proposed to glue the inner surface of the room mini-greenhouse with ordinary foil. It is better to refuse such material. It should be purchased in a building or country shop Penafol. It looks like a foil, but its properties and functions are much better. It is used for warming and light reflection. In the second case, it is better to buy sheets of small thickness. Also, some gardeners prefer to paint the walls with light paint. A similar way to reflect light and heat is also not suitable.

Also, to create a growbox will need additional materials. It is possible to glue penafol in different ways - on a special thermogun glue, double-sided tape. The best way is to use a construction stapler. He will fix the material tightly. The arising joints require mandatory termination. To do this, use a special aluminum tape of silver color. If you decide to make a growbox from the old system unit, then you will most likely have to post it with sheets of hardboard. In such boxes, many different holes. The inner part can be reinforced with sheets of plywood, and then fix reflective material on them.

We should also consider the issue of lighting. Lamp power will be directly dependent on the area of ​​the box. It is better to use high pressure sodium lamps. If the system unit acts as a growbox, then 250 watts is enough. With an area of ​​1, 2 square. m. - respectively 600 watts. Sometimes there are lamps with inserted reflective strip. They can also be used.

You will also need a fan for a mini-greenhouse. It can be replaced with a cooler. Difficult options of the boxboxes suggest the creation of an automatic system for switching on and off lighting. You can do without it and do it manually.

Simple master class

No matter how it seems that the simplest version of the growing box is a mini-greenhouse from an old sistemnik, not all plants will grow in it. Therefore, it is better to do your own hands a more versatile option. It should immediately be said that the amount of materials depends on the size of the growthbox.

How to make a growbox?

You will need:

  • Ready wardrobe with door or sheets of chipboard and timber
  • Foiled Penafol
  • Pilot extension to multiple sockets (minimum 3)
  • Nails and screws
  • Lamps DNT
  • Gofrotruba with a diameter of 15 cm.
  • Wires, chain, euro plug socket
  • 2-3 fans
  • Timer (optional)
  • Drill, construction tape

Instructions for making:

  1. If there is no ready cabinet with a door, then we construct it from chipboard and timber. To do this, combine the sheets of the desired size with the help of boards and screws. We fasten so that there are no gaps. If necessary, you can make a frame from a timber, warm it with foam plastic and after that sheathe chipboard. Do not forget to provide a door.
  2. Cover the inner surface with penofol and fix it with staples. If you do not have this tool, then light reflection can be made at the previous stage of the box assembly. For this, the surface of the parts is covered with a material nailed with nails. Penofol light reflection is done for the finished cabinet in any convenient way.
  3. We focus on the fans at the top of the bulk box. To do this, you can nail to the ceiling bar or rail. The easiest way to attach them to specially cut rectangles. They are usually made of hardboard, cutting a hole of the desired diameter. A fan is inserted into the plate, and then the structure is attached to the ceiling. Thus, the design will be more sustainable.
  4. Then proceed to install the wiring. To do this, drill small holes with a drill so that the cords pass. This should be done in accordance with the intended location of the lamps. Usually they are placed on top and sides. Wires are connected to lamps. At the ends make forks. The length must be such that the wire can reach the extension cord. It is best to create a wiring to invite a professional electrician who will help make the correct wiring. Otherwise, you can not only spoil the growth box, but also harm your health. Specialist if desired, can set the timer on and off the light. This will help create the desired mode for plants, because they do not need permanent rays.
  5. Finally, a thermometer and an instrument that measures humidity can be installed in the growth box.
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The desired temperature in the box create special heaters. As for humidity, it can be raised just by placing a bowl of water next to the pot. It is believed that its rate should be at least 40% for the normal development of plants. It should be understood that the humidity of the air is created taking into account the needs of vegetables and flowers. Need to take into account their individual characteristics.

Do-it-yourself growers can allow you to grow radishes, various greens and even tomatoes at home. To make it will take only 1-2 days. First you need to decide what will be grown in a mini-greenhouse. The size of the boxbox depends on it. You can make a box out of any available materials - cabinets, a refrigerator or a system unit.

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