How to grow a crystal of salt on a string at home

Diamond, amethyst, emerald, topaz, sapphire - all these gems fascinate with their multi-faceted beauty. They belong to the group of crystals and are most often manufactured in natural or laboratory conditions. If you like experiments, information on how to grow a crystal from salt is for you.

Note to an amateur experimenter.

How to grow a crystal of salt at home

Some people are skeptical of such processes and believe that it is almost impossible to grow a crystal at home. We hurry to dissuade you and tell you how to make a crystal from salt. Of course, you can’t get the gem, but it’s quite possible to create an original polyhedron that will dazzle with its beauty and enchant with an unusual geometric shape.

Before we study the detailed instructions on how to grow a crystal from salt in a house, let's clarify some points of this difficult process. To succeed and create a salt crystal on your own, consider the following aspects:

  • Various types of salt are suitable for growing crystals, in particular, cooking, potassium, sea, copper sulphate and even potassium permanganate.
  • We choose the capacity of a suitable size according to this principle: more means better and more beautiful.
  • In the process of crystal formation, the capacity is not recommended to shake or move, otherwise you can destroy its already fragile texture.
  • For such an experiment, you can buy a ready-made set of necessary materials or use the available tools.
  • The duration of crystal growth depends on the desired result.
  • It is not recommended without unnecessary need to once again remove the crystal from the container in which it grows.
  • No need to add food coloring to the solution.
  • As the solution evaporates, the tank should be filled.
  • Distilled water is best for preparing the solution.
  • The container with the crystal should be placed in a place where there is no perceptible and abrupt temperature difference.
  • The crystal to be grown must be protected from dust.
  • You can not paint grown salt crystal watercolor or gouache paint.

Tips from experienced chemists

Few people know how to grow crystal from salt. This is not surprising, because with this kind of occupation we are not faced every day. But for the sake of experiment, you can refresh the course of school knowledge in chemistry. To grow a salt crystal at home, it is not necessary to know the whole mechanism of formation of a geometric figure of solid particles, but it is enough just to prepare the solution correctly.

A few simple recommendations will help you to make the solution of the desired consistency, which will be the ideal medium for growing crystals:

  • use filtered or ordinary tap water;
  • the amount of salt added to the solution individually;
  • a sufficient amount of salt will be indicated by the difficulty of mixing it in water;
  • the solution initially needs to be heated in a water bath to 50-60 °;
  • we put a small crystal only in the cooled solution;
  • The prepared mixture must be filtered through a gauze cut.

Home experiment: grow a crystal

If you watch with enthusiasm for various experiments, and the beauty of gems fascinates and delights you, then the information on how to grow a crystal from salt on a string is for you.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to purchase the necessary materials. All that is required for such an experiment, you already have. We draw your attention to the fact that individual crystals after preparation of the solution may not remain. In this case, they can be replaced with a small plastic object, which is pre-soaked in brine and dried thoroughly.

How to grow a house crystal from salt?

Necessary materials:

  • table salt;
  • filtered water;
  • crossbar (simple pencil, pen, plastic stick, etc.);
  • capacity;
  • gauze cut;
  • a thread;
  • paper.

Crystal growing process:

  1. We prepare all the necessary materials. Choose a transparent container to observe daily for the growth of the crystal.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  2. Approximately 2/3 of the capacity of the tank is filled with filtered water.
  3. Add salt in an amount to stir it was quite difficult.
  4. After partial dissolution of the salt grains, we place the container in a water bath and bring the solution to a uniform consistency.

    How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  5. Using a gauze cut, we filter the brine twice.
  6. We take any durable thread and tie it to its end with a salt crystal.
  7. The opposite end of the thread is fixed on the crossbar.
  8. Carefully lower the crystal in the brine. The bar is placed horizontally on the opening of the container.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  9. Cover the container with a sheet of paper and place it in a suitable place, preferably inaccessible to unauthorized persons.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  10. We carefully watch how a small crystal expands into a huge geometric figure. In this case, do not forget to pour the solution as it evaporates.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  11. When the crystal reaches the desired size, carefully remove it from the solution, and dry it.
  12. So that the salt crystal you have grown shines with its faces for a long time, cover its surface with a varnish base, preferably colorless. For these purposes, is quite suitable nail fixer.

Bright facets of geometry

Grow a crystal from salt at home is easy. You just need to be patient. As already mentioned, it is not recommended to add any dyes to the solution. This may prevent the growth of the salt crystal and lead to the disruption of its strong texture. You can add to the solution a natural dye - copper sulfate. Potassium permanganate is also quite suitable, then the crystal grown by you will play with red facets.

How to grow a house crystal from salt?

Necessary materials:

  • copper sulphate;
  • filtered water;
  • capacity;
  • a thread;
  • crossbar;
  • paper.

Crystal growing process:

  1. The steps to grow an unusual blue crystal are almost the same as the previous technology, with the exception of some nuances.
  2. So, we buy copper sulphate and prepare a container with filtered water.
  3. Add copper sulfate to the water just enough to stop dissolving.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  4. Take any strong thread and drop it into the prepared solution.
  5. We wait until the thread acquires crystals of blue color.
  6. Choose the best crystal and set it aside, put the rest back into the solution tank.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  7. Next, fix the selected piece of crystal at one end of the thread, and the second is tied to the selected crossbar.
  8. We lower the thread into the container with the prepared solution. Pay attention to the fact that the crystal should not touch the walls of the container, we try to place it as central as possible.How to grow a house crystal from salt?
  9. After a few weeks, your crystal will look like a diamond, playing with bright blue hues on the edges.
  10. Wait until the crystal grows to the desired size, and then remove from the solution.
  11. Carefully dry it and cover the surface with a colorless varnish.

If you add potassium permanganate, the crystal will acquire a rich crimson or red tint. Do not use gouache or watercolors, as they will not stick on the surface of the crystal.

Beginners can start by growing small salt crystals. If this process entices you, you can carry out more complex experiments. By the way, children are very interested in such activities. Try to grow your own crystal with your child. Are you already interested? Then do not hesitate and go to prepare a saline solution, and the result of your work in a couple of weeks will pleasantly surprise you. Successes in all undertakings!

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