How to get rid of black flies

The appearance of the midges in the house- not uncommon, but at the same time extremely unpleasant phenomenon. Most often they appear in indoor colors or in rooms with high humidity, for example - in the kitchen.

In plants, this species of blackflies, such assciarids They can very seriously harm the plant, because the larvae such insects lay in the soil, and they, in turn, feed on the roots of the flower.

How to get rid of indoor black flies?

How to get rid of indoor black flies in flowers?

Exists several ways to get rid of blackflies in indoor plants.

  1. Chemicals.Nowadays, in specialized stores sold many chemicals that effectively help in the fight against various insects. For example, drugs such as Thunder-2, Bazudin and Aktar. Among these drugs can be distinguished Thunder-2, it very well helps in getting rid of insect larvae, for this, they should sprinkle the soil in a pot with a flower. It should be remembered that chemicals such an appointment can not be used for prevention! They can be used only when the soil is already infected, and there are sciaride larvae in it. Also during the procedure of using chemicals you need to observe precautions! If there is a child or pets in the house, then it is better to treat the soil during their absence. At the end of such procedures, the room must be ventilated.
  2. Sulfur.Also ordinary sulfur is excellent for fighting blackflies in indoor plants. In order to process the soil in this way, you need to take 4 matches and stick them into the ground heads down, and then just moisten the top layer of soil.
  3. Solutions from indoor midges. Another recommended way to get rid of midges is to water the plant with a mild soap solution or a solution of potassium permanganate. In this case, remember about the concentration of the solution, because if it is too strong, then the plant can simply be burned.
  4. Features watering plants.For the sake of getting rid of insects, a houseplant can completely stop watering, in other words, stop planting moisture. You can not stop watering the plants, but on the contrary - to carry out this procedure regularly, as before, that's just not water, but strong tea or garlic juice, but this method will be effective if the house is not damp.
  5. Impact on the soil.In the soil, you can put the usual peel from orange or garlic cloves - this also gives a positive effect.

How to get rid of indoor black flies in flowers?

In addition to these methods of disposal of indoor plants from midges, it is best to transplant a flower in a pot with a new earth, or to fill the top of the soil with small pebbles or fine sand. And yet - with badly damaged or affected flowers (or their bulbs) will have to say goodbye, as they are unlikely to gain their former appearance, and even vice versa - insects from them can go to the remaining healthy plants.

How to get rid of midges indoors?

To get rid of these annoying insects, first of all, you need to find the reason for their appearance in the room. Most often, it is a food product that has begun to deteriorate (vegetable or fruit), the environment where such objects are found is acidic, it is the most suitable for breeding midges. After the cause of their occurrence is found, you must immediately get rid of it!

You can often watch the midges at home, even after the object, because of which they appeared, was thrown away. In this case, it is necessary to isolate all food, i.e. - if in the house cereals are stored in banks, then they need to be covered with lids, if in packages, then close them tightly. Another important detail - the midges need to block access to water, since it is vital for them.

There are many ways to deal with gnats at home., eg:

  • Take an orange and stick the spice “clove” into it: the aroma that will produce such a “adaptation” will scare away the black flies, and they will disappear;
  • it is necessary to moisten the cloth in a solution of dust or household soap, treat all the surfaces in the house in such a way and leave for the night, and wash everything thoroughly in the morning;
  • you can use borax for the breeding of house black flies;
  • in the place of accumulation of midges, you can hang sprigs of dried wormwood, its smell will repel midges from your home;

How to get rid of indoor black flies in flowers?

  • It would not be superfluous to pour in boiling water over the place where water should be drained or rinsed with bleach solution, even if the midges appeared in the house not from a sink, this would be a good prevention from their appearance;
  • in the hardware store you can buy “Dichlorvos” or “Raid”, but do not forget that during their spraying you need to remember the security measures and immediately empty the room after spraying, also in these stores you can buy sticky tapes and hang them in the house ;
  • On the table you can put a saucer with vinegar, or lay out the branches and walnut skin.

In addition to the above methods of struggle, you need to constantly keep the house clean (take out the garbage, regularly wash the garbage), try to clean the kitchen more often and air it. And if the house has pets, then you need to regularly wash their bowls.

If, after performing all the procedures, the midges continue to bother you, then you need to exterminate them like this: take a glass jar and put a piece of bread or vegetable in it, leave it in the kitchen. After some time, a lot of insects will fly into this jar, then the jar should be covered with a lid, thereby getting rid of all the blackflies in it.

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Do not forget that it is easier not to eliminate the invasion of midges in the house, and not to allow it. Remove food from the table in time, do not allow over-wetting of the room, remove it more often, and then you will have no problems with insects!

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