How to erase the gel pen

To make a mistake or blot in the text, whether it be an official document or a regular school notebook, is very simple. But to get rid of the results of his miscalculation is much more difficult. But there are still some proven methods that suggest how to erase a pen from a paper without a trace, but there are still - we will talk about them.

It doesn’t matter what exactly led you to the problem: the desire to correct the assessment, save the reputation of a colleague or your own, correct the accidentally damaged document, get rid of the fruits of children's driving or wallpaper, etc. The result is that the ink must be removed. And in this case, much will depend on 2 factors:

  1. the type of surface (thick, thin, vinyl) from which to erase ink;
  2. features of this ink (for feathers or for pens).

It's all about the ink!

How to erase the pen from the paper?

It is erroneously considered that there is no one hundred percent recipe, how to erase the pen from the paper without a trace. This statement is due to the lack of knowledge of ink and paper. If you initially identified the wrong type, then some methods will not only help but also harm.

In short, ink is a liquid dye. For the most part, the composition of modern inks for different pens and feathers is almost the same, but there are also specifics.

  • For feathers, the consistency is slightly thicker and more viscous, which makes it more difficult to remove them from a thin paper surface. The inscription in such ink is saturated and matte. The pen is used in exceptional cases, solemn.
  • In everyday life, the most common common ballpoint pens. In them the consistency of ink is more fluid. The inscription may shine a little.
  • Gel pens are popular today, which got their name from the gel state of the paste used in them. The inscription it more brilliant in comparison with the usual ball.
  • Capillary pens are widely distributed, they are also markers or markers, inks in which contain alcohol.

Before proceeding to the description of the methods, we recall the basic rule: always check the method on a similar paper! Take the same piece of paper, cardboard, a piece of wallpaper, etc., apply the same ink, practice. Then the result will not be unexpected.

Print gel pen

How to erase the gel pen from paper?

You can wipe the gel pen from the paper without a trace using the following methods.

Method 1. Manganese and hydrogen peroxide

So, to remove the gel pen with ordinary paper, you will need manganese, cotton (make a small roller out of cotton; for convenience, you can roll cotton on a match, a pencil) and hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to dilute the thick, creamy solution, mix well, so that the manganese absorbs the liquid. The resulting slurry neatly put on the inscription. And here it is important to wait only 5 seconds, then dip the roller in peroxide and quickly, without pressing, collect manganese solution from the surface.

If the paper remains stained, you can remove them using the same hydrogen peroxide, soaked with a cotton swab or cotton swab. Irregularities are smoothed with an iron (put the paper between 2 clean sheets and iron).

Method 2. Manganese and acetic acid

In solving the problem, how to erase the pen from the paper without a trace will help similar to the previous method. In a small amount of potassium permanganate add acetic acid to the eye and stir until a uniform saturated purple hue is obtained. Let the brightness of the resulting color does not bother you. Next, purple liquid must be carefully (you can use a cotton swab or a syringe) to put on the inscription and wait until it is completely dry. After the procedure, stains remain that are easily removed with a cotton swab moistened with peroxide.

Print ink ballpoint pen

How to erase a ballpoint pen from paper?

Method 1. Glycerin

To erase ink from paper without traces will turn out by mixing usual pharmaceutical glycerin with simple medical alcohol (proportions 1: 1). The mixture should not stand for long. Stir before use. Next, use a cotton swab to put the mixture on the label and just wait. The ink should disappear. If necessary, the paper can be ironed as described above (between 2 blank sheets).

Method 2. Household chemicals

Very simple and affordable method to remove ink. Suitable household chemicals for removing spots like "Cinderella", Vanish, Amway PreWash, Amway SA8 or Domestos. The principle is similar: apply a thin layer with a cotton swab and wait until it is completely dry. The ink must be absorbed from the surface into the medium during the drying period. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

We remove ink from the wallpaper

How to erase the handle from the wallpaper?

Method 1. Starch

If this finishing material is thin, then to solve the problem of how to erase the handle from the wallpaper without a trace, you should apply methods in which the applied means do not contain much moisture and are similar in texture to gruel or cream. Then the surface of the wallpaper will crumble less.

Mix in equal proportions of starch and warm water. Apply a thick mixture on the stain and remove with a dry cloth or a napkin after drying.

Method 2. Salt

For more dense wallpaper, use the following method: take water and hydrochloric acid in equal proportions, add 1 tbsp to the solution. l salts (per 100 ml). Stir and apply on ink. The procedure can be repeated, but in most cases the ink disappears after the first application.

Method 3. Laundry soap

This method is ideal for vinyl wallpaper and is very simple to implement. Lather soap (preferably present, "Soviet") in warm water to get a soap solution. With a clean, soft kitchen sponge, apply the solution to the stain. Wipe the treated area with a dry, soft cloth (do not press hard) after 10 minutes. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

In conclusion, mention should be made of another rule for removing ink from a paper surface. It does not tolerate fuss and haste. Rather, it is jewelry. And, before checking out one of the methods given in the article, tune in to hard work. Do not hurry - and the annoying mistakes really erase, remaining for you in the past.

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