How to draw a pencil with a still life with fruit

There is a sense of beauty in every person. And one of its manifestations is visual art. Drawing pacifies, relaxes and makes it possible to realize the creative potential. If you take only the first steps in painting, then some recommendations on how to draw a still life with fruits will certainly be interesting and useful.

Such a living "dead nature" ...

How to draw a still life with fruit?

Still life - the word of French origin, which translates as "dead nature." This is the essence of such pictures: they are combinations of various non-living objects. Most often, artists paint vegetables, fruits, that is, something that requires rich colors. Another feature of this composition is the image of the fabric. Objects can lie on it or a table can be laid, but all artists try to draw the texture and color of the piece of material in a meticulous way.

Still lifes fit perfectly into any interior - this is another reason to learn how to draw them: you can decorate the hallway or kitchen with a finished picture. And each time, passing by, you will not be able to resist the self-addressed praise for zeal and perseverance.

Necessary materials

To make the work go away and nothing distracts from drawing, you need to prepare in advance everything you will need for sure:

  • canvas or sheet of paper. The size can be any, but the quality should be excellent. Otherwise, the lines will fall badly, and because of this, you can completely cool off to the visual arts;
  • simple pencils of different hardness-softness. With them, you can easily create various effects, including shadows and volumes;
  • nature, that is, objects, fabric - everything you want to see in the picture;
  • good lighting. For drawing small parts, building a shadow projection, the lamp must be diffusing and with a powerful light bulb.

Now you can begin to study master classes for beginners, describing how to draw a still life in pencil in stages.

3 simple master class

Start drawing should be from outline, sketch. It is he who determines how easy or difficult it will work for you. This sketch is made with a solid pencil, and strokes, and not finished lines. Otherwise, after the auxiliary contours need to be erased, traces will remain. All items that are provided in kind in the sketch are depicted using simple geometric shapes. The main purpose of the outline is to determine the spatial location of objects on the sheet.

"Friendly company"

Professionals are advised to start painting still lifes with the image of large objects: in fine detail, you can make a serious mistake. Therefore, our picture shows kiwi, grapes, pears and bananas - objects with quite clear details of the structure.

How to draw a pencil with a still life with fruit?


  1. We start with a sketch. To do this, on a separate sheet, draw the location of each part using a triangle.
  2. Chaotic strokes, without a strong pressure on the pencil sketched objects in the form of circles, ovals. Grapes - circles, pears - ovals, lemon - bigger circle.
  3. We draw out more accurate lines, wipe auxiliary lines.
  4. Make shadows using a hard or hard-soft pencil.
  5. We draw the lines of the structure of pears, bananas and grapes using TM pencil.
  6. Detailing the kiwi in the cut. With a hard-soft pencil we make the core of the berry, depicting it as multi-layered, with seeds.
  7. Lightly feather the lines in the center with an eraser to give a natural touch.
  8. We draw the main lines, wipe auxiliary ones.
  9. Coloring all the objects depicted - the picture is ready.

Beauty requires ... to be eaten

Despite the literal translation of the name of the genre, the main task of the artist is to show the perfection and naturalness of the “goodies” depicted, when it comes to still life with berries and fruits.

The main task of the artist


  1. We limit the area of ​​the picture with a few strokes.Restrict the image area
  2. Make a sketch of a mug with a sprig of strawberries.Making a sketch of a mug
  3. Add the outlines of apples and pears.
  4. Outline the thicker contour of the fruit.
  5. We color apples and pears with suitable flowers, taking into account the fact that on each fruit there is an open area - a glare. On the widest part, the color should be the most intense.Paint a pearWe color apples and pear

    Apples and pear
  6. Red strokes detail the strawberries.Red strokes detail the strawberriesDrawing leaves
  7. Dorisovyvaem mug, making it in color.Finish the mug
  8. We color the fabric, shading places that are partially under the fruit. The picture is ready.We color the fabricThe picture is ready

Draw a bowl of fruit

Fruits and berries look great in a vase. In this case, you can do without the fabric, which means that we do not have to draw extra shadows.

Draw a bowl of fruit


  1. We start with a vase. We draw a straight line cut.We draw a straight line cut
  2. Add a semicircle, making it slightly flat for stability.add a semicircle
  3. Draw a slightly curved rim of a vase.
  4. We make line sketches of fruit (oranges, bananas, grapes - the simplest nature).Line-up fruit
  5. We remove the excess lines with the eraser, including those that intersect with the rim of the vase.We clean with an eraser extra lines
  6. We determine the contours of the berries that will be in the foreground, "darkening" those that will be in the background.
  7. Draw the surface on which the vase stands.Draw the surface
  8. Add a jug of glare and depict additional decorative elements to your taste.
  9. We are painting a picture - so we managed to paint a still life “a vase with exotic fruits”.Painting a picture

Tricks for beginners

  • If you are painting in black and white, do not forget about the shadows: special attention will be drawn to them.
  • Do not neglect the background. The wall, the window frame, the old tree - these elements contribute to the unique atmosphere.
  • Color images eliminate monotony by adding orange, green, cream, blue paint.
  • Do not try to combine many elements in one still life.

If you have basic drawing skills, the question of how to draw a still life with fruit will not be a problem for you. Nature, a pencil, a detailed sketch and the correct shadows - these are the elements on which your picture depends. But without a good mood, a couple of hours of free time and a relaxed atmosphere is also not enough. But, if all these factors come together, the drawing will be very worthy.

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