How to clean the oven from the old fat and soot inside the

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Many housewives love to cook, baking food and dishes in the oven. However, sooner or later there comes a time when each of them thinks about how to clean the oven from the fat inside. There are many modern means of household chemicals and "grandmother's" methods. What to choose?

Cleaning with household chemicals

The shops offer a large number of gels and powders that are designed to clean the oven from fat and soot:

Cleaning with household chemicalsCleaning with household chemicals

  • Silith Beng;
  • Commet;
  • Mister Muscle;
  • Amway;
  • Sanita Antizhir;
  • Shumanit;
  • "Frosch";
  • GreenClean and others.

The most effective of them is Schumanite. If you prefer environmentally friendly products, you can try Amway, but it cleans worse. Unfortunately, household chemicals affect only fresh fat and really remove it in a matter of minutes. But how to clean the oven from the old fat? It is necessary to connect additional measures:

  • before cleaning the oven can be heated for half an hour at the maximum temperature - this will speed up the process. Then cool to 50 degrees and apply detergent to the internal surfaces;
  • to remove carbon deposits and stains, use a special scraper that does not leave scratches;
  • You can make homemade pasta, mixed in half Comet and citric acid. This means to lubricate the inner surface of the oven and leave for half an hour. When the fat is gone, rinse the walls with a damp sponge.

How to clean the oven from the old fat

Before you clean the oven from the old fat, you should remember the precautions:

  • If the oven is equipped with a fan, it must be opened before cleaning. Make sure that detergents do not get into the ventilated opening;
  • wear protective gloves;
  • open windows;
  • detergent applied to the warm surface of the walls, only if it is not prohibited in the instructions for household chemicals;
  • after applying chemicals, thoroughly wash the oven walls with water and soap, vinegar with citric acid, or boil water with activated carbon in the oven;
  • do not use acidic products;
  • to ventilate the oven after cleaning.

How to clean the oven folk remedies?

You can try to clean the oven with environmentally friendly tools at hand. They can be no less effective than household chemicals, while harmless and do not cause allergies.

How to clean the oven folk remedies?

  • Soda

Eliminates the oven from a small raid. To do this, water with soda is mixed to the state of a wet slurry, put the tool on the surface of the walls and leave for 15 minutes. Then it remains to wash the loose dirt.

  • Vinegar
  1. Before cleaning the oven is heated to a temperature of 50 degrees. Rub the inner walls with soda gruel, then dilute the vinegar in half with water and wipe the oven with this liquid. Soda, reacting with vinegar, eats away dirt. Citric acid can be added to the cleaning mixture. Then it remains only to rinse the oven.
  2. In a heat-resistant pan need to pour 1 liter of water and some vinegar. Put the dishes in the oven and heat to a temperature of 100-130 degrees. Cool the oven and wash thoroughly.
  • Laundry soap

How to clean the oven folk remedies?

  1. Grate a piece of soap, mix with 2 tbsp. l soda and 100 g of vinegar. Apply the solution to the walls and leave for an hour and a half. Then rinse with grease.
  2. Soap dissolve in hot water and pour on a baking sheet. Apply the solution to the walls of the oven. Preheat oven to 110-130 degrees and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash the grease that is behind the walls.
  • Lemon juice

Another answer to the question of how to clean the oven from fat folk remedies - the use of lemon juice. It is an eco-friendly product, in which there are both alkaline elements and organic acids. 1 lemon fruit must be cut into pieces, put on a baking sheet and cover with water. For heavy soiling, you can add a little detergent. Boil the mixture for half an hour in the oven. As the liquid evaporates, water should be added. Turn off the oven, let it cool and wash off the fat.

  • Salve
  1. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 70-80 degrees, lubricate the walls with ammonia and close for 10 hours. After that, rinse thoroughly with dirt.
  2. Prepare 2 containers: one with boiling water, the other with liquid ammonia. Preheat oven to 70 degrees. Put a pot of boiling water on the bottom shelf, and ammonia pot on the top shelf. Turn off the oven, close the doors and leave for 8-10 hours. In the morning, wipe the walls with water and add ammonia to remove fat.
  • Baking powder

How to clean the oven from the old fat and soot inside the folk and shopping tools?

This is a fairly simple way to clean the oven from fat and scale. Baking powder should be applied to the oven walls and leave for 2 hours. Then rinse with absorbed fat.

  • Salt
  1. Sprinkle the surface of the oven with salt. Leave and wait until the salt turns brown. Wash the oven with detergent.
  2. Dissolve 1 kg of salt and a little activated carbon in 0.5 l of water. Put the dishes with the solution in the oven, heat the cabinet to 150 degrees. After half an hour, turn off the oven and wash it with detergent.
  • Steam

This method is suitable for the oven, covered with enamel. Pour water on the baking sheet and add detergent to it. Leave the pan in the oven, preheated to 100 degrees. After this contamination can be easily removed with a damp cloth.


Modern manufacturers are well aware of how difficult it is to clean the oven from old fat. Home appliance stores offer ovens to customers with two main self-cleaning systems:

  • Pyrolysis

After cooking, just press the button. The temperature in the cabinet will rise to 500 degrees, and the dirt will disappear by itself.

  • Catalysis

Special porous material deposited on the walls of the oven absorbs grease and dirt. When the oven is heated to a temperature of more than 200 degrees, the sewage disintegrates and turns into steam.

Each housewife herself decides for himself the most effective method of cleaning the oven from the old fat and soot. It will depend on the means at hand, the type of oven, the time and effort spent, and sometimes the cost of kitchen equipment. The main thing is that there are a lot of ways to bring your plate to life, and you can always choose something from this arsenal.