How to choose a wardrobe

On the modern furniture market there is a whole "bouquet" all kinds of cabinets, with a different number of sections in it, in different styles. So you started to get furniture in your apartment, whether to repair it, or just a new interior, or to purchase something necessary. How to choose a good, convenient to use, and most importantly, inexpensive wardrobe? The task is not easy. But we will now try to figure it out.

Closet and room

To begin with, it is of course necessary to know exactly where you are installing this cabinet. In the hallway or in the hall, in the nursery or in the bedroom. For example, in the hallway it is best to install a coarser and more reliable wardrobe than in the hall. The thing is that in the hallway you are purely on a psychological level, less careful with the cabinet. You lean on him, slam the doors. In addition, in the hallway the cabinet wears out faster due to its frequent use. Here it is worthwhile to focus on stronger cabinets with three sections. Why with three: clothes for the current season will be stored in one of these sections, clothes for the other seasons will be stored in another, and the third section will go under the shelves. After all, shelves, in the closet installed in the hallway are needed - there will be stored all sorts "small things"such as shoe care products, umbrellas and all sorts of tools. It is also very appropriate for the hallway mirror on the cabinet door.

For closet designed for the hall, 4 or 5 sections are characteristic. You will use the two sections for clothes, the other two are, again, there will be shelves where you can put, for example, bed linen, set service, photos and many other things. And the fifth section will be open, as if separating. She will divide the wardrobe in two parts. And in this section you can put a TV, DVD - player and other equipment. For the hall will suit the elegant design of the cabinet. Beautifully look, for example the combined panel doors with mirrors. Combined means that the mirrors alternate with the usual cabinet surface. In this case, the best is that the number of mirrors is odd.

Sliding wardrobe for a bedroom will have something in common with the closet for the hall. But it will be smaller and simpler. There is no need for a fifth section. A couple of sections for clothes, a section for bed linen and a section with sliding shelves. The mirror is better to be on the back side of the door, but it certainly tastes.

For children's room suitable wardrobe similar to the wardrobe for the hall. Also 5 sections. The open section is perfect for toys or books.

Cabinet or built-in wardrobe?

The sliding wardrobe happens case or built-in. Built-in closet has a floor and a ceiling of one or several walls of your apartment. Most often, such a closet make to order. What are its advantages? This cabinet uses to the maximum the space allotted for it. Also allows you to save on material. But it can not be moved, and when you move it will have to leave.

WITH corps it's much easier here. But it is worth bearing in mind that it is better to do to order. Since when buying a ready-made you lose the opportunity to choose its filling.

What you need to know when choosing a wardrobe?

Find out whether the company has its own production and what edge is edged chipboard parts. If you are offered a mortise or patch edge - better refuse. The use of such materials speaks of nothing but a low level of production, a basement version. All self-respecting companies have long gone on machine, not manual application of edging material. Moreover, the machine does not apply the usual melamine edge, but a PVC edge 0.5 mm or 2.5-3 mm thick. The quality of products with such an edge is distinguished by reliability and durability.

It is necessary to pay attention to thickness of chipboard panels, from which the facade is made. The panels with a thickness of 8-10 mm are not manufactured in Russia, but imported from other countries. Therefore some "clever men" milled our domestic chipboard 16 mm thick under the groove 10 mm and inserted into the facade of the door. None of those present on the market can produce such a product for more than 1-2 years. After all, the weight of the door will be almost twice the normative. All systems are designed for the use of material thickness of 4 - 8 - 10 mm and no more. Find out the same thickness of the side walls of your cabinet. Chipboard with a thickness of 18mm indicates that it is imported. In Russia, 18 mm does not make any factory. If the chipboard is 16 mm thick, then most likely you were offered instead of an imported plate our domestic one with an imported film.

It is better to deal with a company where there is a central office.. After all, if something is wrong, then where to turn with complaints? And if there is a central office, then its location will tell you a lot. If you have never been faced with the purchase and choice of wardrobe, then it will not be superfluous to consult with professionals. There are such cases when by phone you are informed of the price of a high-quality closet, but with the simplest configuration. The price seems to suit you, you place an order after the inspection. But here for this price comes to you a similar cabinet, of lower quality. For example, you ordered an imported one, and you are given an exact copy, but of domestic production. If you do not carefully consider the study of documents, then this cabinet visually can not be distinguished from what you recently examined in the store.

So be careful! Good luck with your choice.

Especially - Andrey Smirnykh

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