How many years have parrots lived

Surely each person before buying a parrot first studies the information about these beautiful birds: how to feed them, maintain, care for them? Also, one of the main questions is: how long do these wonderful pets live at home?

What determines the lifespan of parrots?

How many years do parrots live?

First of all, the life expectancy of parrots depends on their size. Oversized species, such as wavy, can live for about 10-15 years. Medium-sized birds live a little longer, subject to the conditions of their detention, their life expectancy can be 20-30 years. But the timing of the life of large parrots are not exactly known. Some experts claim that they can live from 50 to 120 years, while others reduce this figure to 60 years!

How long do wavy parrots live?

Most often for keeping at home, people get the budgerigars. These pets have a friendly character and a beautiful color, and caring for them is not difficult.

Parrots of small size, this description is just related to budgerigars, can live 10-15 years, but quite often there are those individuals that live to 20 years! It is also believed that the life expectancy of birds of this breed depends on their sex, but it is not true. It does not matter at all - this parrot samochka or male.

But in the wild, budgies live very little - only 4-6 years. Rare individuals live to 8 years. This fact is due to the fact that predators are likely to attack in their natural environment, there is a risk of starvation and the occurrence of adverse natural conditions.

How to care for your pet?

How many years do parrots live?

As mentioned above, at home wavy parrots can live an average of 10-15 years. But this is influenced by some factors. First of all, the bird should get a comfortable and spacious cage. If there is no opportunity to provide the parrot with a spacious dwelling, then it can sometimes be released so that it flies around the room. If these birds do not move, it will be dangerous for her, because in the wild they lead an active lifestyle.

The cage for the pet must be placed in a suitable place that will be completely isolated from the draft, direct sunlight, strong odors, incense, cigarette smoke. Also, it is better not to put the cage next to appliances and TV, as well as in the kitchen and other rooms in which humidity is elevated.

In the wild, these birds fall asleep at sunset and rise at dawn. If you are an owl yourself and go to bed very late, then the cage must be covered with a thick fabric that will not shine through. Otherwise, the pet may have a lack of sleep. This way may affect the duration of his life. It is also important that this fabric let the air through and not change the microclimate in the cell. Experts also recommend that you carefully monitor the following parameters:

Clean - there must be order in the cage. It is necessary to do the necessary repairs and keep clean the drinkers. In the cage, you also need to hang the perches, toys and feeders in such a way that the pet cannot defecate on food and water. It is also important not to forget about the cleanliness of the feathers of the parrot and sometimes to give him a light shower;

Nutrition. It must be balanced. The life of these birds also depends on the food itself. But these pets have a small choice of food, so if your parrot likes cookies, bread or even human food, you should give it in limited quantities. It is better to indulge him with apples or carrots instead;

Communication Budgerigars are very sociable pets, because of this they need preferably a neighbor. Even two males in one cage will get along harmoniously, but the female will drive the male into a corner. The owner must learn the habits of his pet and communicate with him.

What you need to know about Corella parrots?

How many years do parrots live?

Many owners of these birds are concerned with the question: how many years have Corella parrots lived? After all, they can become real members of the family and its pets. On average, Corella parrots live 15-25 years, but this is not the limit. By the way, the life expectancy of these birds at home is much longer than in the wild, like their wavy brethren.

Many factors also affect their lifespan, but first of all they need constant care. If the owner did not notice that his pet was sick with something and did not show it to the doctor in time, this could be the cause of the death of the parrot. Also, Corellas love to fly out into open windows, and there are many dangers outside the house. They do not mind to bite electrical wires, and it is very dangerous!

Due to improper feeding and maintenance, injuries and poisonous substances, various diseases can develop in parrots of this species, as a result of which they can die. Also, these birds can hit the mirror, wall or glass - this is another reason for the death of pets.

To create safe living conditions for your bird, you need to protect it from everything that carries danger. It is also better to study the diet of these birds and do not deviate from it. And should be when you have the slightest suspicion of a disease in a pet, sasu also show it to the vet!

When purchasing a parrot, remember that by doing so you undertake to care for this wonderful creature. Surround him with care, love and attention and then he will long please you with fascinating communication and real affection!

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