How and what to remove a fat stain from clothes

Greasy stains on clothes occur not only during feasts. It is possible to soil clothes in everyday life with motor oil, oil paint, while cooking. Chemical cleaners will help remove contamination. No less effective and popular methods!

How to remove greasy stain?

Grease stains are unpleasant not only because you need to make an effort to remove them. Dust and dirt adhere to them, making the pollution even stronger. That is why you should not leave the wash for later, but try to remove the stain immediately.

Sweep greasy stain helps chalk. This method is designed only for fresh pollution. Chalk is crushed to powder and sprinkle them stain. After some time, it is simply shaken off the clothes with a brush.

How and what to remove the fat stain from clothes?

How to remove greasy stain on carpet? In this case, gasoline will help. It is mixed with fine wood sawdust and spread on the contaminated area. After 30 minutes the mixture is removed.

How to wash a greasy stain: ways

  • The hardest thing to wipe out the old fat spot. It is better to soak it immediately in soapy water or powder. Food stains are well removed with soap. It is necessary to thoroughly wipe the dirty place, fill it with a small amount of warm water and let it sieve. A good result can be achieved by pre-soaking. The temperature of the water should be as high as possible for this type of fabric (this can be found on the internal label of clothing).
  • Spots are usually washed off with the use of any means of destroying fat. You can use not only washing powder, but also soap, "Antipyatin". Safe for fabrics and cleaning products for washing dishes. They are designed to fight fat and can remove it not only from the plates, but also from your favorite thing.
  • One of the popular remedies is soda paste and dishwashing gel. They are mixed to a pasty state. The consistency of the composition should resemble toothpaste. This tool is applied to the brush and wipe the stain with it, then leave the thing for 10-15 minutes. The stain is washed with water. If it is not displayed immediately, the procedure is repeated. In a soda mixture for better action, you can add a few drops of stain remover.

Remove grease from clothing: proven methods

To help remove the oily stain can be the following. First, put clothes on a flat surface and gently remove excess fat with a paper towel or napkin. Sprinkle the stain with talcum powder, starch or soda. The powder is pressed down so that it penetrates better into the fibers of the fabric and into the pollution itself. In this form, the item is left for 8-10 hours. During this time, the agent will pull the fat out of the fabric. After that, clothes are washed in a typewriter.

Salt can help if the stain was set less than 3 hours ago. For this thing put in a concentrated solution for several hours. Water must be warm. After 5-8 hours things are washed in a soap solution. On a small basin takes no more than 1/2 tbsp. salt.

How and what to remove the fat stain from clothes?

You can use the iron. They put a piece of paper on the thing and start to drive it with a hot iron in the spot with a stain. Paper absorbs fat. During the procedure, the sheets need to be changed.

Old fat spots: what to do?

  • Spots appear on clothing and as a result of prolonged wear. In places of thorns one can see greasy places. To get rid of them, you need to wipe the clothes with a saline solution. As a solvent, it is better to use ammonia. The solution is made from 5 gr. salt and 25 gr. ammonia.
  • Alcohol is recommended to use to remove very old stains.. To do this, it must be mixed with turpentine in equal quantities. The resulting mixture wipe contaminated sites.
  • From the old spots helps all known Coca-Cola. She moistened pollution, leave for 30 minutes. Then the thing is washed.
  • Gasoline will also help cope with the stain. Please note they need to wipe it from the inside out. On the front side put a cotton rag. Around the pollution can walk a wet fleece. Due to this, there will be no divorces. After cleaning with gasoline, you need to wash the thing. This will help to remove the smell and remnants of dissolved fat.
  • All the tools described above, it is good to use for light fabrics. But the composition of some solvents can be dangerous for colored things. The pollution may disappear, but the paint will come down with it. As a result, the thing will be spoiled.
  • If we talk about special stain removers, they are effective in combating simple soils. A greasy stain, non-uniform in its composition, having impurities of other substances, is difficult to remove by such means.

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In the fight against greasy stains, expensive stain removers are often powerless. Fat perfectly splits ordinary soda, chalk, gasoline, glycerin. They are applied to a fresh spot, and then, after a certain time, removed with a brush or water. The main rule in getting rid of clothes from stains is to act immediately, not postponing washing for later. Only timely cleaning will help remove complex contamination without a trace.

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