Harmony in the matrimonial bedroom. location and interior of

The most important aspect of Vastu that you need to pay attention to in order to achieve a happy and loving matrimonial relationship is marital bedroom space harmonization.

The bedroom is a territory of harmony, relaxation, rest, peace and bliss. Therefore, in the bedroom it is recommended to create an atmosphere that will promote restful rest and sleep. In the bedroom we spend about a third of our lives. And it is in this third of life, during sleep, that we are most vulnerable to environmental influences. What surrounds us during sleep, on a subconscious level, affects how we feel and behave during the day.

Where to arrange the matrimonial bedroom?

Vastu Shastra The most favorable place for the location of the matrimonial bedroom is the south-western sector. Although Rahu (a shadow planet causing mental and mental disorders) and Niruthi (a deity with the qualities of lethargy, drowsiness and sadness) that can have a detrimental effect on people rule here, their negative impact becomes beneficial if wife The location of the bedroom for the spouses is also possible in the western part of the house / apartment, which contributes to a quiet and comfortable life. A bedroom in the southern sector contributes to the good health of the spouses.

Vastu does not recommend placing a bedroom for newlyweds in the northeast sector of the house / apartment. The northeastern sector is also not recommended for a couple wishing to conceive a child, since the very strong energy flow in the northwestern sector acts as a barrier.

The southeastern sector is also unfavorable for the spouses' bedroom, since the elements of fire are most powerful in it. A bedroom in the Southeast sector can lead to frequent quarrels between spouses, manifestation of aggression, intolerance, jealousy, resentment. The bedroom in the Southeast sector is unfavorable for the husband, as the female Venusian energies are very strong in the Southeast. If a husband sleeps in the Southeast sector of a house or apartment, this may affect his sexual health and potency.

The location of the bedroom in the eastern sector of the house / apartment can cause illness of one or both spouses, and a bedroom in the northern sector can be financially damaged. It is extremely unfavorable for the marital relationship, if the bed (and especially the head of the sleeping) falls into the central part of the apartment / house, the so-called bramastanu. This arrangement of the bed leads to a strong tension in the relationship and acceleration of the development of karmic tasks between spouses.

What is favorable for a matrimonial bedroom?

  • Please note that you see the first thing when you enter the bedroom - this item should immediately set you up in a positive and peaceful way. This can be a picture, composition, figurine, vase, picture, figurine.
  • Place the bed in the bedroom in the southwest corner of the room. It is also possible location on the south or west wall of the room.

  • Other heavy pieces of furniture - wardrobe and bookshelves are best located also in the southwestern part of the bedroom, along the southern and western walls. For wardrobe is also possible accommodation in the north-western part of the bedroom.
  • TV, computer, heating devices are best placed in the southeast corner of the bedroom.
  • Best of all, the head of the spouses during sleep was turned to the south. This contributes to the growth of family well-being.
  • The colors of the walls and textiles in the bedroom should be light shades. According to Vastu, light-green, light-blue and light-pink tones are very favorable for the bedroom.
  • The bed's shape should be rectangular or square.
  • The shape of the headboard is also desirable in the form of a square or rectangle.
  • The most favorable frame of the bed, which is made of wood
  • Spouses are advised to sleep under one blanket and on the same mattress. This contributes to the balance of male and female energies in the home.

  • Place the crystals next to the bed - rose quartz contributes to peace, tranquility and harmony in married life
  • Keep order in the bedroom. If you have a mess in the bedroom, then there will be a mess in the marital relationship.
  • Dusty things, objects that have not been used for a long time, bring stagnation energy into relationships, make them boring and mundane. Let everything in your bedroom shine, then your relationship will sparkle with purity and novelty.
  • Highly It’s good to have twin things in the bedroom - pads, lamps or sconces, candles, figurines and figurines.
  • The bed should be located so that it can be approached from all sides.
  • Free up space under the bed. There should not be boxes, products, piles of old things.
  • Notice which direction you get out of bed. Favorable if your face is facing north, northeast, or east when getting up from bed. West, southwest and south are considered unfavorable according to Vastu. Northwest and southeast are neutral.

  • Notice what you see first thing when you wake up. It is very favorable if this item sets you up in a positive way.
  • The ceiling of the bedroom should be parallel to the floor.
  • If the bedroom is bordered by a toilet, the bed must be positioned so that it does not touch the wall behind which the toilet is located.

What is NOT favorable for the matrimonial bedroom?

  • Avoid placing the bed in the Northeast corner of the bedroom, as well as along the north and east walls of the bedroom, as this can cause mental stress, stress and financial instability.
  • The door to the bedroom should not be in the south, since the south is ruled by Mars and its energies are too aggressive for the bedroom.
  • Do not use mirrors or any other reflective surfaces in the bedroom. It is recommended to replace glass or mirror doors of the cabinets in the bedroom with non-reflective ones or to glue them with an opaque stained glass film. During sleep, we relieve stress and tension accumulated during the day. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, then its reflective surface will bring us back both stress and tension. As a result, sleep will not bring the desired relaxation and rest. There is also an opinion that a mirror, doubling a couple, destroys marriage or that a mirror is a third party in a marriage.

  • It is not recommended to have a TV or computer in the bedroom, as their screens are reflective surfaces and act in the same way as mirrors. If you still have a TV or computer in your bedroom, then cover their surfaces with a cloth for the night.
  • Avoid dark and tones in the bedroom, as well as red.
  • The metal frame of the bed is much less favorable than wood.
  • In no case do not place the bed legs to the front door.
  • Do not place the bed under chandeliers and beams. At the energy level, a heavy object above the bed has a cutting and pressing effect and thus adversely affects the energy field of sleepers all night. If it is impossible to remove the beam or the chandelier - hang the bells or beautiful coins on the "cutting" object.
  • Avoid sloping ceilings in the matrimonial bedroom (in the attic)
  • And most importantly - note in what mood you are in the bedroom, what thoughts come to your mind. Never lie down in a state of quarrel or spat. Find out the relationship with your partner before you fall asleep and best of all outside the bedroom. In the bedroom, try to think only about the good - about love and harmony. Then during sleep you will attract only positive vibrations to you and your partner. Opening your eyes, thank the world for a new wonderful day, kiss your partner with love.

It may seem difficult to apply all these tips and avoid Vastu defects. In fact, Vastu starts working already when you make the first, even the smallest, adjustments. Do not rush into the bedroom and redo it as quickly as possible. As in any practice, rooted in antiquity, the principle of minimal but regular effort is important in Vastu.

Follow these tips one by one every day or every week, and you will feel the taste of change. Watch and enjoy the positive changes in life that will begin to manifest in the space around you.

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