Guinea pigs

When people decide to have a pet, the choice of many of them falls on the guinea pig. The guinea pig is an amazingly cute animal that even a child can handle. In addition to unpretentiousness, guinea pigs are distinguished by a wide variety of colors and breeds. In any pet store you can meet various representatives of these animals: from very bald to long-haired and curly.

Conditions for keeping guinea pigs

The main condition for the optimal existence of any organism is a good home. For your animal's home should be a spacious cage with a plastic bottom and a transparent removable top. Guinea pigs do not climb up anywhere, so their cage may be wide, but squat. To install the cage, choose a place that will be protected from drafts and exposure to direct sunlight. It is better to put some kind of shelter inside the cage, like a house, where the pig can hide like in a mink. Indeed, in nature, rodents live in burrows.

There must be a litter in the cage. As it can act corn filler, which is made specifically for rodents. Small sawdust will not work, as their particles can get into the respiratory tract of the animal. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use wood filler, after soaking from urine, and then drying, it forms the same dust. Of course, the litter needs to be changed.

On average, this should be done about one to three times a week. The animal must always have clean drinking water. For this you need to purchase a drinker. For a pig, an automatic drinker with a ball is suitable. You can find it in any pet store. Also, these animals need to constantly grind their teeth, because they have them grow very quickly. If you do not, then the animal will get sick. In order to keep the pig's teeth in order in the cage, it is necessary to put some wooden object so that the animal can nibble it. This item must be periodically changed. If the mumps are left without such an object in a cage, then it will nibble the cage itself, as well as all its contents.

Besides all this, animal needs vitamins and minerals. It can be obtained from mineral salt stone, which must also be placed in a cage. In the summer of guinea pigs can be taken on vacation to the cottage. You can settle it there in a specially constructed pen. A prerequisite for the summer residence of the pig is to be in the shade should be in the shade. The animal must be given the opportunity to walk and eat fresh weed. Walking the pig, of course, must be supervised so that it does not run away. After the walk, the animal must be bathed and treated for the prevention of a means of parasites.

Guinea pig feeding

For feeding the pig you need to carefully select the diet. Very many illnesses in these animals are associated with the wrong diet. It is very important that for proper digestion, guinea pigs should at least occasionally eat their droppings. Do not take this for pathology. As for the usual diet, it should mainly consist of dry food. Fruits, berries and other juicy food is not accepted as a main course, but rather plays the role of a delicacy.

You can find a lot of feed for these animals in pet stores. However, preference is still better to give imported feed.

Guinea pigs are social creatures. In a cage, you can keep several pieces at once, either singly. In the latter case, the animal is very strongly attached to the person. They are absolutely not aggressive, so they can be bought for maintenance for children. This cute animal will definitely become the favorite of your family.

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