Goldfish are undoubtedly the most beautiful, but also the most capricious of all the subspecies of aquarium inhabitants. Fulfillment of desires, like in a fairy tale, they will not bring into the house, but they will be an excellent decoration of any interior. And in order for the fish to please you with their beauty, they need to provide proper care. So, goldfish: maintenance and care.

Goldfish: zoological portrait with photos

If you decide to have this beautiful subspecies of fish in your aquarium, then you should first decide on the desired zoological portrait. Breeders brought 8 species of goldfish, each of which has a different name in different sources. However, their zoological portrait is the same everywhere.

So, the main varieties of goldfish:

  • Vualekhvost. The most beautiful and popular type of goldfish. They have a drop-shaped body and a rather large head, as well as a chic fan-shaped tail. The length of an adult individual is 20 cm, the color range is from white to bright gold.Veiltail
  • Pearl. In appearance it seems as if the fish were eating too much, as the shape of the belly stands out above the whole body. However, this fish received its name due to scales. These scales have a convex shape and resemble small pearls. The color range is from white to almost red with a black edging of scales.Pearl
  • Comet. Almost unpretentious in the care of goldfish. It has a long form due to its forked tail, which determines its "pedigree". It is believed that the longer the tail, the more elite the fish. The total length of the calf is about 15 cm.Comet
  • Golden carp. The fish got its name because it was bred by the breeder from the silver carp subspecies and does not differ from it in appearance. The only difference is the bright golden color.Golden crucian
  • Telescope. The fish got its name due to the huge eyes, surpassing the whole body. It is this part of the body that determines the greatest value of the fish. The most bug-eyed species is the most popular and valuable.Telescope
  • Oranda This goldfish is remarkable in that it has a spike-like growth on the head, often of a bright red color. Fish color can range from snow white to black.Oranda
  • Ranch The fish is characterized by the fact that it has a thickish build and a remarkable growth on the whole head, there is no upper fin. It may be yellow, white with the addition of black and golden brown.RanchuGoldfish: maintenance and care
  • Water eyes. The eyes of this fish are in the form of bubbles that hang on both sides of the head. It so happens that these growths have the appearance of fluffy balls, so these fish are sometimes isolated as a separate subspecies.Water eyes

Remember that goldfish are not only beautiful, but also living creatures. The owner is responsible for their pets. Provide goldfish with comfort, cool and clean water, balanced nutrition, many caches - and they will become your friends for a long time.

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