Girlish grapes

The girlish grape, in Latin Parthenocissus tricuspidata, belongs to a species of tree frost-resistant lianas. In the world there are more than 15 types of girlish grapes. Beautiful leaves of maiden grapes can create a fabulous tent on the plot. In the summer, he pleases the eye with a wealth of green color, and in the autumn with yellow and red paints.

The maiden grapes entangle the whole house with its shoots and leaves. With it, you can give any home the look of an old noble castle, or return to childhood. It is best suited for creating vertical landscape design. Due to its unpretentiousness and good reproduction, its leafy cover allows you to create a beautiful design.

Girlish grapes are able to protect your area from soot and dust, cleaning the air. With it, you can hide some flaws at home and create a shady corner to relax. But to achieve this effect, you must comply rules of planting, care and reproduction of grapes.

Girlish grapes: nnatural characteristics

The maiden grape belongs to the grape family. Its growth rate is about 3 m per year. The length of the vine reaches 30 m. Girlish grapes are able to climb up any flat surface, be it a rock or a wall of a house, without any problems. Growing, it creates a fairly dense foliage. And thanks to fastening to the wall with their disc-shaped suction cups, girlish grapes do not need support. It can tolerate frosts up to - 24C.

The shoots of the first year of planting, in the absence of snow, having died or frozen, will begin to grow even better in spring. The girlish grape in the autumn pleases the eye with the purple and orange color of the leaves, the colors of the crimson. If you wish, you can grow and girlish grapes, which all year round pleases the eye with green leaves, but it refers to heat-loving plants and requires enhanced protection during the cold weather.

Girlish grapes: planting and reproduction

Girlish grapes can multiply seeds, cuttings and layering.When propagating by seeds, they must be kept at a temperature of 5C for a month.

Pruning maiden grapes in the spring will give good material for reproduction and subsequent rooting. The soil can not be heated. From one cutting a large, strong plant appears, therefore one should not plant several in one tub.

Between saplings when planting it is necessary to leave 1 m. It is best to plant grapes near the walls or fences from the south-west, southeast or south side in early spring. For planting it is best to choose well-lit places, avoiding strong shadows and hot sun. Girlish grapes can be planted in special tubs or pits measuring 50 to 50, filled with drained and fertile soil. When choosing a site for planting, it should be borne in mind that girlish grapes should not be planted on heavily depleted and dry soil. If there is no other land, it must be fertilized.

In winter, he needs to provide a cool wintering opportunity. Humidity is most suitable moderate. During the period of the most active growth it needs to be fed once a week. The growing season of grapes is 158 days, starting from May 12 and ending on October 16. It blooms from June 15 to July 7.

Girlish grapes: care

The girlish grape belongs to durable plants, practically does not suffer from fungal diseases and is not damaged by insects. To preserve the desired shape, it is necessary to ensure that it does not grow much, cutting and removing unnecessary and dry branches.

In the summer, it is better to water as often as possible and more abundantly, and in winter, watering is reduced by about 2 times. If the summer is dry, watering should be increased, and with enough rain it should be reduced. The adult plant of girlish grapes requires fertilizing in mid-May, and then in mid-July, during the period of active growth. To pruning and the formation of the maiden grapes proceed immediately, using a sharp shears. If necessary, install special supports. It is also necessary to remove weeds and loosen the soil.

How to create phorum girlish grapes?

As soon as young shoots appear, fix them on a special support, directing immediately to the right side. If the shoots begin to grow in the wrong direction, remove them immediately. Initially, tie the young whip maiden grapes to the supports.

As soon as the grapes begin to consolidate itself, you can not tie it up. After the girl's grapes are sufficiently formed, a restraining and sanitary pruning aimed at removing thickening, weak and damaged shoots will remain necessary. If sanitary pruning is carried out, the cut is done immediately above the healthy kidney. If the growth of the grapes is out of control, it will be enough to return the desired length to it, and then cut off all the thickened and woven whips, and the sleeping buds will give a new growth.

The girlish grape is able to create its useful microclimate on your site. It will absorb dust, gases and noise, while simultaneously cleaning the air. In the care, it is rather unpretentious, able to tolerate frost, after which it continues to grow even better, but requires careful attention to regulating its growth. The wild grapes have the ability to suppress the development of microbes, protect the house from overheating in the summer and reduce dampness indoors.

One of the main advantages of a girl's grape is to use it for decorating ugly places in the garden or house. It will help create a shade, plant a hedge or fence, close the attic or veranda from the rain. With its undeniable merits, girlish grapes are the best fit for decorating and vertical gardening of your home.

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