Foamiran dolls

Foamiran as a material for needlework came to Russia relatively recently, but experienced craftsmen have already learned how to deftly use it in their work. Most often, this material is used as an element of scrapbooking, a little less - for various handicrafts. These works of needlework look incredibly beautiful, and the flowers seem to come to life. But today we would like to show how the foamiran dolls look like. The master class proposed in our article will help you to make them easily.

How to make a foamiran doll: features of work with the material

How to make a doll out of foamiran?

Plastic suede, revelure, foam - these are the most common names of foamiran. They make this amazing material in several countries: in Iran, China, Turkey. The density of phoam often depends on the country of origin. Thicker produced in China, he goes to the manufacture of dolls and large crafts. Iran and Turkey produce delicate foamiran, its needlewomen is used in decorating, making jewelry and scrapbooking.

Why they began to use plastic suede? The answer is simple: when heated, the material is capable of slight stretching, which makes it easy to give it the desired shape. However, this is only one of many advantages of Foamiran, and they also include:

  • a large palette of colors and the possibility of self-coloring, as well as, which is very important in the manufacture of dolls, the presence of a material of pastel colors;
  • Foamiran keeps well the given shape and is easy to form even from the warmth of human hands;
  • the material is not deformed by moisture, is not afraid of high temperature and mechanical stress.

To work with Foamiran do not need to buy any additional devices. All you need is scissors, a composter, a heat gun with glue and a ruler. If you already have the necessary set of tools, then we suggest that you begin a master class for beginners in making foamiran dolls.

Foamiran doll: master class with patterns

Necessary materials:

  • foamiran colored sheets (natural, black, red, with a print);
  • 3 balls of foam: 1 pc. - 75 mm, 2 pcs. - 50 mm, 3 pcs. - 40 mm;
  • bamboo stick;
  • heat gun;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • ruler.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First you need to cut out from the sheets of foamiran all the necessary parts for work.Foamiran doll: master class with patterns
  2. Making a doll begins with the head. To do this, place the foam ball with a diameter of 75 mm on the stand.Foamiran doll: head
  3. Heat the foamiran sheet with an iron for 20 seconds.
  4. Now place a warm sheet on the foam ball and, using both hands, pull the edges down. The edges of the sheet should go for half the ball.Foamiran doll: hair
  5. Cut off the excess foamiran and repeat all the actions with the skin color.Foamiran doll: head
  6. After that, glue both sides of the foamiran onto the ball. You can’t get a perfectly flat joint, so make the finish of the foamiran pieces, as shown in the picture.Foamiran doll: head and hair
  7. Now cut from a ball with a diameter of 40 mm slightly more than half.
  8. After that, bend the shape of the body in the shape of a cone and insert the ball into the hole. Slightly press down on the foamiran sheet to give it a more flat shape.Foamiran doll: body pattern
  9. Further relies pasted foam part of the tenderloin for panties.Foamiran doll: body
  10. We proceed to the formation of the legs. To do this, glue the skin color foamiran on bamboo sticks.Foamiran doll: legs
  11. To make shoes cut the halves and the side of the balls 50 and 40 mm. Fasten together with hot melt glue.

    Foamiran doll: shoes
  12. In the same way as for the head, glue the shoes with a solid sheet of foamiran.Foamiran doll: shoes
  13. In order to make the sole, try on shoes with a black sheet of foamiran and mark the required size with a marker.Foamiran doll: sole
  14. Cut out the necessary parts and fix it on the sole with hot glue.Foamiran doll: sole parts
  15. Please note that you have some flaws, and we hide them under the finish just like on the doll’s head.
  16. To hide the irregularities on the very sole, glue the shoes to the black sheet of foamiran.
  17. After the legs and body are ready, put all the pieces together.
  18. We place the head of the doll on a toothpick and fasten it on the body.Foamiran doll: head bonding with body
  19. Now alternately glue clothes for dolls and hands.Foamiran doll: clothes
  20. The irregularities on the junction of the legs and the shoes are hidden under a thin strip of skin colored foamiran.
  21. Then proceed to the manufacture of hair. To do this, fold the black tape of the foam in half and cut it in the fold with thin strips.Foamiran doll: making hair
  22. The resulting stripes are collected in the tail and glued to the head.Foamiran doll: tail
  23. We complement the doll with small details, sticking a bow on the hair, shoes and dress.Foamiran doll: bows
  24. We draw a face with a usual gel pen.Foamiran doll: face
  25. A full-fledged foamiran doll is ready.Foamiran doll: finished product

Shoe doll

Necessary materials:

  • scissors;
  • heat gun;
  • 2 colors foamiran sheets;
  • buttons;
  • punch;
  • tape.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin, prepare all the details of the pattern.Foamiran dolls shoes: master class
  2. Now in detail number 2 we need to make holes for lacing.
  3. To do this, use the special hole punch and fix the hole with the buttons.
  4. Next on the blank of foam glue the item under №1.Shoes for foamiran dolls: holes for lacing
  5. In the same way, we fix part No. 2, applying glue only to the edge of the blank.
  6. Lace the sneakers with a ribbon and glue the tongue to the shoe (part No. 3).
  7. The last stage on the edge of the workpiece we glue the strips in this order: part No. 4 and 5.
  8. The last 6th item is glued on the back of the sneaker.Foamiran Doll Shoes: Sneakers
  9. Beautiful and stylish shoes for dolls ready.Foamiran dolls shoes: finished product

As you can see, working with foamiran is quite simple, and it is not difficult even for beginners. And you can keep finished works for yourself or present them as a souvenir for any holiday. This unusual gift will surprise and delight the recipient, because it will be a unique work of art of its kind.

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