Fighting moles in the garden. simple tips and ways to get

Moles can take a fancy to any dacha, digging up the well-kept beds and thus destroying the root system of the cultivated crops. Get rid of the uninvited guest - a difficult task. To solve it, most often you have to try several proven methods of extermination of pests.

How to get rid of moles: simple tips

Fighting moles in the garden

Especially a lot of moles in cottages can be found at the beginning of summer. This is due to the fact that in the forest and in the meadows, the top layer of soil is noticeably drained and the food reserves there are growing thin. And in the garden in the loose land a lot of appetizing food. That is why the moles here and migrate here.

There are many ways to get rid of these pests, but they help one summer people well, but for others they are completely useless. What are ready today to offer gardeners, craftsmen, to successfully get rid of the mole on the site?

One of the most popular and well-known methods is an iron stick stuck into the ground, at the end of which a metal can is swinging, which produces a clang when the wind blows (or, alternatively, a propeller spinner made of a plastic bottle). Some of this method helps to get rid of moles from the garden.

How to catch a mole in the garden: ways

Fighting moles in the garden

  • To catch moles and not to let them on the site can be different. Well, for example, in order for the animal not to penetrate the plot, in the spring along its entire perimeter vertically dig into the ground a fine galvanized or plastic mesh. However, the depth of its incorporation into the soil is at least 1.2 m down. This is quite a laborious process, but the result is almost one hundred percent. But in no case can one miss a shovel and accidentally damage the grid anywhere, the mole will definitely find this move and penetrate it to the site.
  • You can, of course, try to dig in something else, for example, slate or tin. But do not forget about the minimum depth: if you are not ready for such a complex work, then you should not do it with simplification. The obstacles dug at least 60-70 cm will not make any weather for you - just waste your time.
  • Inveterate fishermen came up with catching moles, like a fish - on a hook. Use for this safer three-pointed hooks tied to a heavy stick, so that the pest could not escape with it. They dig up a fresh hole, in both directions of the discovered dark tunnel is laid on a hook. A mole will definitely come here to close the open hole in the ground and hook on the hook.
  • Standard wire walkers also help well, but they must be made of durable material and placed permanently in mole tunnels.

How to make a mole repeller with your own hands?

Fighting moles in the garden

More humane methods of mole hunting are the use of special repellents. Countrymen-craftsmen invented a device with a sonorous name - Solomon's trap. It is made of tin or galvanized iron. It represents a cylinder about 40 cm long and of such a diameter that it can easily fit into any mole tunnel. At the ends of this cylinder, do the hanging doors that open only inwards, do not allow specially curved edges of the cylinder to open outwards.

Solomon's trap is carefully placed in a tunnel, covered with soil and marked for himself this place. The mole will go around its labyrinths and from either end will fall into the Solomon trap, the door will shut, and the pest will be in captivity. Then you can release the mole in the near forest or in the meadow.

Moles often prevent gardeners from growing their crops. These pests are quite tricky, so catching them is not so easy. To get rid of moles, you can use different traps and scarers. It is enough to choose a method or device that will help catch the animal without harming it. After that, the animal can be set free, without fear that he will return.

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