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You can bring positive energy to life in many ways. One of the most ancient and popular ones is to follow the rules of Feng Shui Eastern teachings. Everybody can surround themselves and their loved ones with harmonious colors and objects. It is especially important to create the most favorable atmosphere in the room for sleeping.

In order to promote a good life in feng shui bedroom, the rule of design is ensured by the predominance of positive Qi energy. Due to this, an excellent microclimate is created for relaxation, tranquility of evening reflections and morning awakenings. In such a room can fully recover physical and emotional strength.

Bedroom Feng Shui: tips on choosing color

Bedroom on Feng Shui: useful tips on choosing colors

Thinkers and healers of the East are confident that the color environment plays a crucial role in the harmony of the situation. A person needs an appropriate shade of room for rest in terms of energy, so that only positive thoughts and successful ideas are born. How to choose a bedroom color for Feng Shui? The rules are based on the close relationship of the location of the room and its color design:

  • Eastern or Southeast direction is best combined with shades of green, which symbolize the tree. It is not necessary to be limited to this color solution, it can be combined with others. The main thing is that the combinations are harmonious, contrasts are undesirable;
  • Southwest or northeast location corresponds to the elements of the Earth. Preferred shades of brown, ocher, sand;
  • the southern direction is connected with the element of Fire. For such a bedroom, orange and red tones are suitable, which contribute to the strengthening of the matrimonial bonds, do not allow relations to cool;
  • The northern location is closest to the element of Water. Suitable shades of blue, blue;
  • the western and northwestern disposition is energetically combined with white, gray, silver tones.

rulesfurniture arrangements

Feng Shui Bedroom: furniture placement rules

The most important thing is to determine a favorable location for the bed. This item plays the main role in the room: like a fairytale ship, it takes a person into a sea of ​​magical dreams. Therefore, we must take care that no energy “storm” does not disturb the peace and balance.

Do not put a bed in front of the entrance. It is advised to mentally draw a line between the door and the opposite wall to avoid positioning the bed on this straight line. On the segment that connects the entrance to the room and the wall opposite, rather rigid energy is concentrated. Sleeping in such a place is not very pleasant, there is no sense of security, peace of mind. The bed is best to remove from the entrance and the specified line.

It is desirable that free space is maintained for access to the marital bed on both sides. Opposite to this furniture it is impossible to put mirrors or cabinets with mirror doors. How to choose the most favorable location of the bloomer on Feng Shui can be seen on the numerous internet sites.

If possible, in the bedroom reduce the number of sharp corners. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the corners of the bedside tables and tables are not aimed at people who are lying on the bed. The cabinet can be placed next to the bed. It is desirable that its coating was matte.

Over the head of the resting person should not be mounted furniture. Such objects create energy pressure that can provoke headaches.

Useful supplements for rest and pacification

Useful additions

The weather in the house is created not only by the main elements (interior decoration, furniture), but also by decorative additions. The practice of feng shui determined that the mirrors in the room to sleep is not the place. This limitation is explained by the fact that they are very sensitive to energy flows and reflect everything that happens. Even dreams, during which a person gets rid of negativity. Here are some more accessory requirements:
  • Most types of flowers in the bedroom on Feng Shui is undesirable. You can put 1-2 plants in the room that will purify the air. But not next to the bed! Chlorophytum, spathiphyllum, begonia, geranium, sansevieria are allowed in the bedroom;
  • Pictures should not depict violent elemental phenomena, strong emotions, dynamic mechanisms. More appropriate are calm, idyllic landscapes;
  • Chinese Feng Shui teaching pays considerable attention to light sources. Do not save on the chandelier for the bedroom. Such an object should look noble, well illuminated. Thanks to this, it is possible to attract wealth to the house.

Making the bedroom according to the rules of Feng Shui is designed to increase the positive energy in the house and relationships. To achieve a good result, you need to determine the appropriate color, reasonably arrange the furniture and pick up harmonious additions to the interior. Performing the actions prescribed by the ancient Chinese teachings will help create and preserve an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rest.

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