Fat woman

The money tree, or in the scientific way, is known and loved by many, not only professional growers, but also amateurs. For professionals, it deserves love for its docile nature and simple care for it.

It is because of the unusual shape of the leaves, which look like coins, the tree received the name monetary. According to Feng Shui, this tree can significantly improve the financial situation of the owners, if it is put correctly: in a well-lit place on the south or southeast window. In his fleshy little leaves and accumulates the energy of wealth, but be sure for the bastard should be good care.

The fat woman cleans the atmosphere of housing, helping to remove the accumulated negative charge from the material shortage. But in order to take advantage of this gift of nature, it is necessary to grow a fat woman from a process, and not to buy ready-made, and provide herproper care at home.

Types of fatty

The most common type of money tree is a jumbo treelike, money tree or cotyledon treelike. In addition to the tree, the money-tree, the money-tree, or oval, is also called the money tree.

The fat woman: care at home

The color of the leaves of the bastard is very diverse: and silver, and green, and dark green, with a reddish border and a shiny surface. Each of these species in the home grows up to 2 m in height.

The basic rules for the care of jerky home

  • Watering a jerk in the summer should be 2-3 times a week, when the soil dries out. During the period of active growth can not be overwetted.
  • During the rest period, the earth should remain dry. It is enough to water a flower once in 2 months.
  • Leaves should be wiped from dust and air the room more often. Spraying a flower is not necessary, moisture is not as important for the bastard as for other plants.
  • Money Tree loves natural temperature fluctuations. In the summer it is 220C, and in winter, the tree needs cool 110C, you can even up to 6 ° C.
  • The fat woman loves light very much. If the room is not bright, then the flower does not need to be put further than the window sill. But direct sunlight is needed in small quantities, so the flower is better to priteen, otherwise it will burn.
  • During the growth period, bearberry is fed 2 times a month. Perfectly suitable fertilizer for cactus or humisol.
  • The rest period for a fat woman is the period from September to February. At this time, the jerky should be placed in a cool place and almost no water.
  • In the summer, it requires fresh air and warmth.

Growing chicken bag at home

  • If the jade suddenly throws off the leaves in the summer, it means that the water used for watering was very cold or, on the contrary, the flower did not have enough moisture.
  • In winter, leaves may wither or fade due to lack of moisture. But because of the excess moisture, they lose their luster, begin to frown and darken. Damaged leaves should be immediately removed, reduced or increased watering.
  • A lack of moisture can also trigger dry spots on the leaves.
  • Brown soft spots indicate the need for frequent airing and treatment with an anti-fungal agent.
  • If rot occurs at the base of the stem with healthy roots, it is necessary to cut off all the rotten parts. Root rot is very dangerous for the money tree. After all the parts have been cut, you need to transfer the fatty pot to a clean pot with a new soil. Another cardinal way is to cut off the top and start growing the money tree again.
  • The ugly long stem arises from a lack of light and winter overmoistening.
  • When pests appear, it is enough to provide generally accepted control measures with a certain type of them. Special conditions of the struggle is not necessary to comply.

Propagation and planting

  • The fat woman is propagated by leaf cuttings or processes. In order for it to be well rooted, put it in water until the roots appear. The earth mixture for the money tree should consist of leaf and sod land, sand with a neutral and slightly acid reaction. It is also better to add brick chips, humus, clay, ash. Create a good drainage. Universal soil can also be suitable for transplantation, fatty meat is not too whimsical.

Growing chicken bag at home

  • Place a coin down before planting. Choose a well-lit place for a flower.
  • Transplantation is done every 3 years, depending on the growth of the fatty, choosing a capacity larger than the former.
  • The fat woman has a weak root system, so when replanting a flower, choose a pot that is rather deep, spacious and heavy, commensurate with the size of the plant.
  • Fat meat is usually transplanted in the spring, and breeding occurs in spring and summer. During the period of active growth requires regular feeding.
  • To make the money tree take root faster, cover the sapling with a disposable cup, but be sure to ventilate the tree every day. As soon as the fat man grows up, it needs to be transplanted. This is best done in the spring, when the hibernation period ends.

You can find the detailed steps of transplanting a bastard in the article How to Transplant a Money Tree ?.

How to grow a money tree?

In order to form a follicle from a fat woman, it is necessary to remove the lateral processes until the tree becomes the desired height. The bare trunk should be 15 cm high, and the plant 30 cm. After you need to pinch off the top, then the fat man will shoot side shoots and begin to branch the crown. Rotate the pot periodically so that the bruise develops evenly, and does not lean only in one direction. The fat woman looks very beautiful in flower arrangements, special slides, indoor flower beds for offices, framed by artificial ponds and waterfalls.

This is a plant that came to us from distant Madagascar. In the care it is very unpretentious and does not require undue attention to itself. If you want to improve the energy of the house and improve the financial situation, then you should definitely grow a money tree.

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