Fast growing grevillea

A very interesting name for indoor plants, is not it?

Grevillea is a shrub or tree plant, which is distinguished by quite fast growth and development.

The homeland of Grevillea is considered the territory of the Australian continent, as well as the islands of New Guinea.

This foreign vegetable representative very well got accustomed to us in our apartments and houses, decorating them with his presence. Grevillea is not too expensive, easy to breed, care, well take root in a new place and quickly take root.

The entire genus Grevillea has many species of plants. Scientists distinguish at least two hundred species groups.

Fast growing grevillea

The genus adopted its name from the surname of an English biologist who actively studied vegetation - Charles Greville.

But to make a choice in favor of Greville, it is important not only to know all of the above, but also to have an idea of ​​what the plant looks like.

The appearance of Grevillea

So, we have already decided that Grevillea is represented by shrubs or small trees. The foliage on it is very similar to fern plants. It is all completely laced, and the lower part of the sheet plate at first glance looks like silk and very soft to the touch. The fact is that the bottom of the sheet of Grevillea is covered with a small, barely noticeable down. Such a small pile and provides our understanding of the appearance of the foliage.

As for the flowers of Grevillea, they are not arranged singly, but are assembled in brushes. The color of the petals is always the same - orange. Although sometimes there are exceptions to the general rule.

Grevillea has a very powerful root system.

Use grevillea

Grevillea is an inexpensive, easy-to-care houseplant that can be perfectly combined with other plant specimens.

As a rule, only one type of Grevillea is grown at home - powerful Grevillea. In a year, this plant will reach a height of thirty centimeters, and in four to five years it will grow to the ceiling.

In addition, the culture we are considering feels great in a well-sanctified, drafted, slightly cool room, so that we have all the conditions for growing Grevillea in apartments and houses.

Planting grevillea

For landing it is best to choose a spacious container. You can use large and wide vases or decorative boxes. Rapid growth causes an urgent need for space.

For the plant to grow even faster, it will be enough to cut the tops of the longest branches of grevillea.

Fast growing grevillea

Small capacity containers are also suitable for planting, but then you will have to repot the plant every year during the three summer period.

Regarding the most important in the whole process of planting - the choice of soil, you should remember about the need to provide Grevillea with all the beneficial substances that a highly fertile soil layer can give.

Prepare the soil mixture in this way: take sod land, humus, peat, carefully sifted sand and leaf soil. All components must be in equal proportion. Mix everything well, here's the soil for planting grevillea.

Planting is possible with the help of seeds or grafting. And in this and in another case, unlike other indoor plants Grevillea will give quick results on germination and growth.

It is a pity, however, but as a rule, the flowering of grevillea in an apartment or house is not possible. It blooms only in its natural habitat.

After planting, grevillea is recommended to water abundantly.

Grevillea Care

  • Create your pet a decent temperature, which can vary only in the region plus nineteen plus twenty-five degrees.
  • Requires good watering of the settled and slightly heated in natural conditions of water.
  • Watering is carried out when the upper soil layer tells you such a need, that is, it will be quite dry.
  • It is desirable that the water for irrigation was soft.
  • The plant is especially abundantly watered from late spring to September, early October. After this period, a sharp decrease in the amount of water entering the tubs with the plant begins, because in winter, the Grevilleée needs rest.
  • After all, such a domesticated culture as Grevillea in natural, natural habitat received moisture not only from the soil, but also from the air, respectively, you need to make some efforts to provide the necessary level of humidity of the air masses.
  • Spraying, which should be carried out as often as possible - this is one way to humidify the air. Another is that you have close to the landings, tanks with water. You can even put the pots with grevillea in basins with water. Then you do not need to carry out abundant watering and the humidity of the air will be sufficient.

Fast growing grevillea

  • In the summer hot days, you can make landing on the balcony in order to warm in the sun and airing. Best of all, when the balcony is glazed and only a few windows are ajar.
  • Grevilleé need regular pruning. It stimulates the growth and development of the plant. Grevillea will expand to the sides, which looks more profitable than thin bushes, elongated in height. And without trimming grevillea very quickly stretched.
  • Think about the fact that your plantings need additional feeding. For this, complex mineral fertilizer is the best fit. It is added to water for irrigation or mixed with topsoil. It is best, of course, to use soluble fertilizer that is absorbed faster by the root system of grevillea.
  • Fertilizers apply twice a month. Such procedures should capture a period of three incomplete seasons: from mid-spring to late October.
  • Keep track of the general condition of your plant.
  • Every year it will not be superfluous to sprinkle a little on the soil substrate.

Now that you have a general idea of ​​the appearance, as well as the requirements for planting and caring for grevillea, it will be possible to grow a completely healthy and beautiful plant.

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