Do-it-yourself laptop bag

Nowadays, many of us have laptops. But the laptop requires certain accessories, and one of them is a bag that provides the convenience of its movement and, most importantly, safety. Sometimes it is difficult to find a laptop bag that can highlight your style. But you can make such a bag with your own hands and, decorating it with various accessories, get an exclusive thing that no one else will have.

Bags for your own laptop. Where to begin?

  1. At the very beginning, determine model of the bag you want to receive. Draw the bag full size.
  2. Choose a thick material for the bag, and you can use soft fabrics for decorations.
  3. Determine color of the future bag and choose the fabric of the desired color.
  4. Pick up jewelry for bags. It can be beads, and ribbons, and bows, and applications, and rhinestones or embroidery threads. Do not forget to choose accessories in the form of straps, fasteners, rings and chains.
  5. The threads for the bag, choose durable, high-quality and synthetic.

The steps for making a laptop bag

  1. According to the ready-made drawings from the selected fabric, reveal the details of the bag: the bottom of the bag, the handles, the pockets and the side parts.
  2. Leave seam allowances.
  3. Patterns need to be duplicated on the lining of the special fabric that will be inside the bag.
  4. Then it is necessary to sew with double seam all finished parts together on the seamy side.
  5. Stitch the lining and the front side of the bag together.
  6. To make handles for bags, take pre-cut strips of fabric or ready-made chains / straps.

Leather laptop bag do it yourself

In order to make a bag of leather, you will need leather, thread, flizelin, beads, rhinestones, beads. You can take the skin from the boot of your boots, old jacket or pants.

  1. Cut 2 identical squares out of leather and flizelin.
  2. On the squares make a circle for pens. After put the squares together. In this case, interlining should be inside, and the skin - outside.
  3. Baste the edges of the squares with a thread, then sew them on a typewriter.
  4. Place where the circle is cut until you sew it. The edges of the circle just obshite.
  5. Cut a circle on the fabric and sew on a typewriter. Sew a rivet or zipper.
  6. After that you can decorate your handbag. To carry the bag on your shoulder, sew a long strap to it. Decorate the bag with buttons, rivets and rhinestones or sew a pattern using beads and beads.

A few tips on making a laptop bag

  1. Cut out the details for the bag better iron or steam. Then it will be better to work with them, the details will better keep their shape.
  2. Handles for bags can be made of bamboo rings, woven braids, thick cord.
  3. The width of the handle must be at least 8 cm.
  4. You can make flowers from pieces of leather, and decorate with them a handbag, gluing or sewing.
  5. Measure your laptop so that the finished bag fits it.

Sports style laptop bag do it yourself

For those who love sports style, you can make a bag of jeans. To make it, take jeans, various decorations such as ribbons, beads, buckles, patches and beads.

  1. Jeans spread on the middle and stepping seam. Cut the jeans, leaving pockets. Turn them inside out, then sweep and sew the seam - the bottom of the bag.
  2. On the front side, make another decorative look of the seam.
  3. On the bottom and sides make additional details.
  4. Now sew together the sides. All seams should be on the front side. Threads can razlohmatit needle.
  5. From the remaining denim, reveal the details for the handle, determining the length and width of the handle you need. After that, knobs tailor. To do this, fold the part in three layers, making a seam along the entire length 1.5 cm from the edge. You can sew a handle to opposite sides of the bag or make two handles.
  6. The edges of the bag can be loosened with a needle to make a fringe. Do not forget to decorate the bag with remnants of jeans, ribbons, beads or chains.

Handmade laptop bag - as a gift for man

One of the original gifts for your loved one can be a laptop bag made by your hands.. This bag must be framed in business style and men's colors.

  1. First, select the fabric for the purl and front side of the future bag. For the front side of the bag will fit a dense upholstery fabric, thin leather, suede of any noble color. Do not forget the oblique inlay and sinteponte, which will protect the laptop from impact.
  2. In the form of a fastener, use buttons, buttons or tape-Velcro.
  3. Measure your laptop to determine the size of the bag, then make the pattern bag. Make 2 rectangular patterns, the first pattern should be 10 cm wide. Leave 1.5 cm for the seams. Cut 2 sides of the bag out of the lining, face material and padding.
  4. Fold the sides of the sandwich inside the wrong side, and add a vinyl or waterproof film.
  5. Stitch the resulting halves from the edge at a distance of 0.5 cm. After stitch any pattern, if you want to decorate the bag with a pattern.
  6. As a good addition, sew a pocket for your man’s mobile phone pocket on the inside. After this process the short edge of the smaller part of the bake.
  7. Overlay the parts of the bag so that the lining side is inside, and where the backing is sewn, there is a closing valve.
  8. Handle the edges of the bag on oblique round the piping. At the end, sew a sticky tape on the flap, and the second part of the sticky tape on the base of the envelope, measuring the desired distance.
  9. For a change, you can use large buttons with overhead hinges or stylish buttons instead of velcro.

Hand-made things have always been considered designer and special. And a laptop bag will not be an exception here, on the contrary, here you can show all your taste. To make a laptop bag, you need a few details and a little patience. You can emphasize your style and originality using various decorations, of which there is a great variety. There are no restrictions for your imagination.

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