Do dogs cut their claws

Every dog ​​owner is faced with the problem of cutting the animal's regrown claws. This hygienic procedure is very unpleasant for the pet and is responsible for the owner. And, to make it as comfortable as possible for both parties, you need to strictly follow the recommendations suggesting how to cut the dog's claws.

Why do you need time to cut the claws?

Veterinarians still have not reached a consensus on the best way to groom dogs

Veterinarians still have not come to a common opinion about the optimal method of grooming claws to dogs. Disagreements concern the question of whether it is worth trying to do it yourself or to give to the specialists-doctors. But they agree on whether dogs are sheared for claws or this is overkill. Experts say: dog manicure (and pedicure) - to be! In favor of this procedure, they cite a number of arguments:

  • long claws can cause bloody scratching on the dog's body;
  • the untrimmed stratum corneum begins to grow into the paws and provokes wounds into which the infection easily falls (it is worth considering that the animal may enter into a mud or puddle);
  • It is very inconvenient for a pet to move on its paws with long claws. Therefore, he begins problems with the skeleton, in particular, with the spine (rheumatism can also be a consequence of unshorn claws);
  • untidy paws are a frequent cause of injuries to the owners (especially if there are young children in the house who cannot deny themselves the pleasure of cuddling their four-legged friend).

Features of the structure of the dog's claw

Dog claws are very different from the human stratum corneum. The fact is that the animal has a hollow claw and contains pulp in it - a kind of bag with a blood vessel and nerve endings. The region of the claw in which this very pulp is located is quite far from the tip of the claw. And yet it can be easily damaged if the animal does not tolerate the procedure and twitches, as well as in the absence of the necessary skills and accessories for manicure.

Tools for proper nail clipping

To figure out how to cut the claws of a dog, you should start by choosing the right tool.

To figure out how to cut the claws of a dog, you should start by choosing the right tool. You can buy it at any specialized pet store.

  • special scissors (they are 2 types - a claw cutter of the usual form and a guillotine. The choice depends on which one is more convenient for you to work with);
  • nail file for claws (it allows you to level the claw after cutting, so that uneven edges do not provoke injuries to the paws);
  • disinfectant (alcohol or vodka);
  • hemostatic agent (powder or regular flour in case the pulp is injured during cutting).

Claw clipping technique

It is believed that trimming the claws of a dog is more difficult than an infant. This is exaggerated, but certainly close to the truth. To make the animal easier to transfer the procedure, it is better to conduct a manicure session after the bath. The dog will be relaxed, and the claws - steamed and softened. And it is recommended to do this once a month, preferably in the evening, so that possible microtraumas could be prolonged during the night.

It is believed that trimming the claws of a dog is more difficult than an infant

  1. We sit down with a pet on a comfortable sofa (it is important that both of you were comfortable).
  2. We stock up a treat (in the process of cutting will have to periodically take breaks and treats as well).
  3. We embrace the animal gently, but firmly, take the forepaw in the hand and inspect the claws. If they are still white, that is, the dog is young, then they can clearly see a dark area - the pulp. If the claws are already dark, you will have to cut them in pieces.
  4. Cut the hair between the fingers so that it does not interfere with the procedure.
  5. Carefully cut the claw and immediately gash.
  6. After all claws on one paw are cut, we lubricate it with alcohol.
  7. We process the second front paw.
  8. We take a short break and proceed to the hind limbs using the same algorithm.

If when cutting the claws bleeding began, the paw is treated with disinfectant and powder, and the further procedure is postponed for a more appropriate time. The animal must recover from stress. And be sure to pay attention to the accessory finger. This claw does not grind in a natural way, so its trimming should be more frequent than the rest of the manicure.

What if the dog does not give to cut the claws?

Often dog breeders face the fact that the pet flatly refuses to shear claws

Often dog breeders face the fact that the pet flatly refuses to shear its claws. This is due to the fact that the animal was not accustomed to the procedure in time. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to start teaching your pet to a regular manicure from the first days. Veterinarians recommend the following steps:

  1. We often take the paws of the dog into our own hands - this is how we show that we have the right to touch them.
  2. Touch the foot with a scissors for cutting the claws. Be sure to treat the animal something delicious.
  3. For some time we alternate the previous steps. Do not forget about the praise and delicacies!
  4. We try to cut 1 claw. Encourage your pet.
  5. After some time, we cut off 2 claws - and so on until we can cope with all the paws.

Experienced breeders know that the question of how to cut a dog's claws is one of the most difficult in caring for a pet. And, nevertheless, caring owners successfully learn to make a neat manicure for pets, using the recommendations of veterinarians. The most important thing is to be patient and not to frighten the dog, but to get used to the regular, albeit unpleasant, procedure in a timely manner.

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