Diy headboard

A bedroom is a personal space in which a person should be free from worries, thoughts about work and other problems. And, of course, the main place in this room is the bed. But if she does not have a headboard, the piece of furniture does not look complete. Therefore, many people begin to wonder - how to make the head of the bed, if it is not provided by the model initially?

How to make a headboard with your own hands?

For the manufacture of the simplest head of the bed will need a bar and flat pillows. The rod (you can take the eaves instead) must be attached at the desired height, thereby defining the edge of the headboard.

DIY headboard

It is necessary to sew beautiful and at the same time strong loops to pillowcases from pillows. Note that they will be visible.

Now with the help of loops should be attached to the bottom of the pillow. Small and not heavy pillows can be hung without support, but overall can fall on the bed.

You can make a headboard using another method.

Take a chipboard sheet of the right size, the headboard made using this technology will look beautiful, a little beyond the bed itself.

Chipboard can be painted in a bright color and varnished on top, then stretch fabric on it and embroider a pattern or make an appliqué from pieces of fabric. By the way, this headboard can be decorated with children, it will be very fun and interesting!

Now the headboard must be hung in a pre-selected place.

It is possible to decorate a headboard of a bed in many ways, for example by means of a tape of furniture nails. It is recommended to apply them on a soft surface. To begin with, a furniture stapler should break through the line, as if plotting the outline of the drawing. It can be an intricate pattern or a simple flower. And after drawing you need to decorate with furniture nails.

The only limitation in the design of the head of the bed is to avoid convex and bulky elements and beads: they tend to crumble and interfere, and will also cling to the hair.

ElegantCare Screed

The carriage fastener is one of the ways to make the head of the bed with your own hands; you get a view of the upholstery of furniture. The total cost of all materials is small.

DIY headboard

For the manufacture will need:

  1. Furniture shield made of pine of the desired size;
  2. Foam rubber 50 mm thick;
  3. Sintepon;
  4. Fabric for furniture (suede looks good or its substitute);
  5. Buttons - 62 pcs .;
  6. Thin rope (it should go through the eye of the needle);
  7. All-purpose adhesive;
  8. Large and small scissors;
  9. Crochet hook;
  10. Stapler for furniture for thickened staples 8 mm;
  11. The tube is made of metal, its diameter must match the size of the buttons, or it may be slightly larger;
  12. Drill and drills for concrete and wood with a diameter of 8 mm;
  13. Hammer, dowels, screws slightly thicker than the thickness of the shield;
  14. Marker or wax pencil, tape measure;
  15. Wall mounting.


  • The first step is to cut the foam to the size of the furniture board.
  • On foam rubber it is necessary to outline the location of the buttons in 3 rows. This should be done in a checkerboard pattern every 15 cm, and from the top you need to retreat 10 cm.
  • Heat the metal pipe over the gas burner for 4-5 minutes, then you need to pierce the foam rubber with it in 2-3 places, and then heat it again, but within 15 seconds. When the tube is heated, acrid smoke is generated, so you must always turn on the hood or open the window! Under the foam rubber in the puncture sites it is necessary to enclose the board.
  • Now you need to put the foam on a shield and with the help of a pencil or marker, mark the places for drilling holes, and then drill directly.
  • It is necessary to put glue on the shield not with a thick layer and to glue foam rubber to it, but to lay a synthetic winterizer on top, and with a margin of 1-2 cm on each side.
  • The fabric is laid over the synthetic winterizer, it is advisable to make a stock of 10 cm on each side and, turning the embroidery, fasten the fabric with a furniture stapler on both sides every 5 cm.
  • It's time to fasten buttons. They can be covered with the same fabric beforehand. Next from the back of the shield you need to push the crochet hook. Then grope it in front and pierce the holes with small scissors, the location of which should be controlled with a ruler according to a pre-selected pattern of holes. Now you need to hook a hook with a rope with a button, which should be knotted with a ring and then stretch. And then stretch the knot on the back of the board. Then the rope should be tightly tensioned and attached with a zigzag stapler.
  • After the buttons, you need to fasten both sides of the fabric and attach the wall fasteners with screws to the back of the headboard. Then you just need to hang the headboard on the wall.
  • That's it, the carriage headband is ready!

You can create a soft headboard for your bed not only in this way. The version of decorative pillows will look very original, they can be hung out even in the form of an ornament or checkerboard pattern, for the latter method you should take pillows of 2 colors. You can also simply cover the usual wooden headboard with a large piece of fabric, and tie it in front with a beautiful bow.

Photos of original options

DIY headboard

DIY headboard

DIY headboard

DIY headboard

DIY headboard

It seems that making the head of the bed yourself, in any way, is hard work, if not to say - impossible for a person who has not tried anything like this before. But this is only at first glance, the main thing is to choose the right materials and follow the instructions.

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