Diy candles

DIY candles are an unusual and stylish gift. Making candles is not at all difficult, but interesting. You can not only please your relatives and friends, but also diversify the interior of your apartment. To create candles, you can use various decorative elements, creating an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and comfort.

How to make a candle with your own hands?

DIY candles: master class

You will need:

  1. Wax, paraffin or finished candle;
  2. Thick cotton thread;
  3. Cookware for melting material;
  4. Shape;
  5. Screw or screw;
  6. Dye;
  7. Toothpick;
  8. Dishwashing liquid;
  9. Glue;
  10. Decorative items.

Instructions for making candles with your own hands:

  • If you decide to make your candle from ready-made, put them for a while in hot water. When the candles are soft, cut them with a knife and remove the wick. Cut the material into small pieces and place in a water bath. Wait until the mass is completely melted. Do not forget to stir.
  • Take the mold in which you will make the candle, lubricate it with dishwashing liquid. This will help you to easily get a souvenir when it is fully ready.
  • If you are making a candle from paraffin, it is necessary to heat the mold before pouring. So that it does not cool until paraffin melts, wrap it in a terry towel and clean in a warm place.
  • Fix the thick cotton thread in the mold using a screw or a small screw. Tie a load to one end, a toothpick to the other. Try to position the wick exactly in the center of the form.
  • Add a dye of any color to a melted candle or paraffin. Special crayons for candles, blue, turmeric, or food coloring can make the paint.
  • Gently pour the mass into the mold, trying to distribute it evenly. Note that when cooling, paraffin wax may form a depression in the middle, so leave some material for topping up. Allow the candle to cool completely. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. When the product has cooled completely, pull the wick to remove it from the mold. If not, put it in the fridge or in hot water.
  • After the candle is ready, decorate it with decorative elements. For these purposes, suitable seashells, beads, sequins, glitter, beads, flowers, ribbons, figurines, etc. Attach jewelry can be with glue.

How to make scented candles with your own hands?

Scented candles create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in the house, and their smell can soothe or encourage, create a romantic mood.

How to make scented candles with your own hands?

To make an aromatic candle, you will need:

  1. Paraffin candle;
  2. Capacity;
  3. The form;
  4. Wick;
  5. Flavors (essential oils, dried flowers or herbs, fragrant resin pieces, fragrant spices, etc.)

Instructions for making candles with your own hands:

  • Put a paraffin candle in hot water to soften it. After, break it into small pieces, remove the wick and melt in a water bath.
  • Add to the paraffin aromatic components that you like. Secure the wick in the mold exactly in the middle using a load. Pour paraffin into the mold. To make the material freeze faster, place the product in cold water.
  • If a dimple appears in the paraffin candle, fill it with the remaining paraffin and wait until it is completely dry. Remove the finished crafts from the molds and decorate with decorative elements.

DIY carved candles

For making carved candles, you will need paraffin blanks with a long wick. The blanks can be of any shape, but the most beautiful are carved candles from six-pointed.

Mix hot paraffin in containers with various colorants. It is better to have 15 - 20 multi-colored containers.

Take the blank and start dipping it into containers with colored paraffin. After each new color, dip the billet in cold water for a few seconds. Somewhere on the 10th approach, make a recess in the corners of the blank so that it does not become round at the base by the end of the staining.

DIY carved candles

When the last time you dip the workpiece, proceed to the implementation of carved patterns. You have only 15 minutes until the candle hardens. With a sharp and thin knife, make cuts and bend the ends, forming a pattern. Cuts can be twisted in different directions.

When the candle is fully prepared, cut a circular groove around the wick and remove some paraffin. It is necessary that the candle, while burning, does not flow down, but burns out inside.

To fix the carved patterns, the finished product can be dipped in acrylic lacquer.

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How to decorate candles with your own hands?

Many are interested in the question - how to decorate candles with their own hands. For this, you can use curly shapes for pouring - this will give the candles individuality. Glass coasters are a great item to decorate.

Special stickers are ideal for decoration or you can use decoupage technique. After that, it is necessary to cover the candle with acrylic varnish.

Handmade candles can be decorated with dried fruits, dry leaves and flowers, sprigs, wooden figures, rhinestones, shells, cinnamon, coffee, seeds, etc. In this case, the jewelry is inserted into slightly melted paraffin or wax. You can use a special glue.

If you draw well, buy special paints or markers at the store. You can paint anything on the finished candle: landscape, animals, flowers, portrait and many others.

DIY candles are a great gift for any occasion. As an ornament you can use any elements, creating truly exclusive souvenirs. Learn to make candles with your own hands and give warmth to your friends and relatives!

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