When you form beds in the territory near the house or office, then you probably want to create a unique design. Would you mind to see snow drifts on your site in the middle of a warm June? Land on the lawns deytionu, planting and care for which is completely simple. And a luxurious East Asian shrub will take care of the original look of your garden as a sign of gratitude.

History and modernity

Homeland deytsii are countries of the Far East

Homeland deytii are the countries of the Far East. She came to Russia in the first half of the XIX century, when the royal gardeners carefully selected overseas planting materials to decorate the royal gardens and lawns. A little later, the seeds of deutzia, which were successfully grown on the basis of the Moscow Botanical Garden, were also brought. The plant has gained great popularity.

Deytsiya - high sprawling shrub with large oval leaves with teeth on the ends. The height of the plant can reach 2-2.5 m. Due to the cold winters in the European part of Russia, only a few species of deuterium have caught on. The shrub is very afraid of the cold and easily freezes. In the best way tolerates the Russian winter, the action is rough, the landing and care of which is quite capable of even for beginners.

In June, the time of flowering begins. Tiny white and pink and white flowers with a delicate aroma cover all the branches of the plant, making it look like a huge snow globe. Aesthetic appeal and the ability to combine with others, including evergreen, gifts of nature, made the action one of the favorite plants of modern landscape designers.

Deytsiya: landing and reproduction

Shrub propagated by cuttings and layering from the root

Shrub propagated by cuttings and layering from the root. Saplings can be purchased at any landscape design store, and a year after full rooting of the action, it is possible to cut it yourself.

Landing and caring for action in the Moscow region and other areas with a similar climate begin with the end of the threat of sudden night frost - in May or June. But keep in mind that in the first summer after finding a new place of residence, the plant will not give flowers. It is recommended to carry out the autumn planting of the deuterium and the initial care in the open field in such a way that the shrub is sufficiently ingrained before the cold snap begins.

Deytsiya remarkably relates to fertile land, but it grows well on clay and sandy soils. When planting, add sand (not less than 0.5 m in depth), a small amount of superphosphate or other mineral fertilizers based on nitrogen and phosphorus, 200-300 g of hydrated lime, and some ash to the well. This will ensure adequate nutrition and quick rooting of the plant. Loosen the ground thoroughly to ensure oxygen supply and good transportation of nutrients.

The place must be sunny, well lit and windless. Shrubs are recommended to be placed at a distance of 1.5-2 m from each other.

Care features

Shrub likes moderate watering

Shrub loves moderate watering. Too dry land causes drying of young branches and a decrease in the intensity of flowering. Abundant watering is harmful to the root. To leave in the climate of the Moscow region, it is enough to “water” the plant 1 or 2 times a week. After this procedure and rain the ground must be loosened.

Caring for action is the use of spring dressings, trimming and shelter for the winter period.

  • It is necessary to suspend fertilization before the formation of colors. If the plant continues to feed, the flowering period will be delayed until the autumn, and the action will not have time to prepare for wintering and will suffer from cold weather.
  • After flowering and in early spring, the dried or frozen branches should be cut. Make it better with a pruner, cutting off dead wood and 3-5 cm of a healthy branch.
  • Before the onset of the autumn cold snap, when the night temperature drops below 0 degrees, the action needs to be covered. This will help her survive the cold winter time. Take any covering material, after cutting, tie the branches and cover the shrub. To the ground you can flatten with the help of bricks or a sheet of slate. If in the spring you find that all the branches of the deuterium have been frozen out, then do not rush to dig and throw away the plant. Feed it and cut to the ground level - new branches will go from the root.

Deytsia well perceives transplant. If this is necessary, dig out the bush after flowering, remove old roots and plant it in a new place. In the process of transplanting it is desirable to make additional feeding. If the bush has grown much, then with the "relocation" the root system can be divided into several parts and planted in different places.

Planting deeds and caring for shrubs are not as complicated as it may seem when looking at this amazing overseas guest. Find a place in your flower bed for this amazingly beautiful plant, and it will annually delight you with luxurious and original June flowering.

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