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Unfortunately, our four-legged pets are not insured against infectious diseases. One of the most common pathologies is lichen. This fungal infection can also be transmitted to the host. Let's talk about how to recognize a cat's versicolor. Home treatment of this pathology can be carried out effectively and inexpensively.

How to treat cat's nose?

With the advent of the four-legged pet in the house, we get not only positive emotions, but also a number of problems. The cat is not insured against the defeat of various infections, so the owner must periodically visit with his pet veterinarian and give him the appropriate vaccination.

How to recognize a lichen?

How to treat cat feline cat

The most common infectious disease in felines is ringworm. This infection is transmitted through contact with infected objects or sick animals. The causative agents of lichen veterinarians consider fungal microorganisms - the so-called dermatophytes.

This pathology is very insidious, since it is characterized by a long incubation period. Symptoms of the disease may not appear for several weeks or even 2-3 months. A cat that is constantly in the house without contact with street animals and objects can become infected with such a disease. The owner can carry the infection even on the sole of his shoes.

With a disease in a four-legged pet, spots appear on the body, on which the coat ceases to grow. At first, these spots can be almost imperceptible, especially among long-haired felines. Then this pathology becomes pronounced and specific.

Ringworm affects the ears, paws, body and face of the animal. Reddish spots appear on the skin that cannot be confused with another pathology. With the onset of primary symptoms, the cat must be shown to the veterinarian so that he prescribes a comprehensive treatment. Deprive of yourself is extremely rare. It is imperative to treat such a disease in a pet, since the cat is not only a carrier of infectious microorganisms, but also becomes very dangerous for the owner. People are also not immune to the disease of ringworm.

Most often, ringworm cats suffer in such cases:

  • small animals at the age of 3-4 months;
  • artificially bred feline breeds that do not have natural immunity to such infectious pathologies;
  • cats with weakened immune defenses;
  • pets who spend time outside or are in contact with sick animals.

Veterinarians believe that rodents are also carriers of fungal microorganisms, so a cat that loves to spend time catching mice is at risk.

How to treat a pet?

How to treat lichen cat

If you find depriving your pet of a four-legged pet symptomatology, you should definitely go to a veterinary clinic. After examining the clinical picture and examining the animal, the doctor will be able to prescribe a comprehensive treatment using antibiotic and antiseptic drugs. Visit the vet is required if you keep a pedigree at home. All cats have different immunity, so certain breeds may not be suitable for certain breeds.

Previously, ringworm diagnosis for cats was becoming a verdict, and veterinarians only advised to put the animal to sleep. To date, this disease is treatable. It can be cured at home using such drugs:

  • Miconazole;
  • Itraconazole;
  • Prizeovulfin;
  • Tiabendazole;
  • Terbinafin.

The duration and dosage of such drugs should be prescribed only by a veterinarian. As practice shows, before using external ointments, the place of growth depriving should be pre-cut from the coat and lubricated directly to the skin.

Features of ringworm treatment

When you begin to treat cat litter on your own, be sure to follow basic hygiene rules. Scissors or razors used for cutting wool should be thrown away or thoroughly disinfected, as fungal spores can multiply on these objects.

Do not forget that depriving a four-legged pet should be complex and include the following aspects:

  • Mandatory treatment of the affected skin with antiseptic agents, for example, chlorhexidine solution. The same antiseptic is recommended to handle all surfaces with which the sick animal was in contact.
  • At the time of treatment, and it may take about one month, the pet should be isolated from family members and other animals.
  • Wool, growing near the affected areas of the skin, you need to completely shave.
  • As the wounds heal, a kind of crust will appear on the skin that must be eliminated. To soften it, the animal's skin area must be pre-treated with warm water and soap.
  • Twice a day, treat the affected areas of the skin with a special antifungal ointment, gel or spray.
  • Do not allow the cat on the sofa or other sleeping places, to exclude the possibility of infection of family members deprive.
  • Be sure to go through the vaccination procedure. Veterinarians are advised to use vaccine for vaccination "Vacterm".

How to treat ringworm in cats

Doctors do not advise to lubricate the affected skin with iodine solution or brilliant green, as this can only aggravate the disease and delay the treatment process. In addition, you will hurt your pet. Veterinarians recommend at home to treat the place of growth depriving pharmacy sulfuric ointment. She is very good at fungal infections.

If the ringworm disease begins to develop rapidly and the above methods do not help to cope with the disease, be sure to contact a veterinary clinic. Most likely, the specialist will prescribe a comprehensive treatment that combines local therapy and taking antibiotic or antifungal drugs inside. At the time of treatment should review the cat's diet and enrich it with fortified foods. To recover, the cat must have strong immunity.

For the treatment of ringworm, you can use ointments containing tar or creolin. This should be done very carefully so as not to harm your pet. Too concentrated preparations or the wrong choice of dosage, as well as contact with mucous membranes can lead to poisoning of the animal.

Unfortunately, not a single four-legged pet is immune from the disease. Now you know how to treat a cat, and you can do it yourself. But still get a preliminary consultation of the veterinarian is necessary.

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