Delphinium one-year

An elegant plant that attracts views to your garden, feels great in regions with cool and wet summer. It belongs to the family of Buttercups, has palmately-dissected, wavy leaves. Each flower consists of 5 petals, the top one with a spur. In the center of the flower itself are staminodes - petals colored in a different color. They are also called "eye", which attracts insect pollinators. Delphiniums grow on well-treated and fertilized soil, include 2 types - Ajax, field.

Field delphinium reaches a height of 2 meters, is represented by dark - blue, purple, blue flowers. Less often you can find pink and white tones. Ajax delphinium reaches up to 1 m in height, boasts double flowers of blue, violet, white, burgundy flowers.

A wide choice of colors makes Delphinium desirable for modern gardeners. The easiest and proven method is growing the annual delphinium from seeds.

Delphinium: growing from seed at home

Delphinium growing from seeds at home

If you want to see flowering in the year of planting, the sowing is carried out in mid-March - early April. Before planting, seeds must be stored in the refrigerator, not longer than one year, otherwise they will lose germination. Tanks that you will use for seedlings must be sterile. Seeds germinate after 3-4 weeks.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To disinfect seeds, soak them in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes.
  2. Dry the seeds.
  3. Having picked up sufficiently deep containers for planting seeds, almost completely fill them with soil. Annual delphinium sprouts better in clayey, slightly acidic soil.
  4. Spread the seeds on the surface of the soil, sprinkle on top.
  5. Moisten the soil well.
  6. For germination it is necessary to darken the seedlings, cover the containers with paper (newspaper).
  7. Maintain a temperature of + 14 degrees.
  8. Make sure that the earth was wetted, but do not overfill, seedlings do not like excess moisture. For watering, use a syringe to avoid damaging the seedlings, or water from the pan.
  9. Air containers every day to get rid of condensate.
  10. After the plant has 2 leaves, carefully, in order not to damage the roots, dive it into the pots. For better growth, breathable primer is suitable.
  11. After 3 to 5 weeks, begin daily to set seedlings into fresh air for 20-30 minutes.
  12. When the temperature outside has stabilized, the plant can be transplanted into open ground.
  13. Cover the plant with a can until it is rooted.
  14. As necessary, remove the shelter.

The instructions for sowing seeds are suitable for all varieties, but tall representatives need a garter. All parts of the Delphinium are poisonous, so be careful when working with it.

Delphinium New Zealand giant

Delphinium New Zealand giant

One of the most unique representatives of Delphinium, bred not long ago, two-meter tall, with huge terry inflorescences, the delphinium is the New Zealand giant. The number of petals on one flower sometimes reaches 21 pcs. It is frost-resistant. The New Zealand delphinium is grown from seeds in the same way as described above, but there are several differences: the initial optimum temperature for seed germination is +3 - +5 degrees (Section 7). Adhere to this temperature for 2 weeks, then move the containers with seedlings to a bright and warm place (+19 degrees), remove the paper and cover the plant with a can, do not forget to air once a week. On this difference the cultivation of the New Zealand Delphinium ends.

Delphinium annual blue

Delphinium annual azure

Delphinium annual white

Delphinium annual pink

Delphinium annual on a bed

Delphinium annual at the fence

Undoubtedly, the Delphiniums require careful care, but in the end it will delight you with a unique range of inflorescences and transform the garden beyond recognition.

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