Decoupage bottles with toilet paper

Real magic can be created with the help of ordinary improvised means and materials. So, from a simple toilet paper and a bottle it is easy to make an amazingly beautiful and functional thing. Using simple and understandable techniques for each technician can turn an ordinary hobby into a well-paid job, because original and beautiful handicraft products have long been popular all over the world.

In this article, we offer you a simple master class on decoupage bottles of toilet paper. Try to master the new technique and expand the horizons of imagination.

Decoupage bottles of toilet paper: master class

In the kitchen of each hostess there will always be various jars and bottles of seasoning, mayonnaise, ketchup, which are a pity to throw away, and there is no place to use. With the help of painted papes technique and simple decoupage, a regular bottle can be turned into a unique spice jar. And most importantly, it will look beautiful and stylish.

Decoupage bottles with toilet paper

Necessary materials:

  • bottle;
  • toilet paper (white);
  • white and blue paints (acrylic);
  • golden paint (acrylic);
  • two-layer napkin with a pattern;
  • glossy varnish for coating;
  • scissors;
  • paint brush;
  • glue (better to take PVA);
  • sponge.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First we need to prepare a bottle for decoration: wash, dry, remove the label.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  2. Since the bottle will be made in the style of Gzhel, then choose the appropriate napkin. It is desirable, but not necessary, that the napkin contains both large and small drawings.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  3. From the selected napkin you need to cut a large picture. This will be the centerpiece of our bottle. And one small - for decorating the cover.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  4. Now we are preparing toilet paper (paper towels are also suitable), for this we cut it into small squares.
  5. We mix PVA glue with water in proportions 1 to 1.
  6. In order to apply glue to thin toilet paper as gently as possible, we will use a brush.
  7. Wet the pieces evenly applied to the bottle. We do not need to achieve a perfectly flat surface. It will be more interesting and beautiful if the bottle turns into a small fold.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  8. In this way, it is necessary to glue the entire surface of the bottle and the cap and let it dry for a while.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  9. Since toilet paper is a very thin and transparent material, it will be good to paint each side of the blank with white acrylic paint.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  10. The same action is produced with a lid.

    Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  11. We glue a large pattern with the help of an acrylic lacquer to the center of the bottle, and a small one onto the cap.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  12. After our pattern dries out well, paint over the entire white part of the bottle and the cap with blue acrylic paint.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  13. Next, apply a golden-colored paint on the sponge and light movements on the folds of the bottle with gold product. The same action is done on the lid.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  14. From the remaining bottom of the napkin we twist the flagella and paint the entire surface with a golden color.
  15. Dried flagella form into the decorative patterns we need. Of course, you can come up with your own.
  16. For small decorative parts, we cut a short distance of the flagellum and twist it in the form of half-rings with the help of an ordinary pencil.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  17. We apply PVA glue on the bottle in a thin layer to the places where our decor will be located and glue on decorative elements.Decoupage bottles with toilet paper
  18. We cover the entire surface of the bottle with acrylic varnish in several layers. Our bottle is ready!

In such a simple way we made an amazingly beautiful and useful thing out of ordinary toilet paper and an unnecessary bottle!

Original ideas for decoupage

Before you start working on decoupage a bottle, decide for what purpose you need it. If you want to make a beautiful and original gift for an adult man, you can decorate his favorite alcoholic drink with the help of a usual egg-shell and several seashells. This can be done by various techniques and methods. For example, like this.

Original ideas decoupage bottles do it yourself

If you want to give the key of your heart to your favorite guy, do it in this original form.

Original ideas decoupage bottles do it yourself

You can also wish prosperity and profit by decoupage a regular bottle. To do this, you need to add different coins of different colors to the decor.

Original ideas decoupage bottles do it yourself

For a girl who loves style and originality, suitable such bottles of interesting shape for the interior.

Original ideas decoupage bottles do it yourself

If you have long wanted to do something like that, then why not bring your ideas to life right now? With the help of various materials and your imagination, you can decorate almost any surface: candles, jewelry boxes, fruits and vegetables dishes, jewelry, watches, chest of drawers and everything you find at your fingertips. Scientists say that during the time of creative activity the human body produces hormones of happiness. So why not treat yourself to this?

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