Decoration for paper windows

On the eve of the New Year, the houses get a magical look. Shop windows are festively decorated and garlands. Passing by simple high-rise buildings, one can see unusual pictures from paper or painted patterns on the windows.

Decoration for paper windows

In childhood many people probably painted with gouache or toothpaste on the windows, and also cut out snowflakes from paper and glued them to glass. But not everyone knows that such a snowflake is called “clippings”, one of the types of decorative and applied art.

DIY window decorations

Cuts are the art of paper cutting. In this technique, not only snowflakes are cut out, but also ornaments, plot images, and symmetrical patterns. In different countries, this art has different names. For example, in Japan - "kirigami", in Poland - "vytsinanka", in China - "tszyanzhi", and in England, France, Germany - "cut-in decor", in Ukraine - "vytynanka", in Belarus - "expression", "Expressionwoman", "Vystraganka", and in Russia - "clippings". This art appeared in the homeland of paper - in China. In the medieval state with its help decorated lanterns, screens, fans. Much later, this type of decor became popular in Europe, to decorate various household items. Now clippings are known around the world, but the most popular in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Ukrainian craftsmen use it to decorate the walls of the hut, make paper curtains and decorate shelves, tables and valances with them.

Paper window decoration: house pattern

Making figures on the windows is a wonderful activity. Children can be involved in the process of making them; this will make the work much more entertaining and more fun! In addition, kids will be very pleased to decorate the house for the holiday with their own hands. Elegant windows look unusual and create a special mood both during the day and at night. And how many curious glances it will attract from the side of the street, give passers-by a magical mood!

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