Crochet round rugs

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Today, when we can easily buy anything, more often there is a desire to do something with their own hands. A few skills and abilities, a little skill, a little desire and time, a suitable set of materials - that's all that is needed for this.

Crochet round rugs

Crocheting round rugs is a section of needlework with fairly simple tasks. Using elementary knitting patterns you can make any size product.

For knitting rug should be used thread thicker. And the material does not necessarily look in specialized stores. It is easy to make from improvised means: old stockings and nylon pantyhose or from strips of fabric. The thicker the thread, the larger and softer the product will be. We offer to learn how to knit a round rug from a fabric strip.

What you need to work?

Many have old clothes in the closet. Do not rush to throw things away, perhaps they can find a new use. From knitted fabric the successful thread for a round rug turns out.

Cut the canvas into strips of approximately the same width. We tie or sew blanks into one "thread". We coil. Stocking crochet number 10 and the scheme of a round crocheted rug. You can get to work.

By the way, having in its arsenal multi-colored things, put into recycling, you can get a set of threads for a rug of different colors.

Knitting Guide

So, how to crochet a round rug of fabric strips? Just like regular yarn for knitting. The scheme of a round crocheted rug is quite simple, even for novice skilled workers this task is on the shoulder. Just start, and you can not stop until you see what happens from your idea.

The canvas can be knitted in a continuous knitting (without nakida) or with nakida and air loops. But the start of work in both cases is the same - core bonding. Consider first the first version of mating.

Round crocheted rug solid: instructions and diagram

Round mat crochet solid

Round crocheted rug solid: instructions and diagram

  1. We knit 3 air loops. We join the edges in the "ring".
  2. We continue to knit in a circle - 6 columns without nakida.
  3. Divide the circle into 6 segments. When mating a row in each segment, we add 1 column without single crochet. The result should be: 1 row - 6 bars; 2nd row - 12; 3 row - 24 and so on. The addition of loops is required in order for the product to retain its shape, and, of course, increase in diameter.

A little trick: if you knit the posts through the back wall of the loop, the surface of the exit mat will be more embossed.Round mat crochet solid

Backstitch pattern with air loops

Backstitch pattern with air loops

  • Loop set - 3 air loops.
  • 1 row. Double crochet column - 11 loops. The formation of the ring.
  • 2 row. Chain of 3 loops. Each loop of the first row is knitted with 2 double crochets. Close the circle.

3 row. Chain for 3 loops. Alternating mating on the loops: the first loop - 2 double crochets, the next - 1st column. And so on to the end. Connect the circle.Backstitch pattern with air loops

  • 4 row. Chain of 3 loops. We skip the first loop of the previous row, knit 1 double crochet column. We skip the third loop, knit the fourth one in a similar way to the second. And so on until the end of the series. Connect the circle.

5 row. Chain of 3 loops. Tying all the loops of the lower row with a single crochet column. Close the circle.Backstitch pattern with air loops

  • 6 row. Here we will weave a “thread” of a different color. We make a chain for 3 loops with a new thread. Knit a series of alternating loops - double crochet and double crochet. Close the row.
  • 7 row knit similarly 4 row.Backstitch pattern with air loops
  • 8 row. Chain - 3 loops. Binding in a circle with a double crochet. Do not forget to close the ranks.
  • 9 row. Change the color of the "thread". Knit a circle with a double crochet.
  • The 10th row is formed similarly to the 4th and 7th.
  • 11 row - repeat mating 3rd.
  • 12 row. Change "thread". Knitted under the scheme of 9 rows.Backstitch pattern with air loops
  • 13 row - mating according to the 10th pattern.
  • 14 row - color change, 12-row binding scheme.
  • 15 row knit similarly to the 14th.
  • 16 row - 10th scheme.
  • The 17th row - the scheme of the 11th.

Crocheting round rugs is a fairly simple exercise. In addition, it stimulates perseverance, trains fine motor skills of hands, calms nerves. If your daughter is growing up, teach her how to knit crocheted rugs, so spend your evening leisure time with her.