Crafts from satin ribbons do it yourself

Modern trends in needlework allow craftswomen to create real masterpieces and works of art. Recently, the manufacture of handicrafts in the style of kanzashi has gained immense popularity. Initially, this Japanese term was called hair ornament. What can build crafts from satin ribbons? Let's talk about it.

DIY hand-made satin ribbons: a variety of options

Modeling crafts in the style of kanzashi is from Japan. It all started with the fact that the Japanese have made the original acute-angled flowers, which served as an accessory for decorating high hair. Over time, our compatriots, as they mastered this direction, began to invent new crafts. In the style of kanzashi hair, you can make a number of accessories:

Crafts made of satin ribbon do it yourself

  • bezel;
  • hairpin;
  • gum;
  • clamp

In addition, crafts made from satin ribbons can be a great designer decoration for your interior. From them make souvenirs, for example:

  • flowers;
  • caskets;
  • glasses;
  • candlesticks;
  • butterflies;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • toys;
  • volumetric figures;
  • Christmas trees, etc.

Of course, it will not be possible to build a casket or a candlestick completely from satin ribbons. In this case, this material is used for decorating with flowers or other patterns.

Flowers in the style of kanzashi: a master class for beginners

If you are just learning the basics of creating handicrafts made from satin ribbons, then you should hone your skills in practice. It is best to choose the most simple crafts. When you learn how to properly and quickly make the main element of the craft - the flower petal, you can complicate the task and create original and unique masterpieces. Classic kanzashi style are flowers. Let's try together to build the original rose.

Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners

Necessary materials:

  • Satin fabric of the right size;
  • wire;
  • lighter;
  • needles;
  • threads;
  • ruler;
  • strong fishing line;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. We take the satin ribbon of the chosen shade and measure 8 cm. We cut several strips of such length.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  2. We fold each strip in the shape of a crescent. The edges are fixed with small thin needles, it is possible stationery.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  3. The longest side sew. Threads should be selected in accordance with the satin shade.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  4. Next, with a needle, we collect the edge of the ribbon so that we get a petal.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  5. From each cut ribbon should get this petal. The more petals there are, the larger and more magnificent the flower will turn out.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  6. Using the lighter, gently heat the edge of the satin ribbon so that it spins.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  7. Then we cut small strips from the fishing line, they will play the role of pistils in the flower.
  8. With a lighter, gently heat one edge of the line to get a round tip.

    Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  9. 8-10 pestles of fishing line fix with glue gun or regular office glue in the center of one of the petals.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  10. After we finished making the petals, we begin to form a satin flower.
  11. Around the petal with pestles glue three more blanks.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  12. Each subsequent row should grow and contain a larger number of petals.Crafts from satin ribbons for beginners
  13. We fix our flower on the original stand made of twisted wire.

Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons

The main holiday of spring is March 8. Many of us are trying to give our friends and relatives original gifts made in the style of hand-made. From satin ribbons you can make an original postcard or bulk crafts, for example, build a huge bouquet. You can also decorate with flowers from satin ribbons pot for indoor or ornamental plants. At leisure, think about this topic, and in the manufacture of crafts will certainly show imagination.

Bouquet March 8 of satin ribbons

Necessary materials:

  • felt or burlap for warp;
  • pencil;
  • multicolored satin ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • needle.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First, we simulate a circular base. It is better to cut it out of thick felt or burlap.
  2. Be sure to outline one sector, which will roll the workpiece into a cone. The larger this sector, the higher the conical base.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons
  3. Cut the workpiece, make the sector cut and sew, to get a cone-shaped figure.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons
  4. On the center of the cone you need to impose the selected satin ribbon and fix it with threads.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons
  5. It is best to make a small hidden seam, resembling a square in shape.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons
  6. Next, we form a triangle of ribbons, overlapping it on the previous layer.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons
  7. Now, observing the square shape, we lay out the triangular petals, pressing them tightly so that the flower turns out to be knocked down and neat.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons
  8. The end of the tape is fixed with double-sided tape, glue gun or sewed with thread.Crafts for March 8 from satin ribbons

To get an original bouquet of such satin roses, you need to make multi-colored flower blanks, as well as prepare the basis for crafts. From polyfoam build a sphere and paste around it with flower preparations. For the legs, take any sticks or wire wrapped with tape. As decorative elements, use pearls or large beads. This is the original work you should have.

A handmade gift is always appreciated more. You can weave the original flower from satin ribbon and attach it to the barrette or the rim. Satin bows look very nice. Also in the style of kanzashi you can make various decorative items for the home. Try to decorate a vase or box. Before such a gift no one will stand.

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