Colorado potato beetle remedies

The Colorado potato beetle is a pest that summer residents encounter every summer. He belongs to the family of leaf beetles and prefers to eat the leaves and shoots of plants. It is a mistake to believe that the pest eats only potatoes, and also damages tomatoes and eggplants.

Colorado Beetle: Appearance

In length, the pest reaches 17 mm, is colored yellow-brown and has an ovoid body. On the wings of the beetle 10 longitudinal stripes in black. Insect eggs have an elongated oval shape and are colored orange. The larva of the beetle is rather fleshy, flattened below and convex above. On its sides there are black specks arranged in 2 rows.

Only adult beetles can survive the winter. They dig deep into the soil and hibernate there. In the spring, when the earth is warming enough, insects come to the surface, where they feed on young plants.

Colorado Beetle: Appearance

Female beetles lay eggs from early spring to autumn on the lower leaves of plants.

Means of struggle with the Colorado potato beetle

There are many ways to help you get rid of the pest. Just be patient, it is not easy to fight him.

  • Biological agents

These drugs are recommended to give preference. They do not harm humans, warm-blooded animals, beneficial insects, birds, etc. Biological substances do not pollute the air, retain nutrients in vegetables. These include "Colorado", Fitoverm "," Agravertin "," Bicol "," Bitoksibaktsillin. "

  • Chemicals

These funds should be used strictly according to the instructions, which should indicate the precautions, rules for use of the drug. Treatment with pesticides produced early in the morning (preferably before 9 o'clock) or in the evening (after 19:00) in calm weather. Do not eat, drink water or smoke during processing. Chemical processing is recommended in a protective suit, mask and gloves. Ensure that there are no animals or children in the vicinity. After treating the plants, take off your clothes, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap and water. Take a shower and wash your shoes.

remedies for the colorado potato beetle

The most effective chemical preparations against the Coloracian beetle are: Senpai, Regent, Corado, Aktara, Mospilan, Bankol, Sonnet, Decis extra. Consumption rate - 1 l per 10 sq. M. Remember, exceeding the norm will not enhance the result, but can cause poisoning of the plant.

  • Mechanical way

This method consists in the following: You independently collect plants of Colorado beetles from the leaves and destroy them. Leave no crushed pests, as this may attract other insects to your site.

There is another no less time consuming way to eliminate the Colorado potato beetle. If you see a pest on the plant, carefully inspect the leaves on both sides. Find the egg-laying and destroy them.

Means to combat the Colorado potato beetle: tips on using

  1. Be sure to read the instructions for use.
  2. It is better to make a lower concentration of the agent than to exceed it.
  3. Spraying spend only special clothes.
  4. Processing is carried out only in calm weather.
  5. After treatment with pesticides, it is recommended not to visit the site for several days.

Folk remedies for the Colorado potato beetle

These tools are known for many decades and do an excellent job with the pest. In addition, folk remedies are completely harmless.

Folk remedies for the Colorado potato beetle

  • Spray the plants with a solution of tar (100 g of tar per 10 liters of water).
  • Treat the plants with a solution of soap and ash. Boil the ashes for 15 minutes and let it brew for 2 days. After strain and add household soap (10 l 50 g).
  • The Colorado potato beetle does not tolerate the smell of calendula, dill, tansy, garlic and onions. Therefore, plant in close proximity with potatoes these plants.
  • Finely chop the nettle. Fill it with water and leave for a week. Dilute the nettle tincture with water (1:10). Water the beds with the resulting solution. So you not only get rid of the Colorado potato beetle, but also fertilize the soil.
  • Spray the plants with a decoction of a pile of wormwood, burdock, honeysuckle or chilli peppers. It will scare away insects.
  • When planting potatoes, throw a pea or bean into each well. Colorado potato beetle does not tolerate the smell of legumes.

Prestige Remedy for Colorado potato beetle

Prestige Remedy for Colorado potato beetle

Prestige is a system-contact tool that is used to treat tubers before planting. It effectively protects cultures from the Colorado potato beetle. To prepare the solution, you need to dilute 30 ml of the product in 0.5 l of water. Mix everything thoroughly. This amount of solution is enough for about 30 kg of potatoes.

Commander: a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle

Komandor has developed a remedy for pests by British scientists, but it has also proven itself well with our summer residents. After spraying the plants, Colorado beetles die in 7 minutes. One vial of Commander bred for 7 liters of water. This amount is enough for 2 weave potatoes.

Commander: a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Regent

Another effective tool. Regent is perfect for the southern regions of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The tool has a quick and long-lasting effect, destroying not only the beetles, but also their larvae. For 5 liters of water you need 1 ampoule of Regent.

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Regent

The Colorado potato beetle is one of the most dangerous pests on a garden plot. It is difficult to fight with him, but using tested techniques is quite possible. It is best to use several tools at the same time to surely deal with the problem.

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