Codia, or Croton, is one of the most common indoor plants. Such popularity is due to the shape and color of its leaves. It is perfect for any modern interior: both residential and office.

Appearance Codieum

Codiaeum is an ornamental leaf plant. Read about the features of this group of plants in the article What are houseplants ?.

Codieum has large, glossy leathery leaves of various shapes and colors. Leaf color varies from light green to dark red, almost burgundy.

The height of the plant in room conditions reaches about one meter. The stem of a codiaum of any height is completely covered with colorful leaves. This is what attracts many lovers of indoor plants.

Types of codiaum

The initial species from which all other species of codiame originate iscodiam motley. However, he has varietal variations with leaves of different shapes. Its leaves can be lobed, tape-like, forked, laureate, twisted and curved. Yes, and on the color of leaves codiam motley highly inconsistent. Usually, a young plant in their color is dominated by green and yellow colors, and the leaves of the more mature and old codiaeum are more pink and red.

Common varieties motley codieum are the following:

  1. Appleleaf- has yellow leaves with green veins and red hems;
  2. Vulkan- has yellow leaves with red edges, greenish fancy veins running all over the leaf;
  3. Norma - leaves are green with yellow spots, streaks are red;
  4. Bravo- green leaves with yellow spots;
  5. Aucubifolium - green leaves with small yellow dots all over the leaf plate.

In addition to the variegated variety variety, there are other Croton species: Golden Sun, Golden Moon, Beautiful, Europe, Golden Star, Juliet etc.


Location in the codiaum house

Codiaeum is a bright modern plant.. It diversifies the boring office environment, and it will bring bright colors to the living space. Many rooms of your house are suitable for a croton, if you maintain there favorable conditions for its growth.

  • It is not surprising that there are people who have croton growing in the bathroom. However, if you have this room without a window and, accordingly, no sunlight gets there, then it is better to choose another room for the plant. Bath is good for him because there is high humidity.
  • For living room, bedroom and children's room Codiaeum will be an excellent indoor plant, especially if you choose its bright form with fancy leaves.
  • A young plant of short stature is good to put on the windowsill of the window on the west or east side.
  • It is better to place a tall plant not far from the window, because codiaum is light-requiring.

Home care for codiaum

When buying a bright plant in a shop, we pay attention to our own sensations. Often large, hard leaves lead us to believe that this plant is unpretentious in its care and very hardy. However, even such a strong plant needs special conditions.

  • First, codiaum does not tolerate drafts..
  • Secondly, he needs adequate moisture.. Leaves should be washed frequently or wiped with a damp sponge.
  • Do not forget that during the active growing season the codia needs to be fed. It is necessary for the plant for normal development and growth.
  • It is also impossible to overdry the ground, as the codiaeum suffers from a lack of moisture.

Select success factors for the care of codiaeum:

  • The lighting is bright sunshine.
  • High temperature. Kodiya is a heat-loving plant. in the cold season the temperature should not fall below 18 ° C.
  • Humidity increased. It is necessary to spray the leaves daily and occasionally wash them (preferably once a week).
  • Watering is abundant during the active growing season, in winter - moderate.
  • Propagated by stem cuttings in the spring months.
  • Transplanted in the spring as needed.

Pest and disease

Spider mite and shield appear on the codec when you deviate from the secrets of the success of its content.

Observing the recommendations of this article on the location and conditions of care for the codiaum, you will make sure that it is an unpretentious plant. And you and your guests will always have a lot of impressions from its bright colors!

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