Clarkia is a very beautiful annual plant, characterized by a long flowering period, which makes it so popular. Terry flowers have a diverse shade - purple, white, purple, purple, pink and look like small roses, which are strung on one stem.

Clarkia: growing seed plants

If desired, cultivating Clarkia from the seeds is easy enough, and if you follow the tips below, the results will be simply amazing. When planting a seed plant, you must adhere to the following instructions:

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  1. Clarkia's growing and maintenance requires very simple, but during the planting of seeds, they will have to be lightly pressed down with a wooden board, as if pressed into the ground. Seed out need to be in a wooden box with a pre-prepared substrate, after which it is covered on top with a lid.
  2. It is necessary to place the box with seeds in a well-lit place, but at the same time it is impossible to allow direct exposure to sunlight, which adversely affect shoots.
  3. As soon as the first green leaves begin to appear, you need to remove the cover from the box. Well grown up seedlings dive and are placed in hotbeds until the moment of disembarkation, not forgetting to air them regularly. Photo terry clariki very beautiful, so this type of plant is recommended to use when forming a flower bed.
  4. Clarkia seeds easily tolerate frosts and remain viable, so they can be planted not only in April, but also before winter.
  5. For the landing of the grown seedlings, it is necessary to choose a well-lit area with loose soil. Clarkia prefers medium or light soil, slightly acidic.
  6. Before planting plants in open ground, you need to do the preparation of the soil, as this is important. Before transplanting claracks, not very large amounts of any mineral fertilizers are added to the substrate in the following proportion - 1 tbsp. l sulfate and superphosphate per 1 square. m
  7. During planting, seedlings need to ensure that the distance between them is not less than 13-17 cm. If the seeds are sown in pots and germinated on a windowsill in the apartment, the planting should be carried out in May.
  8. Clarkia tolerates transplant quite easily, but only at a young age. Experienced gardeners do not recommend between saplings, when planting, leave a distance of more than 18 cm, since the plant itself will not bloom profusely and will not create the desired effect.

Clarke Care

Clarke Care

Despite the fact that the plant grows mainly in warm countries, it is quite easy to tolerate low temperatures. For clariki, it is worth picking up not only loose, but also moist soil, in which there are practically no nutrients, otherwise their excess can destroy the seedlings.

If you plan to grow several varieties at the same time so that they do not mix, you need to plant in separate groups, as the plant is well pollinated, with the result that several species can mix. In order not to break the stems under tall plants, it is recommended to tie them with pegs.

Clarkia needs regular and moderate watering, it is impossible to allow stagnation of moisture in the soil. If the weather is very hot, watering should be made more frequent, it is also useful to add mineral fertilizers.

The plant can suffer from fungus, in which ugly spots begin to appear on the leaves. It is easy to get rid of this trouble, it is rather simple to process a clarke with fungicides.

Clarkia can also suffer from a flea, which can completely destroy the plant before the first shoots appear. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out prevention - as soon as the seeds are planted, they are covered with non-woven materials on top. As a result, a barrier will be created for the pest, and the seeds feel great.

If all growing conditions are observed, flowering will begin in the middle of summer and will last until the start of frosts. To increase the flowering period, it is necessary to periodically remove faded buds.

Clarkia varieties

Clarkia: growing plants from seed

Clarkia: growing from seed

Clarkia care

Of the large number of Clarky species, the most popular were:

  • Clarkia is elegant - a mixture of colors and bright photos make this look the most popular. The variety is branchy, fairly strong and very thin stalk, which can reach a height of 80 cm. Flowers Clarkia terry has beautiful flowers, about 5 cm in diameter. The flowers appear to be terry, in height the plant reaches 60 cm.
  • Clarkia pubescent in height about 30 cm. Flowers can be terry or simple. The beginning of flowering occurs in June and lasts until September.

Clarkia is a very beautiful plant that can be grown on garden plots, combined with other flowers in flowerbeds. Also this type of flowers is perfect for decorating the walls of garden arbors, combining various shades. Some gardeners are advised to use Clarky as an interesting background for large roses.

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