Cat in the house

You bought a kitten. That kind of cute fluffy creature. So nice to hold Purring on your lap, scratching behind the ear. To keep your pet healthy and happy, you need to follow the rules of its content. Which ones? Consider the main ones.

Keeping cats in the house

If you, bringing the cat home, notice that she did her business not in the cat's toilet, but in a completely different place, in no case should you stick her nose in the urine. It is worth doing this. Take a piece of napkin, dip it in the urine and put it in the cat's toilet. Put your cat in there, let her sniff a napkin. A place where your cat went for natural needs - carefully wash.

In cat litter should be a good filler. Otherwise - the pussy can refuse to go to the tray only because the quality of the filler is poor.

You can not bathe the cat. They are incredibly clean. Bathing is possible only if the cat is very dirty. In this case, gently wash it with a cat shampoo or a solution of baby soap with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Be careful not to get your ears wet. After completing the procedure, gently wipe the pussy with a towel and plant near a heat source, such as a heater. Be careful not to allow drafts until your cat is completely dry.

Ears and eyes of cats should always be clean. Any discharge from them is a reason to contact a veterinarian. If you see that there is bloom in the ears, gently remove it with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil.

At the age of about seven months to one and a half years, your cat (if you have a female) may start estrus. Do not torture the animal, decide in advance whether you are ready to arrange cat weddings. If not, it is worth sterilizing the animal. If you have not done the sterilization, but do not want to raise numerous kittens, and your cat is simply bursting with a scream, give it special drops. But only those that are based on herbs. Contracexes of all kinds lead to oncological diseases of animals.

Pay more attention to your pet, play with it. For this fit various toys for cats. Their range is quite large in pet stores. These can be toy mice, bows, paper balls and sticks with feathers.

If you have to transport the cat over a long distance, get a special carrying, provide the animal with water and food in sufficient quantities.

Feeding the cat

Cats, by nature, are predators. Therefore, food should be appropriate - tasty and healthy. In the daily diet of the pussy must be present and proteins and fats and carbohydrates. As well as vitamins and trace elements.

  • In no case should the cat be given sweets, pickled vegetables, spicy, salty, smoked and fried. These products are extremely harmful to your pet.
  • Do not feed the cat with any one product. Cats also need a variety in their diet.
  • Kitties are very fond of milk, but should be given with caution and in small quantities. This is due to the fact that milk can cause stomach upset in your pet.
  • You can not too often change the cat diet. Try to stick to one diet. It is best to purchase balanced pet food at the pet store. All because they contain all the vitamins and trace elements that are needed cat. One has only to consider the price of these feeds.
  • Cheap food can harm your cat's health. Of all the food eaten all day, only half of the cheap food is absorbed in the cat's body. In addition, its constant use can lead to liver disease.
  • Medium-price feed is better digested than cheap. But, buying it, you should take into account that it does not contain a sufficient amount of vitamins necessary for a cat. Therefore, vitamin preparations will have to be bought separately.
  • And finally, expensive feed. They are absorbed almost completely - by 85%. In addition, they already contain a complete set of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Therefore, if your cat's diet is expensive food, you can not fear for its health.

When your cat is still small, it should be fed up to five times a day. By the year, the number of feedings should be reduced to two.

Even if the basis of your pet's diet is an expensive cat food, it is worth, from time to time, pampering your pussy with natural products. It can be meat or liver (no more than two times a week), boiled fish, yolk with vegetable puree, porridge.

The kitty will not refuse from boiled pasta, cereals and cookies (make sure that it is not sweet).

Cat health

Carefully ensure that the cat has no discharge from the eyes. Otherwise, show the vet.

Vaccinate your darling in time. This will help avoid most cat diseases.

Every month you have to inspect your cat yourself. Check for fleas. Is the skin in order, is there any redness. Look through the ears, eyes, nose. Well look through the oral cavity for the presence of sores. Do not forget to look under the tail. If something has alarmed you - consult a doctor.

Reason to immediately contact a veterinarian. If your cat refuses to eat about a day or more, if he refuses water. If the temperature in the anus is more than 39 degrees or, on the contrary, less than 37.5 degrees. If the cat has vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, and lameness. If you see that the cat is experiencing obvious pain, she has abdominal distension, behavior changes, or difficulty urinating. In all these cases, immediately consult a doctor or call him to the house.

Observing the basic rules of care and maintenance of cats in the house, you will grow a contented, happy and healthy animal. And it will surely thank you with a satisfied murmur!

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