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Brooch made of cloth with his own hands

We all try to diversify our wardrobe. We buy things that we like, but over time they become familiar to us and no longer cause the emotions that are in the first days. However, every woman wants to feel special, to change herself, her image, to find the highlight that is inherent only to her and no one else. Accessories are designed to complement and complete the image created by us and not only for items purchased a long time ago, but also for new ones. After all, it often happens that a new thing is good, but something is missing in the image.

One of these accessories is the brooch. The most interesting for creating your style will be a brooch made of cloth with your own hands, where in the process of creation there are no limits to the imagination of its owner.

Zipper Brooch

A brooch made of lightning can complement an informal look or emphasize the romance of the dress. Throwing out old clothes, leave additional items, they may still be useful to you. To make a zipper brooch, take needles, fleece, thread, glue, a button and the zipper itself. Choose a zipper with a red base. Remove the tongue, and leave half the zipper. Prepare a thread of red. Place a lightning bolt on the table with your left hand. Right start laying around the center of the circles strip. Turn over the inside circle finished circle, securing thread. Make 3 seams equally spaced apart. Make them radiate to the edges of the flower from the center. Brooch should resemble the shape of a rose. It is necessary to sew a special base or pin.

A magnificent zipper brooch

To make the brooch more lush, use a whole zipper.To begin with, unfasten it and turn it out, the tongue should be at the bottom. Taking the right half, make a small loop out of it, securing it with threads. After that, fold the second part of the clasp and sew it on the side of the first one. Collect a flower from such petals and place them around the tongue of lightning - the center of the flower.

How to make a fleece brooch?

To begin with, make any form of background, cutting it out of fleece. Choose 4 zippers that differ teeth. Slice the largest zipper into equal lengths. Then place them around the perimeter so that the fabric is pointing inward. After this sew the segments. Take a smaller zipper and attach close to the first. Fill the entire piece of fleece, start to reduce the zipper. Plastic or metal clasp will become a frame for jewelry. Taking a large button, cut a zipper under its size. Apply glue to the fabric of the buckle by wrapping the button neatly with a zipper so that the fabric is glued to the wrong side of the button and the metal or plastic is framed. Insert a pin into the eyelet of a button.

DIY jeans brooch

  • For the manufacture of denim brooches You will need denim, pencil, thick paper, cloth scraps, sewing accessories. Prepare in advance the template, which will cut the details of the future brooches. To do this, it is enough to take a glass or saucer and circle a circle on it on cardboard or thick paper. Divide the circle into 4 parts, and then each part in half. You should have 8 equal parts. Above each part, add a half-round festoon so that the shape of the flower is obtained from all the parts.
  • Put the finished piece on the jeans, circle it with a piece of chalk or a special tailor's pencil. So you must draw 9 parts on the fabric. Arrange them close together. This will help save cutting. After that, you can begin to cut out the details. One detail will be basic, all other details will be sewn to it, so set it aside. Then taking 2 flower, fold 2 times in half, you should have 1/4 of a circle. Festonchiki at the same time should not bend over.
  • Now, in tone with the thread obtained, sew the blank to the base part with a thread. It will be enough to make a few neat stitches. Absolutely also 3 more details bend and sew alongside. They all must form a circle. Fold them in a clockwise direction. Last 4 flowers, fold four times and sew in the same way to the center of the first layer. The only thing, blanks must be applied, shifting them by 45 degrees from the lower parts.
  • Finally, sew a pin on the base, the best English one. So it will be easy to attach your brooch. This denim brooch you can decorate not only a jumper, a dress, but even a bag. And by attaching a denim brooch to a bandage, hairpin or rim, you can decorate your hair with an exclusive hair band with a brooch.

  • Prefer fabrics from jeans of different colors, and dissolve the edges of the future petals a bit to make them shaggy. This will give your brooches more liveliness.
  • You can diversify your brooch, complicating it. To do this, it will be enough to replace the denim details with any other fabrics, chiffon, chintz, lace or silk. Prepare several layers of different fabric blanks in advance, and then mix all the textures inside one layer.
  • The middle of the brooch can be made from a piece of jeans rolled up to the state of fringe and rolled up in a roll. By adding a pair of beautiful buttons, rhinestones, beads or beads to the middle of the denim brooch, you will decorate your brooch even more.

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Handmade fabric brooches can instantly transform any thing. Having made a brooch with your own hands, having invested a sense of style in it, you will complement your image and be able to complete it with a wonderful accessory. For those who want to keep up with fashion trends and at the same time always remain themselves - elegant and exclusive, Fabric brooches will be the most suitable accessories to create your unique style in clothes.

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