Bouquet of rafaello with their own hands

Candy - if not the best gift, then, at least, universal. They also often act as a weighty addition to any present. And so that they correspond to the moment and have a big presentableness, you should take care of a competent presentation: for example, make a basket or a bouquet, for which most often use "Raffaello" or "Ferrero". How to do it? What variants of bouquets can you think of?

How to create a bouquet of "Raffaello" with your own hands?

The easiest way to design a bouquet from "Raffaello", which does not require master classes, is the traditional assembly to the basket. It only needs a sufficient amount of candy, equal to the number of desired "buds", a few cuts of corrugated paper, as well as wooden sticks (15-20 cm), scotch tape, thin wire or strong thread, PVA glue. Also need a wicker small basket and a piece of foam, equal in diameter to the bottom of the basket.

How to create a bouquet of

Rectangles are cut from corrugated paper, the height is equal to the height of the candy, but with an increase of 3-4 cm - this will be a fixation zone, as well as the top edge of the petal. Each rectangle on any of the short sides needs to be rounded, slightly stretched in the middle. Petals are stacked on the candy overlap, so that the finished bud was not full-blown. The paper is fixed with glue, tied to a wooden stick with a thread or wire.

Ready "flowers" are stuck with wooden sticks in the foam rubber that filled the bottom of the basket, between them you can place either any opaque material (for example, cloth), artificial leaves and flowers, or empty paper buds that do not have a candy center.

Bouquet of "Raffaello" in organza: master class

The most gentle and volumetric option is obtained if you use organza. True, the material will need a lot. For a bouquet of classic size, a cut of 2-3 m is used, provided that its width is standard - 1.5 m. Besides it, corrugated paper is needed to create an internal rigid frame and petals, as is traditional packaging material, as well as thick wire, which will play the role of the stems of future flowers - its length should be 25-30 cm. In addition, we need the candies themselves, not taken out of the wrappers (a regular box of 15 pieces), several options of scotch (thin and slightly wider), small beads and satin ribbons to match the finished bouquet, and and Tools in the form of scissors, ruler, glue gun or PVA glue, simple threads.

Bouquet of

With regards to organza, needlewomen in their master classes with bouquets from "Raffaello" strongly advise you to pay attention to the fact that you should not buy fabric in an ordinary sewing store: such organza will surely crumble, as a result it will have to be carefully processed. It is recommended to contact the florist shop, where a special organza for bouquets is available - it has a greater density and its edges do not crumble when working with the material.

Starting stage - the creation of full-fledged flowers that make up the future bouquet. To do this, take a thick wire, already cut into twigs of 25-30 cm, its upper end with the help of pliers is bent into a small and flat loop. Its size should not exceed 0.5-0.7 cm. Then, rectangles of 7 * 7 cm in size are cut out of the corrugated paper of the selected color, from above their corners can be slightly rounded. Fingers need to slightly deform the paper in the middle, so that it takes the form of a hemisphere.

Bouquet of

Now the candy "Raffaello" sits on a wire eyelet with any of its "tails", and the "tail" completely embraces it. A usual cotton thread should be carefully wrapped around the loop first, then under it. This technique ensures maximum fixation. However, it will be duplicated: the candy heart of the future flower should be “embraced” with petals cut out from corrugated paper, after which they are also wrapped over the loop and under it. And in order to hide the thread, squares 8 * 8 are cut out in the amount of 2-3 pieces, their upper corners are also rounded, and these petals lie on the finished bud overlap, fixing themselves with glue: both PVA and glue gun will do . Or you can take green paper and cut sepals from it, as well as a thin long ribbon that will tie the wire so that the stem becomes more alive. The resulting flowers should be set aside to allow the glue to dry.

Bouquet of

How to pack a bouquet of candy in organza? Now go to the rest of the materials. A rectangle of size 30 * 50 cm is cut out of the corrugated paper and laid aside. Organza folds in half so that its width was 75 cm, the length remains unchanged. Small beads are sewn on any of the halves on its outer side. Then all the candy flowers are collected in a common bundle, their stems are attached to each other with wide scotch tape, on top of the bouquet is packed first in corrugated paper, and then - in organza. It is fixed between the layers of fabric and paper with glue, and from above - with a satin ribbon as a decorative element.

Bouquet of

Bouquet of rafaello lilies of the valley

Bouquet of rafaello roses

Bouquet of rafaello with your hands with a butterfly

A bouquet of "Raffaello" do-it-yourself is a great gift for a wedding and a no less interesting decoration for a festive table or any room. With its design, you can come up with a lot of interesting options: in addition to the traditional framing with organza or corrugated paper, as well as placing in a basket, you can hand over such "flowers" right away in a vase or even hide among fresh flowers.

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