Birthday invitations. how to make baby invitation yourself

Usually, people start preparing for their birthday in advance. An important detail is the invitation to this celebration. The holiday attribute can be made with your own hands, it will turn out creatively and in an original way, besides, guests will be pleased to receive an invitation that the birthday man made himself.

Birthday invitation cards: manufacturing features

Birthday Invitations

How is the procedure for inviting children to birthday? Parents call each other and simply tell them when, where and when the celebration will take place. But even this action can be turned into an interesting game, if you make invitations. The manufacturing process itself will not leave indifferent any one child.

So, what do you need to do yourself birthday party invitations? In the first place, thick white cardboard, then - 2-color paint, wrapping film with pimples, black felt-tip pen and a brush.

The film should be dyed with a light yellow paint and put it on the cardboard with a painted side. It will remain prints, like honeycombs. Now the paint on the cardboard should dry and you can proceed to the next step. Finger should be painted with dark yellow paint and left prints on cardboard, which later become bees. After drying, you need to draw the contours of the bees, then write the name of the guest, the place and time of the celebration! That's all - the invitation is ready!

4 options for holiday girls

Birthday Invitations

Birthday Invitations

Girls love everything tender, sweet, beautiful. So why not make special birthday invitation cards from this angle?

  • Option 1. The sheet of thick colored cardboard should be folded in half and cut out of it according to a previously prepared pattern a butterfly. Between her wings you need to tie a beautiful ribbon or glue a piece of braid. The wings are decorated arbitrarily, and the text is written inside them;
  • Option 2. It will need openwork napkins, thick cardboard (suitable for both white and color), ribbon. From a cardboard one should cut a square of the size matched with the size of a napkin, sign it, put it on a napkin and carefully bend its edges. After they are simply tied up with the help of a ribbon and that’s all - the invitation is ready! Such an envelope looks very nice, and it is done quickly and easily;
  • Option 3. The invitation requires a certain amount of time and effort, but the result will exceed all expectations! For the manufacture you will need: a printer, thick cardboard (colored) or decorative paper for scrapbooking, ribbons and a hole punch. First of all, make a pattern on the computer, which is a chamomile contour, that is, a circle with uneven edges and outlines of petals. Its size should be medium to fit the text. Then it must be printed on cardboard.

The text can be printed immediately or then written by hand - as it is more convenient for someone. Now you need to cut the invitation card along the contour, make a hole for ribbons in the hole punch (2 holes in 1 template), then pass the ribbons into the attractive one and decorate it with beads, butterflies, stickers, applications, etc .;

  • Option 4. You can make an invitation with a piece of the puzzle or a souvenir for each guest. To do this, cut circles out of colored cardboard and paste other circles on them, already with ready-made text, which was printed or written by hand. Attach a piece of the puzzle to a piece of ribbon, which can be purchased at a store or even ordered with a photo of a birthday man. Then the guests will be interested in collecting the picture together.

Making invitations for the boy's birthday

Birthday Invitations

The boys love something practical, but at the same time bright and unusual, so the invitation for the boy's birthday can be made original and bright.

  • Option 1. You can make a paper toy surprise scheme. Further, it is enough only to write the text on its sides. For example: the names of the birthday and guest are written on top, and the time and place of the event are inside.
  • Option 2. With the help of thick cardboard and paints, you can make an invitation with the handprints of the birthday boy. For this you need to cut out rectangles from cardboard, when determining the size you should take into account that it will be necessary to fold it across. Then on the front side you can make a birthday boy's handprint using paints, by the way, each finger can be of a different color. Inside you need to write the text of the invitation, and then decorate it to your taste.
  • Option 3. Invitational is done relatively long and not easy, but the result will be very original and memorable! You need to make a monkey pattern out of colored cardboard, consisting of 5 parts: 4 paws (2 front, 2 back) and a torso passing into the head. Cardboard can be taken for the manufacture of blanks brown, they should be done, focusing on the number of guests. On the muzzle of the animal, glue from the colored paper the mouth and eyes, and on the stomach write for example: "Birthday."

Now all the details are interconnected so that they can move in different directions. To do this, you need to use special metal inserts - blocks. You can buy them in the stores of accessories and fabrics, where they are presented in a wide range and have different sizes. For the option of such an invitation you will need small blocks.

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Birthday invitations can be various and unusual, the main thing here is fantasy and diligence! Making can be an exciting game if done with children!

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