Bed bugs

Bed bugs are among the domestic insects that can bring a lot of trouble to man, as they live exclusively in residential buildings. Most often, this type of pest prefers to hide in beds, bedding, sofas and is dangerous to people's health. That is why it is important to know how to get the bed bugs yourself.

How to start removing bedbugs?

Before you begin the search for a method that will help to quickly solve this problem, you need to determine exactly where the bugs live in the house. To establish this, it is not necessary to conduct a thorough study of your own bedding or furniture, since this procedure will take too much time and cannot give the desired result. You just need to carefully examine yourself in the mirror in the morning, in the event that small bites appear on the skin (small slightly swollen specks that cause a strong feeling of itching), which means that the bugs dwell in your bed and urgently need to take steps to remove them.

Another 1 sign of the presence of bedbugs is spots on the mattress of a dark brown color (they may appear on bedding), which can be noticed even with the naked eye. From the mattress comes not very pleasant aroma, to get rid of which will not help even prolonged airing.

To accurately determine whether bugs are present in your furniture - take a simple double-sided tape, then attach it to the surface of the furniture. Insects will surely fall into this trap, and you can easily determine their habitat. You can examine the mattress with a flashlight - their eggs or skins left after molting will be detected. In this case, you need to take immediate action until the pests have become much more.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the process of getting rid of bedbugs is quite lengthy and time consuming, and in the most neglected cases you may need the help of qualified specialists.

Bed bugs: how to get the parasites?

Destruction of bed bugs: the main ways

All methods of dealing with bed bugs can be divided into traditional and modern, using special chemicals.

It is recommended to apply folk methods if only a small area is infected with bugs - for example, a bed or a sofa. But it is not always possible to remove these insects, so in the most severe cases, you will have to get rid of contaminated furniture. If you use any means unsuccessfully, there is a risk of bed bugs spreading throughout the apartment.

In order to quickly get rid of pests, it is best to use chemical products - powders, liquids or aerosols. All these tools you can easily purchase in specialized stores. The most effective are those drugs that include in their composition karbofos. You can use:

  1. Tetrix;
  2. Fufanon;
  3. Karbofos;
  4. GET (anti bugs).

Before starting the use of a chemical agent, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions attached to it and strictly follow it. At the same time, do not forget that all these drugs are poison, which is dangerous not only for animals, but also for humans. In no case should toxic substances get on the surface of the skin, on the mucous membranes or inside. Therefore, special training should be carried out the premises.

For this purpose several simple rules will be followed:

  • All utensils should be placed in a special sealed package. The same applies to food, it is desirable to completely remove them from the apartment. If chemicals get on the surface of food and utensils, they can cause severe poisoning;
  • If children or elderly people live in an apartment, they need to move to another place for several days. The same rule applies to pets. If you are fond of aquarium fish, it is not necessary to remove them, it will be enough just to close the lid tightly;
  • If you handle furniture that unfolds, it needs to be done, since insects can hide in all crevices;
  • All clothes, toys and shoes also need to be removed, of course, provided that they were not infected with bedbugs. In the event that there are eggs on their surface, you need to get rid of them completely and not regret it, otherwise very soon you will again encounter the problem of bed bugs that will infect the entire apartment.

If you yourself will process the home, you need to take care of personal safety:

  1. Be sure to use a respirator to prevent dangerous toxins from entering the airways;
  2. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves, otherwise chemicals will fall on the skin;
  3. Eyes are protected with special glasses, sometimes you can do without them, but this is not desirable;
  4. You need to wear a special protective suit, instead it can be used and old clothes, which is not a pity to be thrown away.

For the treatment of the premises it is necessary to use a special chemical agent, water and a spray. Once everything is prepared, you can proceed directly to the disinsection, but strictly following the instructions. In the event that one treatment was not enough to completely remove bed bugs, you need to pick up another drug, as there is a chance that insects are immune to this agent. In the most neglected cases, it is best to seek help from experienced professionals.

How to deal with bedbugs folk remedies?

Bed bugs: how to get the parasites?

In the event that you have bed bugs in your home, you can use several different methods of dealing with them. To begin with, all contaminated bedding and clothes should be thoroughly washed in a typewriter at the highest possible temperature, at the end using a dryer. This treatment will not carry many insects and die. If you do not have a dryer, then it is best to ask for help in dry cleaning.

There is another way - buy dried mint, tansy or wormwood, then place these herbs in a closet with linen. Also, this method will help get rid of insects in the couch, as these plants emit a strong odor, which helps to carry out the complete intoxication of all microbes. These herbs can be placed in the dressing room, under the baseboards, in the closet and used as a prophylactic agent.

You can use another method. - bed bugs do not tolerate low temperatures. That is why it is recommended that all contaminated things be placed in a refrigeration chamber, and then processed using chemicals to be 100% sure of the effectiveness of their work.

You can use time-tested folk methods against bed bugs, which give an effective result:

  1. Take table vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle, then treat all the infected surfaces of the mattress, furniture, as well as baseboards. This procedure should be carried out for 1 week, every day - the concentrated aroma of vinegar completely eliminates all bed bugs;
  2. Prepare a mixture of ethyl alcohol (100 g), turpentine (100 g), adding a little camphor (5 g). Of course, this tool has a rather sharp and specific flavor, so that even after the first treatment, the maximum number of bed bugs will be destroyed;
  3. Mix kerosene (100 g), naphthalene (20 g), turpentine (100 g). Use this tool in the same way as the previous one;
  4. Another compound will be effective - a mixture of kerosene (15 g), turpentine (10 g), green soap (30 g). All components are mixed, and then sprayed with a spray gun over the contaminated surface of furniture, baseboards and tiles.

Raptor from bedbugs: reviews of specialists

Bed bugs: how to get the parasites?

One of the most common and effective means to get rid of bed bugs is the raptor, which has not only an affordable price, but also a convenient form of release. According to experts, in comparison with other modern chemical means, raptor has several advantages:

  • Provides the fastest possible result. About 10 minutes later, after the application of the remedies, the bugs begin to die rapidly. All insects will be completely destroyed within 1-2 days of use;
  • It has a non-sticky texture. After this tool will be on the tissue and smooth surface of the object, it is quickly absorbed, while there will be no greasy stains or ugly stains;
  • There is no unpleasant specific flavor. This product has a light mint or jasmine aroma. That is why the raptor is very popular, since after treatment there are no discomfort;
  • The raptor has a long action, so it not only destroys bed bugs, but also creates a barrier for the next generation. Therefore, after you have processed the room, you can forget about the problem for a long time.

The appearance of bed bugs in the house is a serious problem. Of course, you can bring them out, but it will take a lot of time. It is best to make pest control using chemicals, such as raptor. Folk ways of dealing with bedbugs can act as additional or basic if the parasites have occupied a small area in the room.

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