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Modern ecology leaves much to be desired. It is impossible to escape from pollution in the air of big cities, even in the house. That is why in a modern city apartment simply needs an air purifier. These devices will help to cope not only with the expressed dirt and dust, but also with small pollution, making your air clean and safe.

How to choose an air purifier: the main types

Air purifier: reviews

The operation of the air purifier is based on the flow of air through the filter. This process is carried out with the help of a fan. Filters in the cleaner, as a rule, several. This allows the device to deal with various types of air pollution. The combination of filters allows you to clean the air not only from mechanical impurities (for example, wool, dust mites or sand), but also from various impurities in the form of gases. The combination in different devices range from 2 to 5 different filters. Their models differ in management. There are devices with manual control and automatic. The presence of this function allows you to adjust the rate of air supply to the cleaner.

Depending on the functions performed, air purifiers also differ in price categories. The cheapest of them cost from 2500 rubles. These cleaners can be called simple, because they perform only air purification. In more expensive devices there are other functions. For example, air ionization is humidification. The control panel can be included in the package of such filters, which will allow the user to control the device operation from a distance.

The types of air cleaners also include climate complexes that combine several functions in one. Devices that are part of the complex, can work both together and separately.

Filter Types

Speaking of air purifiers, we should mention the varieties of the filters themselves. There are several of them: coarse filters, carbon filters, electrostatic filters, photocatalytic and HEPA filters.

Coarse filters are a fine mesh. They will help when cleaning the air from coarse dirt. For example, sand, dust, pet hair, etc. In addition, this filter protects against the ingress of these particles and the device itself.

In carbon filters, activated carbon is used as a filter element. This element allows you to get rid of odors and gas impurities that are contained in the air.

Electrostatic filter is designed for air ionization. You can reuse it. To clean the device, it is only necessary to rinse it well with water. However, these cleaners have a drawback: in the process of their work, ozone gas is formed, which is highly toxic, therefore, it is necessary to prevent its increased concentration.

Photocatalytic filters are representatives of the latest generation of cleaning devices. They are recognized as the most effective, but at the same time the most expensive. Such filters are capable of removing the smallest contaminants, down to particles the size of a virus.

HEPA filters are designed for highly efficient particle retention. They are even used in medical devices. Such filters can remove up to 93% of allergens and other small particles from the air.

When choosing an air cleaner, specify what area a particular model can handle.

In addition to air cleaners with replaceable filters, there are air washing. In this device, the work of cleaning produces water. In the sink, the air to be cleaned passes through the wet cartridges. Cleaning of this kind allows you to get rid of dirt, dust, and some allergens, as well as contribute to increasing the level of humidity.

When choosing between these types of cleaners, you should pay attention to the degree of air pollution: if it is high, purchase a cleaner with replaceable filters, if you need to humidify and clean the air a little, give preference to washing.

Choosing dust air cleaner, focus on devices with an electrostatic filter. Dust in it settles inside on the plates. The fight against dust is very important, because it is one of the most powerful allergens. However, such a filter is the easiest and most budget option. You will get even better air cleaning thanks to the device with the HEPA filter. The disadvantage of these cleaners is quite high price.

Allergy Models

Air purifier: reviews

If you are allergic to pet hair, then even the simplest filter can help you, as this allergen is quite large. However, for the same reason, you will have to choose air cleaners with a large air exchange and large area filters.

Air washers will also be helpful in this situation. Moreover, in addition to cleansing, they also moisten the air. These functions contribute to the increase in weight of the coat and do not allow it to rise into the air and get airways. The advantage of sinks lies in the fact that they do not require additional costs from you, because they do not have replaceable elements. To get rid of wool allergy, choose pre-ionized washes.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters and photocatalytic filters, as well as air washers, will help you to deal with pollen allergy. These devices allow you to clean the air even from small allergens, which include plant pollen. Many allergy sufferers use such cleaners in the spring-summer period and note relief.

Choose an air purifier in accordance with your requirements and the size of the room where it will be located. In any case, such an acquisition will be useful both for your home and for the health of all its inhabitants. The device is unique in that it allows not only to make the home atmosphere more comfortable, but also helps to reduce allergy symptoms in allergies and reduce the incidence of viral infections.

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