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In the past few years, the use of ionizing air purifiers has become very popular. And this is not surprising, because in cities the atmosphere is getting worse and dirtier, and such devices are able to quickly and efficiently clean it. This allows you to reduce the number of viral infections, strengthen the body's immune defense, get rid of allergies and other diseases.

First of all, experts recommend putting ionizers in those homes where children and the elderly live who have heart, vascular and respiratory diseases. It is also recommended to actively use air ionizers during outbreaks of flu and acute respiratory diseases. It is advisable to ionize the air in the apartments, where the computer and the TV work for a long time, more than 2 hours per day. It will be useful to use an ionizer if you stay indoors in a house, apartment or office for a long time.

What is an ionizer: work principles

Air ionizer: reviews

Everybody knows how pleasant and easy it is to breathe in the mountainous areas, by the sea or in the forest with a large number of coniferous trees. And all because the air there is saturated to the maximum with oxygen ions, which have long been used for medicinal purposes. In rooms, especially rarely ventilated, the number of these ions is less than 10 or even 15 times. If a person constantly breathes such air, he will suffer from aeroion deficiency, which in the future will cause serious diseases, lead to premature old age and death.

An air ionizer will help strengthen the body's immune defenses and resistance to adverse environmental factors. It also reduces the incidence of acute respiratory infections and other infectious and viral diseases. At ionization of air the factors provoking an allergy are eliminated. Breathing becomes easy and enjoyable.

An important positive effect of air saturation with ions is the reduction of electrostatic voltage from the TV and computer monitor. When using ionizers, the air is cleared of dust, it acquires a negative charge and settles on the floor and walls. The truth now will often have to wipe the dust on the furniture and wash the floor.

Contraindications for the use of air ionizer:

  • In cancer, the use of an ionizer accelerates the development of tumors. But in the absence of neoplasms, ionized air is cancer prevention.
  • Increased body temperature. Ionizer can cause even greater fever and worsen the condition of a sick person.
  • With individual intolerance to the ionizer.

How to make do-it-yourself air ionizer?

Ionizer can be made at home, because it is very simple. Factory and homemade devices work the same way. The device will not require the purchase of expensive parts and experience in assembling radio circuits. The device for air ionization can be 2 types: automobile and home. An elementary ionizer for home can be assembled by a person without experience in a very short time. You will need the following materials:

Air ionizer: reviews

  1. 2 kinder surprise containers or similar plastic containers
  2. Scissors
  3. 2 wires with a diameter of 0.5 cm, each of them must be with a plug
  4. Wire Insulation
  5. Needle.

You can take 3 or 5 containers, but if you are doing the ionizer for the first time, follow the instructions clearly. There is always a chance that from the 1st time you will fail the device. Prepare materials in advance so as not to be distracted while working on their selection and search.

Stages of manufacture of ionizer:

  • Make holes with needles in each of the containers. They should not be too small to increase their twist the needle in the hole.
  • Thin wiring must be dispersed into separate veins.
  • Pass these wiring through the holes in the containers. In this case, 1 must be negative "-", and the other positive "+". Opposite wires need to be placed in different containers.
  • Then insulate the wires with insulating tape.
  • Insulate the veins together.
  • Connect the wiring to the plug, and then plug the ionizer into an outlet.

The self-made ionizer is a rather fragile device and is easy to break. To protect the device, fold it into a small box and store it on a shelf. Ionizer should be installed where it will be unavailable for children and pets.

Assembling an ionizer for a car is more difficult than for a home, and some experience and accuracy will be required here. Time to manufacture such a device will take a little more. First, prepare the power supply, which can be taken by dismantling the old equipment, for example, a computer. Carefully remove the transformer, the most convenient way to do this is with a soldering iron. To facilitate the process, experts recommend heating the ferrite with a lighter, and then using the needle to separate the halves from each other. It is important to do it slowly and make sure that they do not break and crumble.

Old winding you do not need. It needs to be done anew, primary at 14 turns, and secondary at 600. Between the winding, do not forget to install at least 2 layers of insulation, but better than 3. A simple transparent stationery tape is suitable for this purpose. The insulation must be done every 100 turns, for a total of about 5-6 layers of insulation.

Air ionizer: reviews

When the winding is ready, connect a timer to the transformer. Then attach a voltage multiplier to them. This part can be made of diodes KTS106 and capacitors with a capacity of 10 kW 3300pF. Disconnect the output wires on the voltage multiplier by 3 cm, and then connect the device to the mains. If the device is assembled correctly, soon you will feel the presence of ozone in the air, it will become fresh and pleasant.

Car air ionizer: reviews

People who purchased car air ionizers are very pleased with the device. Many say that they rarely get sick with influenza and ARVI even during outbreaks of these diseases. The state of health has noticeably improved, vigor and lightness have appeared. Judging by some reviews, we can conclude that people who suffered from chronic allergic diseases noticed relief from the condition and began to take less drugs from allergies. Ionization of air at home and in the office also brings great benefits. Buyers of this device noticed that it became more pleasant to breathe, and their working capacity increased. Gradually, sleep disorders, insomnia, mood improves. Sleep gets deeper and wake up easier. Many people noticed that they began to get better sleep when they began to use ionizers.

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Air ionizer is a useful device that experts recommend installing both at home and in the car. To feel the effect of ion-enriched air on yourself, try to make the device yourself. It will also help you save money on the purchase of the device. If you have contraindications to the use of an ionizer, it is better to refuse it.

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