A gift to the teacher with his own hands

The teacher will soon have a birthday, it is brewing on the first of September or the day of the teacher, and you are wondering what to give him? Often the responsibility for choosing a gift falls on the shoulders of the parents of the child, and they immediately begin to sort through the most varied options in my head. The simplest thing is to go to the store and choose a gift for a certain amount, but the teacher will definitely not remember such a gift. But if you do something with your own hands, it will be very cute and unusual, and finances economically.

In addition, giving a teacher expensive and solid gifts is a sign of poor tone, with the exception of only general gifts from the whole class.

A gift to the teacher with his own hands

Make a bouquet with your own hands for the teacher

The bouquet is now made not only from flowers, but even from fruits, candies or balls (read on how to make a bouquet of soft toys). You can not throw away your old bouquet, but make an ikebana out of it, which will be a gift to the teacher. Make a beautiful composition from this ikebana and frame it. The dried bouquet is better to stick on the frame, so it will be better to hold.

You can present a bouquet in a vase, giving it an appropriate look in advance and painting it with colors or gluing sequins, beads or beads, making a certain pattern of them.

A lot of useful tips on making the original bouquet for the teacher can be found in the article Floristry for beginners.

A gift to the teacher with his own hands

Tie a scarf for the teacher with your own hands

If you are engaged in needlework, then it will be easy for you to tie a scarf or some other small thing for a teacher. Many women are fond of embroidery, then you can give a small embroidered towel or tablecloth. Such exclusive things look much richer than the purchased ones, because their manufacturer has invested their warmth in them.

Book of wishes to the teacher do it yourself

Depending on how few or many wishes you will write to the teacher, purchase a plain or thick notebook. But it is important that the notebook has a hard cover that does not become disheveled after a long time. The main feature of such a notebook will be inside, where you paste photos from various events, and under them sign many warm wishes. It is better to write wishes in a beautiful frame, if you present a gift to the teacher with your own hands in the fall, you can make a frame in the form of leaves or take a piece of paper and draw its outline with bright pencils. You can also make frames out of colored paper, and paste pictures inside the frames.

Book of wishes to the teacher do it yourselfBook of wishes to the teacher do it yourself

It is possible to post pictures on each page by years and under each write your wish. It will be good if you unite with your parents, and everyone will write a small wish and words of gratitude from themselves. Instead of leaves, you can circle the palms and highlight them in bright color. There are a lot of design options for such a notebook, you can stick on it a lot of butterflies cut out of paper or all the same leaves or flowers.

A box of chocolates for the teacher with their own hands

Which chocolate can definitely be called the best? The most expensive or the most famous company? Not at all, the best chocolate - own production with a piece of your soul. A box of chocolates is, at first glance, a very simple gift, but even he can leave pleasant memories for a long time if you make a box of chocolates with your own hands.

So, first you have to make candy yourself. For them you will need: a handful of different nuts, any suitable - hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, etc., dried fruits, instead you can take fresh cherries or strawberries, a bar of any simple chocolate, milk - 30-40 ml, liqueur or tincture - 10-20 ml, it is best to take amoretto liqueur or herbal tinctures with a pleasant aroma.

A box of chocolates for the teacher with their own hands

Now in a small saucepan, put the broken chocolate into pieces, pour the milk and put it on the fire. Continuously stir the entire contents in a saucepan until the chocolate is liquid. Then add liqueur or tincture and mix. Chocolate for your candy is ready, now you just need to put each nut and berry in chocolate and then spread it on a foil on a hard surface. Sweets send in the fridge, let it freeze.

Then proceed to making your exclusive box for candy. For the base, take the old plastic box, you can from under the candy, with it, remove all logos and company names. You will also need to stock up on glue and varnish for decoupage, three-layer napkin, contour paint, brush, sequins and glitter.

Everything is done on the technique of decoupage. From a napkin, cut out various patterns or figures to your taste, then glue them with a brush and glue them onto the top of the box. Then proceed to gluing sequins. Spread them evenly on a napkin, then the places on the box where you want the sequins to be, cover with glue and now lower the lid on the napkin with the sequins. Wait for the glue to dry and cover the box lacquer in several layers. Take the contour paint and circle the pattern, cut out and napkins. Your box is ready, and you can safely give it to the teacher.

Box for tea as a gift to the teacher

Surely your child’s teacher likes to drink delicious home-made tea in quiet evenings at home, relaxing in a comfortable chair. You can give him a box made by your own hands for tea and every time he makes tea, he will remember you. Get in the store a good sort of tea by weight and already at home decorate the box for tea, it is decorated in the same way as a box for chocolates.

Personalized gift for the teacher with their own hands

a gift for the teacher with his own hands

Particularly enjoyable will be personalized gifts, because then the teacher will immediately understand that the gift was intended for him. If you are fluent in a graphic editor, then it will be quite easy for you. Draw a name for chocolate packaging, a notebook cover, or a label for wine. Now you just have to print your creation and place it on the right thing.

There are a lot of options for decorating gifts with your own hands for a teacher, you just can't list them all, so turn on your imagination, and maybe you will be able to come up with something new and unique.

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