Zabrus bee


Bees are wise creatures and produce only healthy products. One of the most valuable is bee zabrus. What it is, few know. Meanwhile, ancient people used this gift of nature from generation to generation. Even in the annals zabrus mentioned on a par with honey. What should we know about him?

Zabrus - what is it, how is it received and stored?

Zabrus - another miracle produced by bees

Zabrus - another miracle produced by bees. They insects sealed honey comb and pollen. In the process of pumping honey substance is obtained as a by-product. First, the frames are taken out of the hive, with a special knife or fork, the cells are “unpacked” (i.e., they are cut off zabrus / signet) and only then the frame is sent to the honey extractor for pumping honey. The presence of zabrus on the frame always speaks of the maturity of honey. The bad product of the bee does not "preserve." Signet - bee "quality mark".

Zabrus is different in taste and appearance. If you print frames with acacia honey, then the caps will taste the same. With lime the same story. This applies to fresh product, but if the material is “dried” in a centrifuge in a special grid, then all the honey will go away from them, and the taste will not be so bright. The beeswax of the bees actively stands out during the honey collection, therefore, when printed, it will be light, even white. But when a bribe (prey) is small, the substance is dark, because insects use older wax. On apiaries, a dark seal is left for processing, and a light one is sent for sale.

Signet depending on the breed of bees can be "dry" and "wet." Thus, the Carpathian and Krajina bees, when capping honeycombs, leave an air cushion between the honey and the lid, while the Caucasian breed seals the honeycomb already filled to the edges.

For storage, the product is placed in a sterilized jar. If it will stand at room temperature, zabrus poured honey to the top and put in a dark place. In the refrigerator, the substance can be left in the jar without pouring honey.

Zabrus bee: application

Zabrus is a wax raw material that is melted down.

Zabrus is a wax raw material that is melted down and then exchanged for waxing or sold for further processing into ointments, candles, cosmetics, etc.

But perhaps its most valuable use is chewing. The taste of the product is sweet and fragrant, like even the smallest. If you put zabrus in your mouth, you will feel that it crumbles a little, and the honey melts. Then the product turns into a uniform ball of wax, which is not swallowed. But even if the substance got into the stomach, you do not need to call an ambulance: it will be useful there. Just 15 minutes is enough to dissolve a spoonful of zabrus. The presence of enzymes and acids helps the active ingredients to quickly penetrate the mucous membranes of the digestive system.

Children take Zabrus well in the cool season, when the immune system needs support. 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before a meal is enough for the baby; ¼ tsp - The recommended dose for children 3-5 years old, and ½ tsp. - for children 6-12 years old.

The future moms and their babies in the womb will also benefit from zabrus. 3 tsp. a day is enough to maintain optimal body function. But it is provided that there is no allergy to bee products.

Both doctors and many media outlets say that zabrus bee is used for weight loss. It enhances intestinal motility, acting as a mild laxative. So the product removes accumulated slags and saturates the body with biologically active substances. But this does not mean that zabrus can only be "active". A person who wants to lose weight, too, must lead a mobile lifestyle and eat fewer snacks.

And from the trimmings (the so-called beekeepers Zabrus) is an excellent mead - better than on a centrifugal honey.

Medicinal properties

Not all beekeepers know about the great value of the seals, but what can we say about the average consumer! So what is useful zabrus bee? Its composition is unique: wax, pollen, propolis, enzymes of the salivary glands of bees and honey. The ratio of vitamins, enzymes, organic acids and other substances will always differ even within the same locality. It all depends on the climate and honey plants.

The combination of biologically active substances gives zabrus such abilities:

  • reduce inflammation;
  • anesthetize the tissue locally;
  • fight microbes. They have no chance to adapt to the biologically powerful composition, and they quickly die. Due to this, zabrus should not even be compared with medical preparations. An interesting fact: lysozyme - an enzyme that destroys bacteria and viruses, is found mainly in honey zabrus, but not in downloaded honey.

So what is useful zabrus bee

What pathologies does Zabrus successfully struggle with?

  1. Sinusitis, sore throats, SARS, etc. For this, it is necessary to chew the substance for 15 minutes 4-7 times a day for 1 tsp. Congestion and swelling of the nose are removed. The procedure should be carried out 3-4 days, and to prevent recurrence - another week to use honeycomb 1 time per day.
  2. Dental diseases. The ancients chewed the bee's signet as a hygienic for teeth and gums. I. Volushkevich (beekeeper of Ukraine) said that he hadn’t applied to dentists for 20 years, because he constantly chewed a signet. Even when he was under 80 years old, almost all his native teeth remained.
  3. Allergic rhinitis. In beeswax there is an anti-allergen that relieves allergic asthma, rhinitis and other similar diseases. The mild form requires chewing the seals once a day, the average 2 days 5 times a day, and then 3 times a day (you define the period yourself). If you know about your allergies, then you need to take zabrus 3 months before a collision with an irritant.
  4. Gastrointestinal diseases. Chewing stimulates the peristalsis of the whole circular muscles, activates the salivary glands, cleansing them. Beeswax can dissolve fecal stones and absorb toxins. It is harmless if swallowed, but in reasonable doses.
  5. The signet is used to prepare ointments and lotions that cure skin diseases, inflammations, bruises, wounds.

Biologically active substances of zabrus revive all metabolic processes in the body, blood circulation, adjust the work of the secretory glands and give vigor to the body and sharpness to the mind.

Important! Allergies to bee products is a contraindication to the use of bee zabrus. You also do not need to experiment with children under 3 years old - it is better to first consult a doctor.

Now you know what it is - bee zabrus and what benefits it can bring. The wealth of the product is used in medicine for a long time, but many of its properties have yet to be discovered by science. And now we will enjoy the valuable gifts of Mother Nature, wise and kind.