Why skin on fingers can burst

Is the skin on your fingers breaking? An unpleasant phenomenon that spoils not only the aesthetic appearance of the palms, but also delivers painful sensations. And only by identifying the true causes, you can choose the right treatment.

The reasons why cracks appear on the hands, especially on the places of the folds, the pads of the fingers and the palms, are rooted both in external factors and in internal ones. The latter include various kinds of diseases that can be divided into general and dermatological.

The skin on the fingers breaks: causes

If we talk about common ailments, then these include:

  • Disturbed metabolism. There is a hormonal disorder, as well as some diseases: diabetes or thyroid problems;
  • Avitaminosis, in simple terms, is a situation when the body lacks vitamins. In this situation, these are groups A, B, E;
  • Disturbed balance between liquid and salt;
  • Disruption of the digestive tract.

It should be noted that if there are cracks in the hands accompanied by wounds that bleed, this indicates an infection. And do not hesitate, you must urgently contact a dermatologist.

Now let's talk about skin diseases, which also may well lead to the above picture. Among them are:

Skin breaks on the fingers near the nails

  • Eczema;
  • Fungus;
  • Allergy.

Skin breaks on the fingers near the nails and from external factors. For example, the weather may well have such an impact. So, in the cold or, conversely, from the direct sun, the skin becomes dry, as a result - cracks.

Chemicals should also be attributed to external factors. Cracks appear from powders, cleaning products, fertilizers, building glue, cement formulations, as the chemicals act aggressively on human skin.

Often love to wash your hands in hot water? Then this, too, may be the cause! As well as the habit of not looking at the shelf life of cosmetics, as expired jars of creams can cause cracking of the skin.

How to treat?

The skin bursts on the fingers: causes, methods of treatment

The actual question, and of the proposed measures, the most correct and effective will be the following:

  • It is necessary to adjust your diet, to include food rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins;
  • You can resort to "grandmother's" recipes, for example, thinly chop a cucumber and attach to problem areas or make a bath of starch (1 tbsp. Milk, 1 tbsp. Starch);
  • Of course, it can help and ointment from cracks on the fingers, which is an opportunity to both prepare yourself (on the basis of good butter, for example), and buy after consulting a doctor.

It is clear that if the skin takes on such an appearance from some external factor, for example, you often encounter chemicals, then this irritant should be eliminated. If the cause is inside, that is, there is a disease, then it is necessary to send forces to its treatment.

If the skin on the fingertips bursts, then it is necessary to find the cause together with the doctor. And it can be both in a disease (metabolism, for example), and in an external stimulus (cold, home repair). And only after studying the history and diagnosis, you can begin treatment.

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