Why is it painful to write at the end of urination

You had it - it’s scary to even go to the toilet, and all because it is very painful to write at the end of urination? And often want to empty. All this gives such a strong discomfort that a person simply becomes exhausted. Let's try to find the cause of such a symptom and the solution to this delicate problem.

Dramatic finale: pain after bladder emptying

pain after bladder emptying

Urological problems are one of the most common reasons for patients of both sexes. Often they complain that it is painful to write at the end of urination. Such a symptom should alert, because it can be associated with serious diseases. Only after a thorough diagnosis and competent therapy can full recovery be achieved. Otherwise, the disease will acquire a chronic form, and treatment may be long and ineffective.

According to statistics, in our country alone about 36 million new cases of diseases of the urogenital area are recorded annually. Therefore, the problem can be considered relevant for almost everyone, and first of all it concerns women.

Why the natural process turns into torture: difficulties with the toilet for men and women

Since the answer to the question of why it is painful to write at the end of urination, they are looking for representatives of both the strong and the weaker sex, we first focus on the general causes of this phenomenon. The list of diseases that can provoke a painful ending in the act of emptying the bladder, looks like this:

  • diseases transmitted through unprotected sex, such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydial or ureaplasma infection;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • renal colic. Passing through the urinary canal, sand or concrements can injure it, which will cause a sharp pain, which gives to the perineum;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urethritis. Inflammation of the urethra is accompanied by severe pain;
  • inflammation, simultaneously exciting the urethra and bladder;
  • obstruction of the ureters;
  • a benign or cancerous bladder tumor that interferes with the passage of urine;
  • allergy caused by cramped or uncomfortable underwear, intimate hygiene products;
  • urinary trauma.

Specific pathologies characteristic of men only - prostate adenoma, prostatitis.

Purely female reasons

pain to write at the end of urination

Two thirds of the patients who come to the urologist with a complaint that it is painful for them to write at the end of urination are women. The specific structure of the urinary organs is to blame. Without going into the intricacies of anatomy, we will immediately list the main reasons for the appearance of a painful symptom:

  • cystitis. This is the most important enemy that strikes women precisely and makes them suffer from "under-writing", the acute pain that appears with the last drops of urine. Inflammation of the bladder occurs in 500-600 patients out of 1000. Women face this disease 3 times more often than men. It is caused by pathogenic bacteria;
  • thrush (scientifically - vaginal candidiasis). In addition to the pain syndrome that occurs whenever you need to go for a small need (at the completion of this process), there is discomfort during sexual contact, intolerable itching, swelling of the external genital organs and cheesy discharge.

In addition, the pain that occurs during the final stage of urination may be of concern to pregnant women. This is due to the fact that a growing uterus pressures the bladder. But often the provocateur pain syndrome is an infection.

If, after childbirth (cesarean section, gynecological surgery), the patient suffers pain at the end of the release of the bladder, this may indicate damage to the urethra, which is extremely dangerous.

How to recover?

pain to write at the end of urination to a woman, tell you how to treat the problem, gynecologist

If it is painful to write to the woman at the end of urination, the gynecologist, urologist or nephrologist will give you a hint how to treat the problem. A man should always consult a urologist. In accordance with the diagnosis, such therapy may be prescribed:

  • with cystitis, urethritis - antibiotics, the action of which is aimed at eradicating the infection - Monural, Cephalosorins, Norfloxacin, Furadonin; for pain relief, No-shpa, Analgin is used; also prescribed NSAIDs;
  • if inflammation of the urinary tract is diagnosed, then herbal preparations - Canephron, Urolesan, Urokholum;
  • if stones have “settled” in the kidneys, then they resort to ultrasonic fragmentation or they are surgically removed;
  • prostatitis is treated with antibiotics, macrolides - Erythromycin;
  • for prostate adenoma, drugs are used to reduce the volume of the prostate gland (omnik). In some cases, surgical repair is required for recovery;
  • if a tumor is found, then it is removed and chemotherapy is performed.

Nature will come to the rescue

If there is pain after urination, the treatment can be started at home. However, it is necessary to be aware that herbs will not be able to completely kill the infection, but will only make life easier for a while. Without going to a doctor, you risk earning a chronic illness.

The most popular folk remedy for cystitis is bearberry. It not only defeats pathogens, but also produces a diuretic effect. Another well-known "non-pharmaceutical medicine" is cranberry juice (even urologists advise it). To get rid of cystitis is required to remove toxins from the bladder. To do this, every 6 hours to drink a glass of warm water, in which pre-dilute 1 tsp. soda

To eliminate the burning and itching, you can use douching of sage broth, oak bark and chamomile.

But what is absolutely not recommended to do is to put a heating pad on your stomach. Heat will lead to activation and reproduction of pathogenic pathogens. This means that you will become even more painful.

It is difficult to establish the exact cause that caused the failure in the natural physiological process, without examination. Therefore, in the event of any symptoms of the disease (even those that you feel free to talk about), go to the doctor. This will prevent the infection of the entire body and eliminate the "toilet problems".

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