Why instead of menstruation go dark brown discharge


Regular and painless menstruation, the nature of which has long been known to their owner, is a sign of good female health. But quite often women of reproductive age notice that they acquire a completely different character — for example, brown discharges of varying intensity appear instead of them. What can such a violation indicate and what to do in this situation?

Why go brown discharge instead of menstruation: the main reasons

Why go brown discharge instead of menstruation: the main reasons

Changing the nature of the menstrual cycle, whatever it is, must necessarily alert and, possibly, become a reason for seeking medical help. Before undertaking anything, the specialist, together with the patient, will have to figure out why unpleasant metamorphosis happened.

To provoke a situation where instead of menstruation - brown discharge, can a huge number of factors. The nature of the flow of menstruation can be influenced by various external influences as well as the lifestyle of the woman herself. In particular, the following may be the cause of such a violation.

  • First of all, it should be borne in mind that brown discharge instead of menstruation may become a sign of pregnancy, and far from always successful. That is why, if you find such a violation and do not exclude that you could become pregnant, it must be checked. Scanty light-brown discharge may be associated with embryo attachment and the beginning of its development, in which case such a daub is a variant of the physiological norm. However, in some situations, such discharge indicates a threatened miscarriage associated with insufficient production of sex hormones, as well as ectopic pregnancy. In the case of a positive test result, you should immediately see a doctor to make sure that the pregnancy is going well and that there is no danger to your unborn baby. In the presence of adverse factors, treatment is indicated under the supervision of a doctor in a hospital or at home.
  • If a slight, brownish, odorless discharge occurs in a teenage girl who is just starting to have sex, this can be completely normal. This type of menstruation is associated with the unsteady process of ovulation. In the near future, the menstrual cycle will normalize, and the monthly period will begin to flow normally. A similar situation occurs in women during menopause. At this age, such secretions are most often caused by a lack of ovarian function and a decrease in the level of necessary hormones due to the aging of the female reproductive system.

adenomyosis, or pathological growth of the muscular layer of the uterus beyond

  • One of the most frequent diseases in which a woman of reproductive age has brown secretions instead of menstruation is adenomyosis, or the pathological growth of the muscle layer of the uterus beyond its limits. The causes of this pathology are still not fully understood, and it can appear absolutely in any woman, regardless of the general state of her health and lifestyle. Adenomyosis is a rather serious problem that one cannot get rid of. In most cases, any methods of conservative treatment can only suspend the course of this disease. It can only be completely cured by removing the uterus. Strangely enough, often the disease almost disappears on its own during pregnancy, but it can be very difficult to conceive a baby in the presence of adenomyosis.
  • In addition, some hormonal contraceptive pills have such a side effect, in which instead of menstruation there are brown discharge. This situation can be observed within 1-2 menstrual cycles after starting the drug. If your menstruation does not return to its original state within a few months, consult a doctor. Most likely, this drug does not suit you, and you need to choose another.
  • Dark brown discharge instead of menstruation in most cases indicate a serious illness. In particular, this causes inflammation of the uterus, ovaries or cervix, as well as STDs - such as ureaplasmosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and others. As soon as possible, go to the antenatal clinic to undergo a detailed examination, especially if you additionally experience pain and discomfort during intercourse or using the toilet. Timely consultation with a doctor in such a situation will avoid a number of serious complications.

Other reasons

The above prerequisites are the most basic. However, the appearance of brown discharge instead of menstruation, often scanty, is also caused by other, less characteristic, causes, for example:

chronic fatigue, nervous exhaustion, constant stress and overwork;

  1. a sharp change in body weight, both upward and downward;
  2. avitaminosis, a very poor set of food products;
  3. diabetes and other diseases of the endocrine system;
  4. chronic fatigue, nervous exhaustion, constant stress and overwork;
  5. the consequences of surgery, in particular, operations to remove various
  6. neoplasms, abortion, cesarean section, curettage after missed abortion;
  7. the formation and development of ovarian cysts;
  8. side effects of serious drugs, for example, as a result of
  9. chemotherapy for the treatment of oncology;
  10. work with harmful chemicals, occupational diseases.

Thus, in some cases, the appearance instead of menstrual brown discharge is a variant of the physiological norm. In such a situation, after a few months, the nature of menstruation necessarily returns to normal and, moreover, such discharge does not cause any trouble to its owner. If the periods remain so for 3-4 or more cycles or you experience painful or uncomfortable sensations in the abdomen or genitals, as well as in the presence of itching and unpleasant odor of such secretions, you should immediately contact the antenatal clinic.