Why can appear rough spots on the body of a child


Every parent in the first place their child, especially his health. In one row in terms of the prevalence of respiratory infections is nowadays an allergic reaction, which causes red rough spots on the body of a child. As soon as the parent finds incomprehensible redness in his baby, it is urgent to find the cause of this symptom. Why there are rough spots on the body in infants, there is no unambiguous answer to this question, there can be a lot of "culprits".

Why do rough spots appear in children?

Why do rough spots appear in children?

In babies under one year old, the appearance of scaly patches can be caused by improper nutrition from her mother's breast. For example, my mother ate chocolate candies or oranges, which may lead to redness.

It is not uncommon for red markings to be detected due to intoxication that occurred during the pregnancy of a woman. For example, a complicated disease, improper diet, or taking medicines that are contraindicated. In accordance with this, female representatives, who are preparing to become a mother, should fully realize the full scope of obligations for the future baby, undertake everything that is necessary and feasible, so that during the period of gestation, the nutrition is balanced. Also, do not take medication with contraindications during pregnancy.

In children under five years of age, allergic dermatitis can be detected, which manifests itself as red, rough spots. It may occur due to the ingestion of food, if food that causes allergies - citrus fruits, chocolate, etc. - got into the diet. Or contact, which appears due to low-quality underwear or diapers. The contact view appears as red spots on the face and on the whole body, itching and itching may occur, possibly the appearance of puffiness.

For these reasons, you can add a few more. For example, helminthic invasion. Helminths can penetrate the children's body through dirty hands or food that is prepared with violations of sanitary norms. Allergic dermatitis may be a response to the detergent used in washing children's clothes, so it must be hypoallergenic.

There are frequent cases of red spots, as a reaction to dry air in the room where the baby is sleeping. Synthetic, wool and fur products are likely irritants, so it is better not to buy clothes made from such materials.

Treatment of diathesis in babies

Treatment of diathesis in babies

If there are rough spots on the body of a child, Dr. Komarovsky recommends considering their appearance as an abnormality in development, the essence of which lies in the baby's susceptibility to diseases or inappropriate response to food and other irritants.

After the doctor has determined the cause of the disease, it is necessary to proceed promptly to the treatment process, which has a complex character. If the cause is allergic dermatitis, immediately eliminate any contact with the allergen.

In the heating seasons to maintain optimum humidity in the room, use industrial or natural air humidifiers. As it gets warm, the air becomes dry and intensely affects the baby’s skin, making it more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

Dress the baby should be so that his skin can "breathe", preferably in cotton. All washing products use only hypoallergenic. Often walk with a baby in the fresh air, away from the roads. If the reason is nutrition, you should review the regime and diet.

It should be noted that in the treatment of children, parents should be careful and fully follow all the recommendations of the attending pediatrician. Prescribed diet food can not be arbitrarily canceled, as well as medication.