What vitamins to take in the spring

Vitamins are unique organic elements, without which the normal existence of the human body is impossible. They must be consumed daily. In all products they are contained in one way or another. Most of the body needs vitamins in the spring, in a period of weakened immunity. Their lack affects not only the general condition, but also the appearance, which is especially important for women. So what vitamins do you need to drink in spring?

What vitamins are needed in the spring?

To bring the body and appearance to normal, after winter we need vitamins. After all, the skin begins to peel off, dark circles appear under the eyes, hair begins to fall out and split, nails become peeled and broken. Some people even have joint pain.

What vitamins to take in the spring?

  • First of all, you need vitamin A (growth vitamin). It is he who will help return the skin that has suffered from the winter cold, health and attractiveness. With its lack of reduced immunity, impaired vision, deteriorating condition of the dermis. This vitamin is in many products of animal origin: butter, milk, eggs, fish. In vegetable products, you can also find it: apricots, carrots, pumpkin, etc. Vitamin A is better absorbed if it is combined with fats.
  • B vitamins are needed for normal metabolism, normalization of the nervous system. Their lack leads to loss of appetite, fatigue, diseases of the mucous membranes. Eating foods high in these vitamins will even help prevent baldness in women. It is important to remember that the digestibility of nutrients decreases during periods of hormonal contraceptive use. To provide your body with this vitamin, eat more oatmeal, egg yolks, liver, beef, as well as soy products, sea fish and black bread. You can take vitamin complexes.
  • Vitamin C - 1 of the most famous vitamins. It stimulates the protective properties of the body, improves the absorption of iron. The main source of vitamin C are herbal products - lemons, black currants, kiwi, wild rose, citrus fruits, cranberries, sweet peppers. Many doctors advise taking vitamin C in the form of tablets or syrups throughout the winter and spring until fresh vegetables and fruits appear.
  • Vitamin D is unique. It is necessary for normal phosphoric - calcium balance, for healthy bones, nails, teeth and hair. The body produces vitamin D under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. It is especially important for older people and children who suffer from bone fragility. If you rarely spend time in the fresh air or are forced to live for months in cloudy weather, then you need to take care of its additional sources. The latter include dairy products, egg yolks, fish oil, sea fish and sea kale.
  • Vitamin E is often called female vitamin. It removes toxins from the body, giving the cells vital energy. Vitamin is necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system, for youth and smooth skin, for healthy hair. It is recommended to take it along with vitamin A - they strengthen and complement the action of each other. Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, spinach, broccoli, eggs, and wheat.

The main signs of spring avitaminosis

What vitamins to take in the spring?

You can make a conclusion about the lack of vitamins by the frequency of colds: if you notice that you are often sick, then you have problems with immunity. You can judge the presence of beriberi by the following criteria:

  1. Severe bleeding of the gums in the absence of diseases of the oral cavity and teeth. The teeth became too sensitive and began to loose. The tongue, after a short time after thorough cleansing, again covers a dense layer of light bloom;
  2. Peeling, dryness and paleness of the skin. Lips may appear cracking despite the use of moisturizers. For no reason, allergies can begin;
  3. If previously strong and strong nails begin to break and peel off, and no firming oils, baths, creams and varnishes can solve the problem. Sometimes spots, dimples and grooves appear on the nails;
  4. The frequent occurrence of herpes on the lips;
  5. A sure sign of beriberi is itchy scalp, dandruff, loss of volume, shine and strength of hair;
  6. Tearing eyes, eyelid inflammation, protein redness. You should first contact an ophthalmologist - perhaps it is an infection. If not, then you have avitaminosis;
  7. If you do not abuse alcohol and medicines, but your face is swollen, swollen, your legs and arms are swollen, it means that you do not have enough vitamins in your body. But do not rush to draw conclusions. Before diagnosing vitamin deficiency, consult a physician. You may have kidney problems or salt deposits.
  8. Weakness, apathy, depression, drowsiness, lethargy and depressed state all indicate avitaminosis;
  9. Often with a shortage of vitamins, the smell of the human body changes, and taste preferences often change;
  10. Vitamin starvation can also be indicated by persistent indigestion, nausea and dizziness.

What vitamins to take in the spring?

Avitaminosis is a disease that can and should be treated. If you let everything go to chance, there can be serious problems not only with the appearance, but also with health. That is why vitamins in the spring are so important for women. To exclude a possible illness during this period, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, more often be in the fresh air and if possible take vitamin complexes.

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