What pressure should a person have

One of the indicators of the health of the body is the level of blood pressure. Its changes affect overall well-being. Symptoms that the pressure is not in order may be weakness, dizziness, headaches. Of course, it is important to know the norms of pressure in a person and their own norms - it will be easier to determine deviations.

The concept of "human pressure" is quite broad. In essence, this is the force with which the blood flow acts on the walls of our arteries, vessels and capillaries. Therefore, to call blood pressure is not quite right. This concept is much broader. Pressure indicators are totally dependent on our heart. They are affected by how much blood passes through it in order to move further in our body in 60 seconds, how much it is reduced. Of course, it is also influenced by the state of our vessels - their resistance when exposed to blood. Pressure can also be affected by the condition of the blood itself.

What pressure should a person have?

Device for measuring human pressure

At home, the pressure is measured using a tonometer. If earlier they were only mechanical and were a cuff cuff and the blood pressure monitor itself, now most people use electronic devices. The principle of their actions is almost identical. On the other hand, the use of a mechanical device requires certain skills. It is necessary to correctly put the cuff. Measure pressure can only be able to listen to heart tones.

Elektrotonometr more accessible. To get the result, it is enough to put a cuff, press on a special pear and wait for the result. He flashed in the window of the device. Despite its ease of use, such a device may give inaccurate results. The method of measuring pressure through listening to heart tones is recognized as more accurate.

Measure the pressure as follows.

First, you need to pre-select the measurement time - before that, you should not play sports, drink coffee or tonic drinks. All this may affect the accuracy of the result. Then you should take a comfortable sitting position, straighten your back. It is very important to put your hands correctly - they should rest on a flat surface at chest level. On the arm, just above the elbow bend, put on the cuff and begin to measure. They must be done on two hands. During the process you need to relax, sit silently and motionless. It is recommended to make a series of pressure measurements with a small time interval (about 5-10 minutes for each hand). If your pressure has changed at this time, then most likely there are reasons for that.

The pressure of a person is affected by:

  1. Contraction of the heart. The way it drives blood through itself.
  2. The presence of diseases affecting the blood, its composition. The blood moves through the vessels and arteries more difficult with diabetes, increased clotting.
  3. Vessel elasticity and changes in them. The pressure rises when the walls of the blood vessels do not withstand the pressure caused by the pressure of the blood on them. The pressure changes due to the fact that the walls become less elastic.

Human pressure: normal

What pressure should a person have?What pressure should a person have?

Probably, each of us heard that the pressure 120 to 80 is considered ideal. In fact, this is not quite true. Each age has its own indicators. And if we take into account the fact that each organism is individual, then it may turn out that each of us has its own rate of pressure. Indicators are considered as normal, ranging between 110 to 70 and up to 130 to 85 mm. Hg Art. If your pressure is within this interval, then everything is in order.

The age norm of pressure for all people is also different. It can be noted that its increase over the years is not considered to be something abnormal. For young people 16–20 years, it can vary from 100 to 70 to 120 to 80. Up to 40 years, its values ​​can increase - 120 to 70-130 to 80. After 40, it is considered normal to increase pressure to 140 to 90. Accordingly, the rate in older people people is no higher than 150 to 90.

An age-related drop in pressure is primarily due to changes in our heart and blood vessels. It can also be affected by the condition of other organs and the body as a whole. Doctors recommend regularly measuring pressure and keeping records of it. First of all, this applies to people who have problems with pressure, which affect their well-being. They are advised to keep a measurement diary - only regular daily readings can help the doctor determine the problem.

The individual rate is called differently the working pressure. By the way, even hereditary factors can influence it. So, reduced pressure can be inherited from one of the parents.

Working pressure is pressure that is normal and constant for a specific person. It may differ from the accepted standard. In this case, a person does not experience ill health. In order to determine your pressure, it is necessary to measure it in the morning and in the evening at about the same time within 7 days. It is also recommended to calculate the error of the tonometer. To do this, its performance is compared with the performance of an ideally working device.

In order for the pressure to be all right, one should know what leads to its change. A more negative impact on the person has its increase. Not by chance, hypertension, high blood pressure, is considered one of the most frequent medical problems. An unhealthy lifestyle leads to increased pressure. Poor nutrition often ends in obesity and overweight - this is one of the factors affecting the increase in pressure. The same effect on the body have active smoking and drinking alcohol. In the same group of factors include a sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of physical activity leads to the same result. Hypertension can be caused by diseases of internal organs and heredity. Hypertensive patients usually complain of headaches, weakness and fatigue. Similar symptoms may occur in people suffering from low blood pressure. It happens that they complain of weakness, lack of vitality. Such a person is constantly tired, he needs a periodic rest. Hereditary factors also lead to hypotension. It may occur due to beriberi, with nervous exhaustion, overexertion and stress. To her leads and poor nutrition. If the working pressure changes, the symptoms described above are present and you feel unwell, you should consult a doctor.

Both types of pressure disorders, hypertension and hypotension, require treatment. In addition, you must comply with preventive measures, give up bad habits. To establish proper nutrition and think about your diet. Also affects the pressure and lifestyle in general. On indicators negatively affects the lack of physical activity.

What pressure should a person have? Naturally, this question concerns everyone - the change of this indicator is not a pleasant thing. For each age group has its own noma. In addition, it has every person. To determine it, it is necessary to measure pressure in the morning and evening during the week. It is better to write the results - the average value will be your norm.

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