What is with dysbacteriosis

Each woman is familiar with the word "diet", but, as a rule, we resort to her in the hope of acquiring perfect forms and admiring glances of others. However, the diet may have other goals, for example, it is prescribed for dysbiosis - violation of intestinal microflora. And the purpose of such a healthy diet is not getting rid of excess weight, and the treatment of the disease.

General rules for eating at this disease

Food for intestinal dysbiosis in adults

Scientists have long studied the effect of food on the state of the human body. Their findings have formed a special diet for dysbacteriosis. It is built on the principle to include more protein, less fat in the menu.

The basic rules are:

  • All products must be heat treated;
  • Raw vegetables and fruits are not advised; an exception can be made for cucumbers;
  • Food should only be boiled or steamed;
  • It is not necessary to flavor dishes with large amounts of salt or spices;
  • Drink water only purified and without gas, you can not use liquid when eating;
  • Eat only at certain hours;
  • The duration of the diet is adjusted by the doctor.

Most often, the list of approved products includes the following:

  • Broths;
  • Rice porrige;
  • Meat or fish;
  • Boiled fruits, vegetables;
  • Cottage cheese;
  • Honey;
  • Kissel.

Nutrition for intestinal dysbiosis in adults excludes fatty, spicy, too salty and canned foods. However, there is no exact list of products that should not be included in the menu for each patient. Therefore, what exactly is not worth eating to you, will tell only your doctor, relying on the history, the results of tests. Typically, this list includes: smoked meats, seafood, sour fruits and vegetables, all fried foods, mushrooms, pickles, seasonings, alcohol, etc.

At the same time, remember that after recovery you should not "jump at" all the food that was previously banned. It is necessary to slowly and in small portions enter products that you have not eaten before.

One-day menu for dysbacteriosis

One-day menu for dysbacteriosis

So that it finally becomes clear to you, what is with dysbacteriosis, how to combine products, let's consider an exemplary menu of one day.


  • boiled egg;
  • porridge (can be on water or milk, to taste);
  • tea (for lovers allowed to add milk).

At the second breakfast, you can eat baked apple


be sure to make broth (can be served with meatballs or pasta),

steamed fish with mashed potatoes (it should be a little - 100 g),

dried fruits compote.

Tea time:

  • the juice;
  • rosehip decoction or tea;
  • To this you are allowed to add crackers or marshmallows.


  • steam cutlets;
  • boiled rice;
  • tea with lemon.

If you want something before bedtime, then always give preference to kissel, your stomach will respond with gratitude.

As you can see, for dysbacteriosis, it is necessary to choose not just a proper diet, excluding a couple of products, but a medical diet. She will help you to cope with the disease, as well as lead to a speedy recovery. And a specialist will help you to create a competent menu.

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